So Young, So Angry

Apparently my last post was not well-liked by the people. Here is what my boyfriend had to say:

SUBJECT: Stilleto pumps in the club??

Holy Moley!!!! NOWHERE???? Come on Jameil. I was wearing a black undershirt when I took you to the mall this month. Matter of fact, I wore that same outfit when I picked you up from the airport the day before. No one told you to come out the house with Stiletto pumps everyday. Do you actually think men expect that??? Hampton University gave you that mindset. That is not reality.

Let me school you on the "Tee" game. First of all, there are cheap Tees (3 or 4 for $10) and there are quality Tees ($20 per shirt). You might think $20 is cheap, but I know for a fact that Bebe has $20 tops that you would love to wear. Secondly, the Tee DOES NOT make the outfit. It's all about the accessories. Nice, Designer Jeans start off at $60. You could rock a nice watch or some fresh kicks with a Tee and look GOOD. Lazy??? Do you have any idea how hard it is to find the perfect Fitted to match a pair of shoes??? Men will travel to 3 or 4 different malls to find "the right color red". I understand there is a right outfit and a wrong outfit for any occasion; but your bias against Tees are OUTRAGEOUS. Just for that, I'm wearing a Tee when I come see you next week. Wait. It's cold. I can't. You're lucky it's December.

Gee whiz. Tell me how you really feel. So here was my response (I ain't like that too much). And do you know that negro called me bougie?! If you went to FAMU or NSU (Stacey loves when I make that comparison), then you need to hush. Lololol.

Was that tirade really necessary? I think no. Jerk. I hope you do wear your t-shirt and freeze to death. I still think its lazy and there are many that will agree with me. Do you know why? BECAUSE I'M RIGHT. Because I'm allllllllways right. Lolol.

Let's go over why I'm right and you're wrong, based of course on your examples. So... you allege that men spend $20 on a tee-shirt which is nothing since a Bebe shirt will cost that much. Wrong. A baby tee will most likely cost 2-3xs that amount; and a regular club-attire/cabaret-type shirt could start at $75 and go on up from there? Been in bebe lately? And I don't wear their overpriced clothing thank you very much. I don't care how much you spend on your white tee. Its still just a white tee. I don't care if you take your hat to every store in the Mall of America and the whole state of Minnesota to match the right red. L-A-Z-Y that spells lazy!!!

And you may not expect the stilleto pumps everyday, but you know if I were to step out in the tee shirt and jeans you would be shocked. Don't lie. Like perhaps to a broadway show? But since you will disagree with me just to spite me. Guess what? I'm bringing only tee-shirts and sweatshirts. And tight pants with granny panties. And baggy jeans. And I won't take a shower. That's how it looks when dudes roll up in a tee-shirt.

I let you slide b/c I love you and we weren't going anywhere. Who dresses up for the mall/airport? 8th graders. But if you think we're going on a date and you have on a white tee and I have on heels, you got another think coming. That's a double standard I've seen more times than I care to even think about!! It is soooo sad that you think a tee shirt looks "GOOD" b/c you have on semi-expensive jeans and a nice watch. Cue tear. Roll tear. Cue Sigh. Roll sigh. Did you learn nothing at the good ol H of U? I'm mad you think you can teach ME about accessories. ME!! Have you met me???? Have you??? Once?? I think I need to submit your diatribe to my blog for my readers to be the judges. You hater.

The nerve! So I'm saying. Am I right or am I right? I'm right, right? I know I'm right. You wouldn't get mad about your lil ugly white tees if you didn't wear them. Stop wearin them ugly hoes. Lololol. Why is that bougie b/c I want you to look like something when you leave the house. I'm sayin. Is that so wrong?? I think not. Maybe I should sing a song about it. Like to hear it? Hear it go. "Don't. Be. Half. Steppin!" Now. Get mad at that. Don't worry guys, the relationship's not over. We like to fight. I do, anyway. You know why? Because I'm right!!!! So there.


Karamale said...

ok, maybe it's generational, since i was born in the late 70s and all, but what the hell is "fitted" (other than an adjective)?

and wussup on the famu hushin', bougie hampton girl?

(i had to laugh at the 8th graders dressing up for the mall).

hbcu love, shawty!

Anonymous said...

LoL in regards to the white tees, it's like an epidemic here in Baltimore. My friends and I refer to it as "the uniform" and I sometime call it the "man dress", since so often they fall to some dudes knees.

I can't rock the tees, don't look right or feel right on me.

Now I can respect what your man says about men going all out for the accessories,cause accessories can make or break the outfit.

But I will not do mall hoppin for no hat, even if it is a fitted. I hate malls, and I will sure as heck get me an Auntie Annies and park it on a bench when I have to accompany my friends. My best friend will go to every mall in the Bmore area for a fitted hat, umm no.

Versatility in attire is important, you can have a white tee, but you need some nice button downs too.

That's all!

Sherlon Christie said...

I hope i didn't inspire this putting people's e-mails/conversations on blast like this...but anyways..that was an interesting read. I felt like I was watching a movie

Jameil said...

karamale... of course its all in love. a fitted is a baseball cap fitted to your head. lololol.

cnel...button downs and polos is all i'm sayin!

spchrist... no he approved the posting. i wouldn't put someone on blast like that w/o their permission. lolol. i'm glad it was like watching a movie! thx

Rell said...

LOL @ Karamale. A fitted is a fitted-hat. It just might be generational.

Very interesting read indeed...

Clay said...

white t-shirts wear me out ... they all look like a pack of cattle