Vacation Interrupted

I'm back. May I tell you how glad I am that I came back early on Wednesday? I got back around the time I would get to my house if I'd gone to the gym. I've already unpacked. This is a record for me. I have never unpacked the same day I returned from any trip... no matter how short. Today, I unpacked BOTH bags in a matter of hours. I also organized all my mail, registered my GRE book online, looked at how much I killed my budget (I went a bit overboard the last 2 days since I spent next to nothing the first four or so), let everyone know I was back and blah blah blah. I have a long list of other crap to do and I'm actually for once having to hold myself back from doing some of it so I can recover from my vacation.

Before I get to the in depth overview, let's discuss a few things from my trip.

* Florida's ebola bugs may get you. Umm... I don't know where I picked up these bastards. It could be anywhere since I went to the beach three times, ate outside more in a week than I have in the last 2 years I'm sure, blogged outside, and walked through all sorts of unknown and unusual flora. The 4 or 5 mosquito bites I have, I recognize. I do NOT know where the bug bites in threes came from. One set is in a straight line, another in a perfect pyramid and another in a poorly-formed triangle. That's in addition to 3 other miscellaneous bites-- most on my right forearm. Ummmm... this is the definition of unsexy. Itchy and uncomfortable is not a good look for anyone.

* Tonight I missed Drew's band performing for the first time in a week. I saw them perform every other day-- Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and Tuesday. Hilarious. I brought a cd back since I knew I'd miss them. I've been blasting "Mr. Babylon, le temps changer" because why not?! I popped in the cd before I even pulled out of the parking lot so I could transport back to South Florida. Ahhh yeah!!

* As soon as my plane touched down in Atlanta I wanted some current news. I'd read the NYTimes cover to cover on the plane from Ft. Lauderdale. I like it ok. Def. better than the Miami Herald. Yuck. Though one of their sports columnists, Greg someone or other had me dying laughing. Good stuff. I like the Washington Post, too. I love that everything for every large paper and many small ones, too, is online. It's the joy of my life to be able to scan the headlines in every major city with a few clicks of the mouse. Love it. I also need some CNN in my life. Let's get it!

* I really need to work on my airport/airplane people skills. Maybe it's because I was sleepy but I was really irritable. I just don't like to wait unnecessarily and the Delta kiosks were poorly-manned. That's never a good excuse to me. You know I don't like talking to people on planes. On the first flight I had 3 exit row seats to myself. BALLIN!! I could stretch out with my newspaper. The second flight, we all had books so it was lovely. No talking. Chris asked me how I keep people from talking to me on planes. One word answers. Show people you're not interested in conversation. Have your book in hand as you board, preferrably WITH your ipod headphones in, as well. The ipod alone is not enough to deter most talkers. I don't know why. I instantly ignore people with headphones. You obviously don't want to be bothered.

* Stace and I should always read InStyle together in person. IT'S HILARIOUS!!
1) "That yetti looking jacket is unacceptable" -- about this hideous abominable snowman-looking thing.
2) "I don't think we should comment on booties" -- because we hate them all and its just such a waste of time!!! Oh the hilarity.
3) "Lookin like animal planet threw up, like a has been New York Jewish socialite." Then she said, "MURRAAAAAAAY!! GET MY HOUSECOAT!!" -- I died when she said that!! Died!!
4) Stace: That looks like... like satin mixed with what???
Jameil: Satin mixed with ugly.
5) $120 for a lunch box with jewels?

* We were also crackin up at Cribs with some guy from Fall Out Boy. Funny things he said:
1) "I love this sink. You can wash two babies in it... and a duck." YESSS!! That's what I've always wanted in a kitchen sink!!
2) "For like a dollar you can cover your wall in moss." WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Consider it done. Wall of moss it is.

* What's that you say? You'd also like a picture and you don't have myspace? Fine.


Chris said...

My name made a blog entry. I can die a happy person. Seriously, all those things sound like pretty good ideas to keep Chatty Cathy or Charlie away, and combined with the death stare, I will use them all. *Bows to Sensei Jameil*

Glad you had fun, although the description of mosquitoes building art on your arms gave me the shakes, lol

1969 said...

Bug bites SUCK!

Glad you made it home safely and that you escaped talking to anyone on the plane.

If you can get me a connect for Steelers tickets (I'll pay for them), holla at your girl. Mr. 1969's birthday is in a few weeks and that would make his YEAR.

BK said...

Umm what's ya myspace.. LOL so I can see them all!!!

sorry you got all biten up.. LOL..

enjoy your vacation wind down..

Sha Boogie said...

Uhm..them bites sound seriously suspicious..lol.. Welcome back! Happy you had a blast, now you have me wanting a vaca too :( wait..I just had one in July, ok..fine..haha!

Jameil said...

chris... lololol. don't give people the death stare!! the blank face is fine. is that what it is? art? regardless its seriously impeding my sexy.

1969... I KNOW!! people at work sell them a lot but they get snapped up quickly as you know. you're just looking for 2 tix? season ticket holders also sell them thru ticketmaster, too, now, so you might want to check there.

bk... lol i'll email you. the biting is the WORST. I DON'T NEED THESE KINDS OF SOUVENIRS!! i can't wind down!! i have been catching up on sleep, tho which is much needed.

sha... I KNOW RIGHT!! but the floridians weren't at all concerned. er?? i'm definitely already plotting the next vacay. isn't that what you're supposed to do??

Dee said...

I hope you didn't pay money for that Instyle
lol@ Murray and the housecoat

but it's great how those things can amuse one for HOURS on end

Adei von K said...

i like your new picture!!

instyle was the best!

the joy said...

you better learn to ignore a person! im rude as hell! but i always fall asleep on planes.

i need a vacay!

yet another black guy said...

damn you know how to make a fella jealous!

Victoria Page said...

Bug bites are always scary, you never know what you are going to get.

I am not big on talking to people on airplanes either. Chances are I had to get up early to be on the plane so I really just want to sleep or be alone to my thoughts. You are right, headphones and one-word answers are the best way to go.

Jameil said...

gc.. i'm a subscriber. vogue is 840+ pages this month. that's too much entertainment. i was overwhelmed by instyles 618. ENOUGH!! why is sept. the ginormous month? adults don't go back to school. i guess fall fashion in full swing.

stace... thanks love!

joy... come on now! you know i ignore people but i try not to be rude b/c its just unnecessary. i usually only nod off. rare is the time i can sleep more than 15 mins at a time.

black guy. THAT'S THE PLAN!! lolol

vic... bug bites are gross. i've been very fortunate lately w/the plane passengers. no chatty cathys.

Liz Dwyer said...

I've been back almost a week and I just unpacked today. Lazy and trifling, I know. And I got eaten alive the one time I went to Florida. All the technology we have in the world and someone can't figure out how to electrocute those suckers?