30 Before 30

When I told my mom about this list, she said, you better get a move on, you don't have much time.... FACE, MOM!!  I still have 2 years and almost 3 months!!  Such a hater, that one.  I wanted this list to encompass things that are achievable but still not too easy, some things I've always wanted to do and some things I feel like I should have accomplished by now!  I'm sure you'll see some that you think are unworthy of this list.  To that I say, MAKE YOUR OWN LIST!!  Then blog about it!  :)  The ones with asterisks are the ones I'll need some assistance to accomplish and haven't yet had any volunteers.

1) Get married.  Can you believe I used to want to get married and have my first child by 23?!?  Very glad I didn't.  I'm such a different person now.
2) Get pregnant.  I know you need to hear it, so no comments necessary on 1 & 2. Move along.
3) Go skydiving.  I've always wanted to do this!
4) Ride a mechanical bull for at least :08.  I know I can!  :)
5) Go on a helicopter ride.
6) Go white water rafting.
7) Use my passport again. 
It's been 10 years!!  My passport expires this month. :(
8) Read the entire Bible.  I want this to be something I enjoy and learn from so I want a 1.5 to 2 year plan.  I feel like a one-year plan would make me rush through it.  Do you have a program you love?
9) Run a 5k.  I've been saying this for years so it's time to actually do it!!
10) Take a cooking class.  I would LOVE to do this!
11) Go wine tasting in North Carolina Wine Country.  Gotta enjoy my home state on my triumphant return! 
12) Cook my way through Tyler's Ultimate cookbook.  It's achievable by sheer volume (there are about 100 recipes) but still difficult enough because of the techniques required to be interesting.  And with some of those ingredients, it will be a true stretch of my ability to follow a recipe.  I decided to extend this beyond the end of the year because some of the ingredients are expensive.
13) Go to a gun range and shoot it out!*  Don't ask what IT is!  Lol.
14) Work out 3xs a week for a full year.  I've done it before (for almost 2 and I'd love to do it again).
15) Take at least one picture every day for a year.  Haven't decided when I'll start yet but I'm excited about the prospect!
16) Go to a Carolina Panthers game.  Me & Rah on opposite sides-- him for the Falcons, me for the superior team!!
17) Go to a Duke-Carolina basketball game.  I LOVE Duke basketball!!! Can't wait to make this happen!!!
18) Learn how to hem clothing.  I'm way too short not to know this already & the granddaughter of a seamstress!!  The $48 a woman tried to charge me for a dress I paid $20 for tipped it for me, though.
19) Ride on a hot air balloon.*  This will also require conquering my mild fear of heights! :)
20) Make a house a home via decoration!  I've only lived on my own the last 2 years but as a student moving way too much I only got a start on this but not a real chance to do it up.
21) Tour a brewery!  :)
22) Find my perfect shade of red lipstick.
  Easy in theory and to a man.  Reds & pinks are hard on medium and dark skin.  I'm gonna make this happen soon!
23) Make AND KEEP a budget.  Starting this summer!!
24) Take a dance class for some dance you have to get pretty for! :)  Samba, salsa, tango, so many options!
25) Read 10 classic books I've never read before: Pride & Prejudice, Oliver Twist, Catch-22, Catcher in the Rye, Grapes of Wrath, The Great Gatsby, Invisible Man, Lord of the Flies, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
26) Go to an opera!  I've already found a date for Opera Carolina in October!
27) Get my name in the newspaper a minimum of 5 times!  With my film, this is very achievable!
28) Enter a food competition with my own recipe.  So cool!  I'd love to win, too!  :)
29) Watch AFI's Top 100 movies.  I know I should be excited about this but I'm really not.   This might be more like a chore.  I'll have to get some really good movies but there are some long ones.  By coincidence because Rashan did this, I've seen 47.
30) Get a job I love.  I've never had one of these.  I've been happy for periods of times at my old jobs but I can't say I've ever had a job I loved.


Not so Anonymous said...

I love your list! I want to learn to tango and then go to argentina and dance with a native...not before I'm 30, though.

You should come to tx and skydive with me in October!!! 2010 is the year I take to the skies!

Have fun accomplishing everything!

Nerd Girl said...

Great list! You're going to make me revisit my 101 list and get to getting.

I soooo want to go skydiving.

On reading the Bible - it is very doable in a year - I've done it a few times. The first couple of times I followed a plan where you read from both the OT and NT every day. My favorite plan? Start in Genesis and read 3 or 4 chapters every day - start on Jan 1, you'll be finished on Dec 31.

Sparkling Red said...

My my my, you are going to have a lot of fun over the next two years! I'll come with you for the hot-air ballooning. That's something I'd love to try someday. How about before I'm 40? ;-)

Trish said...

Can I steal some things from your list?! I know that numbers one and two are out because I'm already too close to 30. My ultimate dream is to wake up and look forward to work.

Mrs Count said...

This sounds fun! I think I'll post my list on my birthday this year. It'll probably take me that long to come up with 30 things.

Rashan Jamal said...

I am resisting the urge to comment on all 30. This should be fun...although all the ones that involve possible death, I'm gonna have to let you do with other people.

Ladynay said...

I got some of these things on my to do list as well! Since 30 is round the corner for me I won't do them in the time you will :-)

The gun range is AWESOME!!!!!! I have been itching to go back for awhile now. The local one closed down a few years ago and I haven't found the motivation to find the next closest one.

Good luck finding tix to that Duke/Carolina game!

They made me read Lord of the Flies in high school. It was pretty cool.

I don't remember what else I wanted to comment on so I'll just say good luck on your list! I am sure you can get most of them done by 30.

Jameil said...

nsa.... thanks! your tango plan sounds fantastic!! DO IT! I'm gonna be a little busy in October so not sure I'll be able to get to TX but how cool would that be if we could??? I've already started working on this list!! VERY excited! :)

nerd... thanks! I saw your 101 and was in AWE! I'm totally doing that when I finish this list. Skydiving will be awesome! I'm convinced! I know the Bible's doable in a year but I also know if I had to read 3-4 chapters a day esp. as long as some of those chapters are I would treat it like a chore or task rather than learning and enjoying it. I read Luke 1 today and really enjoyed it so I think I'll be doing a much more leisurely plan. Very excited!

red... tons of fun! Come on down! Hot air ballooning for the two of us!! Though if I come to you, Rashan suggests, I can use my passport!! Sounds like a great idea!!!

trish... DO IT!! waking up and dreading going to work is such a horrible thing.

mrs. count... do it!!! can't wait!

rj... it would've been so fun for you to comment on all 30! :) This will be a blast for us!

Jameil said...

lady... doesn't matter! just getting them done is the fun part, right?? can't wait! i've been wanting to go to the range for YEARS. My uncles are hunting/gun enthusiasts & none of them have ever taught me! Can you believe that??? For shame!! I HAVE TO FIND TICKETS!! I picked the books I think I'll enjoy. I HOPE I'll enjoy. If nothing else, it'll be an experience. I hope to get all of them done by 30!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved your list. You will have a blast completing the list.

I am a little *ahem* past 30 but we have some of the same things on our list. Do it!