Leave of Absence*

Can you take one from stuff? Just stuff. I'm tired of going, going, going, making lists and having 7 million things to accomplish every day. Every single day there's something else. CAN I JUST SIT DOWN FOR A MINUTE!?!?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. I'm just glad that for this moment, I don't have a boyfriend, or a husband, or kids, or anyone who MUST HAVE my time. Phew. That really is a relief. Work and other stuff is demanding enough. Watching "Spanglish" again. This is such a good movie. Love it.

I'm also getting to the really good part of the book Middle.sex. Muy interessant. Why is this book 529 pages, though? Lengthy much? Still about 150-200 pages left. I couldn't write a book this long. I'd want people to finish whatever I wrote. I'm not a good fiction writer, anyway unless it's based on my life. Write what you know, right? That's the only way I can do it.


Life calls. Again. (Grateful to have one unencumbered with cares more pressing than a to do list).

*I know you didn't think I was talking about blogging. I already talk too much and who else will listen to all this? I love my captive audience. MINE!! ALL MINE!! This was my 100th post of the year!! Yay!! That's as many posts as all of last year.


Chris said...

I barely have 100 posts and I've had my blog for two years, *Bobby Valentino voice* slow downnn!

1969 said...

Congrats on your 100th post. You know I can relate to having too much to do....as I type this on Sunday morning at the office...sigh. Hurry up and finish Middlesex so we can discuss.

Southerner in Suomi said...

Congrats on the 100th post. I feel you on having too much to do. I'm trying to get organized for the potential move and I'm looking around like "I ain't got a husband or kids! Why I got all this stuff to do!?!?"

Cause you would think this much shit has to be for another person.

shani-o said...

I am so feeling you on the can I just SIT DOWN??? thing. Seriously.

Anyway... congrats on the 100th post... I'm only on #56!

Jameil said...

chris... umm... no. i'm gonna need you to catch up honey.

69... thanks! geez. GO HOME!! i see you were workin hard, tho! lol. i'm trying to hurry up and finish middlesex but its so LONG and when i get home i'm so tired so its like 50 pages at a time. pluggin along.

v... MOVING SUCKS!! but at least its for a potential good cause!! lmao @ that much stuff.

shani... let's all sit down. collectively. & thx!! you can join chris on catching up.

Charreah said...

Spanglish rocks as does 100 posts this year!

I was going to say something else but forgot while laughing at "*Bobby Valentino voice* slow downnn!" Comedy;)

Anonymous said...

captive audience member?

keep 'em coming LOL

Tasha said...

Damn, I so feel you on the overwhelemed by life thing. Congrats on the 100th post!

p_nami said...

Girl you had me worried...I thought you were about to take an extended break from blogging!

WhozHe said...

Congrats on your 100th post.

Jameil said...

cj... spanglish is so fab.

real talk... lol. thanks!

t... i know girl! i know!!

doll... chile please!

whoz... thanks!

Dee said...

I thought I had watched Spanglish but it turns out I didn't I'm gonna check it out now.

Adei von K said...

i thought you were talking about l.o.a from blogging at first...

i say just sit down. what will happen if you don't get to the gym today? i mean, i don't know what your list entails but girl, just sit :-)

dreamyj said...

i also love spanglish! and i want to read middlesex also, my mom and i were talking about that book a couple of nights ago.

Jameil said...

gc... go immediately!

stace... the gym is rarely one of those don't have time things or taking up space on the list things. if i don't want to go today, then i get in the next day. no biggie.

dreamy... middlesex is worth reading but carve out a week of your life. its a bit of a slow read at times.