Career Change

I just want to take the time out today to say FCUK THE UNION!!! I don't even live in NY and I'm pissed. I know this will shock and amaze the people, but I agree w/Bloomberg. That shit is selfish. 7-million stranded okay bad enough. But in working in Pittsburgh for this long I have seen too much union activity. Teachers on strike for 2 months. Parking lot workers on strike b/c they want more money (they make $15 an hour), they don't want to have to clean the parking lot during down time (wtf??? so what else are you going to do???), and they don't want to pay for health care (excuse me?? I have to, but you don't b/c you work in a parking lot???) And you don't have to clean the parking lot??? I've been yelling about this for months to all of my friends. I'm sayin. That's some bullshit.

And can I tell you that there were 4 garbage men in Pittsburgh that made more than $100,000 last year. I'm getting pissed all over again people. Are you serious?? Pharmacists w/PharmD's make that!! After anywhere from 6-8 years in school!!! i'm pissed right now. I don't make nearly that and I'm sure everyone else w/their first job out of college, no matter how great it is, does NOT make that. Most people don't even make half that. And THAT is some bullshit!! And we don't have that great of benefits. Do you know the union pres says this is a fight over retirement. Are you kidding me???? Are you f-ing kidding me????? Are you??? You can't be serious!!! You get retirement packages to drive a bus. Let me exerpt the terms offered to them. Let's see if you can get with them making this...(direct quote from the aol article)

The union said the latest MTA offer included annual raises of 3 percent, 4 percent and 3.5 percent; the previous proposal included 3 percent raises each year. MTA workers earn around $47,000 to $55,000 annually.

Word?? Word??? Teachers across America make HALF that. HALF. That shit ain't right. It ain't right!!! You don't go to college and you get to make more than every single one of my friends that has been out of college for less than 3 years? That is assinine. So you're saying we care more about the people who take us around the city than the people who are teaching the next generation? That's what I'm hearing. F-it. I want my money back from HU, and I'm changing careers. And I'm out.

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