April Goals

This is to update my March goals and get into my April goals... mad late again.  I'm gonna be on it next month!!  I promise!!  Lol.

1) Work on my relationship with God.  I did much better on this this month!  I did a devotional almost every day.  I'm going to continue with my devotional this month!

2) Finish my film.  The amount of progress we've made is so cool!!!  An Emmy and Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker is coming to critique our films and give us feedback at the end of the week.  AND it just so happens I really enjoyed her first two films.  Very exciting.  I defend my thesis film tomorrow at 9:30 am.  Then at the end of the month, we screen!  SO COOL!!

3) Take the next step in my career.  I did apply for a summer position so score on that front!  This month... I think I'll try to do some more networking.

4) Try new restaurants.  Great job with this in March, pretty nice in April thus far and I think I might aim for just 2 more new restaurants.  I don't really have a desire to fall in love with another restaurant here when I'm leaving June 5th.

5) Cook at least 3xs a week, 2 of those new recipes.  I did pretty terrible with this this month and am on track to do just as bad or worse.  Uhhh... yeah.  I work then get home and don't feel like doing ANYTHING.  I've been eating out a lot even though I gave up fast food for Lent.  I'm going to aim for better the rest of the month. 

6) Watch more movies.  I'm now quite behind in my movie-watching.  I don't blame the film for this one.  I blame "The Office."  I've watched every episode in the first 5 seasons and most of the episodes in the 6th season...  I'm almost caught up.  LOLOLOL.  Gotta do better.  Meh.  This is a goal I don't care that much about.

7) Workout more. I was shooting for 3xs a week and that didn't happen... again.  Same as the cooking thing.  I just don't feel like it.  But I seriously have got to do much better.  And I will.

8) Statecations.  I don't even have time for a statecation but next month... MIAMI!!!  I don't know if I'll make it on the Florida statecation front before I leave but maybe Georgia this summer.  I've always wanted to go to Augusta.  We'll see.

9) Contact my grandma once a month.  I sent her a card for Easter.  She loved it.  I sent my screening invite.  I'm sure she'll be overjoyed by that, too.  She's due a phone call this month... maybe I'll wait until her birthday on May 4th.  She gets 2 calls in May because of Mother's Day so she'll enjoy that.

10) Do taxes and FAFSA.  Way late on both of these... I'll have both done by the end of the day.


Sha Boogie said...

Numero uno is ALWAYS on my list of things to do better at. I guess having a 'closer walk with Him' ( my fave hymn!) is a never ending task. I proudly downloaded a 365 devotional app to my iphone *smile*

Sha Boogie said...


I've always wanted to do this..


Why do people do that? LOL

pserendipity said...

Yay on being almost done! And, good luck on that thesis defense thing. But you got it! Are you sad to leave the Sunshine State in June? Can't wait to watch your film whenever it's released to us little people. ;)

Anonymous said...

Good job on your march goals! I hope you post tomorrow to tell us all about how wonderful your defense went...we already know you're going to knock 'em dead...in a good way LOL.

Not so Anonymous said...

Oops on the Anonymous..That was me :)

Rashan Jamal said...


Glad you've made great progress on the film. I wouldn't worry about the cooking goal. It's just not in the cards when you are so busy.

Ladynay said...

FAFSA!!!! OMG! I forgot!

Good luck on your goals for next month!

Jameil said...

sha... i think it's probably good to work on this continually. i just want to be better at this. yay for devotional downloads! dead @ FIRST!! lol. you are the worst. idk why people do that. b/c they're dumb? childish? you pick!

pseren... thanks! maybe the tineist bit sad but not in the summer! summer is way too hot!! i'm thinking of a screening in MS but how knows if you'll still be there!

nsa... lol @ you posting as anon first! very amusing! it went marvelously, thanks!

rj... always late. i've almost given up on the cooking goal at this point.

lady... get it together!! thanks!!