Ti.red (more)

That's supposed to read "tye-red" like the color. Because I am. And I'm getting a bit of a headache. I need to wash my hair but I just DON'T FEEL LIKE IT. I don't feel like doing anything. You know that procrastination bit I talked about in my last post? I've been beating procrastination to a pulp so much that I'm wired when I get home and can't sleep and just accomplish all over creation. It's good, but I'm exhausted! I just need a good, long, uninterrupted SLEEP!! (Most people would take this time to get off the internet and act accordingly but I'm a blogger addict... esp. since I've added some new kids to the blog roll and some new readers have popped up over here.) I'm reading Middle.sex. Like most Oprah book club selections, its odd. Who's reading something good?

Know what I love about the gym? Reading magazines for free. Sometimes I pick up things I'd ignore in the store. Still haven't read Re.al Sim.ple just because I don't have a house. I don't care about interior design. When I get one, I know what I like and I know what looks good together. I like cheap ideas that don't look cheap. I don't like cheap furniture. I can't stand that DIY stuff typical college apartments are filled with.

Point: I like the magazine More. That's weird because it's for women over 40... LMAO!! I'm sooo 15 years from that magazine! But I like it. It has practical stuff and is encouraging that I should be so fly at 40. (I will be). I liked it so much that I'm thinking about subscribing... so strange, I know.


1969 said...

Middlesex is a really good book. You will enjoy it but it is wierd as hell.

Sha Boogie said...

You and me both with the big P! I have yet to put away my clothes from the move, ok?..lol

Chris said...

I identify with tye-red. My last five days have been bananas (b-a-n-a-n-a-s!), but tomorrow will be a well-deserved and seriously needed chill day. I need to go the gym if there are free mags to peek at, especially if KING is among the selections.

La said...

Its not weird. I read Redbook when no one's looking, lol

Jameil said...

1969... i can already see both of those being true.

sha... i always do my clothes first when i move in somewhere. i'm going to clean out my closet tomorrow.

chris... i'm chillin too!! um.. simmer. you know king is not on the list.

la... lol. i don't like redbook as much.

GreatWhyte said...

I never throw clothes away... maybe that's my problem now. But a cap-sleeved seersucker blazer. Where are you going to wear that in Pittsburgh?
Middlesex is odd. I started it, then got sidetracked and never went back to it. Guess it's time.

the joy said...

i think i am gonna have to read that. what is it about exactly? havent read anything since the last book you mentioned, lol.

cracking up at you reading the old people magazine. looking way forward to the future.

Jameil said...

x... just give them to charity. you know you're not gonna wear it again! give it up. i can see how you would stop reading it. its one of those books you have to push thru the beginning. i always buy stuff at the end of the season. you can wear stuff like that all summer long. its never that hot here.

joy... its about this guy who's a hermaphrodite and how he got to be that way and him figuring himself out and possibly finding love.