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Hola bloggers!

It is Christmas Eve. Two days ago I was very depressed thinking about how I was going to be waking up alone on Christmas morning with no Christmas tree or decorations like it was any other day of the year. And then I would go to work. Then I came to work yesterday (the day my sister, my cousins and I like to refer to as Christmas Eve Eve). One of my producers gave me a Bath and Body Works gift set, my exec. producer had already given me a Starbucks gift card, and one of the meteorologists brought apple cinnamon popcorn for everyone. It was so sweet! Then one of the photogs starts yelling that it doesn't feel like Christmas. I'm crackin up by this point because he's practically running. Its hilarious. So he starts blasting Christmas music and instantly cheered me up! Whoo hoo! Its Christmas!!

The whole holiday/not Christmas greeting thing. Can it stop please? So annoying. This woman at Burger King was decked out in the Santa hat w/a variety of other Christmas para and do you know she had the nerve to say "Happy Holidays?" Really? Because of the whole Jewish/Hanukkah santa thing? I get it. I rolled my eyes so hard its amazing I was still able to drive. Then when I was buying some gifts, this dude said "Merry Christmas" when he handed me my purchase and I almost did a dance in the store. The whole hoopla is so annoying. And I think more annoying than Happy Holidays is all the controversy this year. When will people admit that political correctness has a limit? Geez guys.

I'm very excited because I get to see the b.f. on Monday!! Whoo hoo!! And Wednesday two of my friends from home are coming to see me! All the way from Charlotte. Poor things. They have no idea what they're getting themselves into. We are not accustomed to this kind of cold. You know the kind, Yankees, where 30 degree weather is warm or normal. We've had a heat wave this week. People lost their mind yesterday when it hit 43. I saw a dude in short sleeves, and another one driving with the windows down. Lololol. Really? All that? I was DYIN laughin. That's hilarious. Go ahead and catch the p-namonia/panonia if you want to. Not me! (Don't worry guys I really know how to spell pneumonia! lol)

Anyway so I'm really excited that my friends are coming to visit. They're my first visitors (other than my sister for a day on Thanksgiving) in the 5 months that I've been here. Yay! Meagan and Tasha have been my friends since middle school. That's right, takin it waaaaay back. There were originally 7 of us. Over the years, the circle of friends has morphed-- you know how it is. It grows and shrinks depending on who's mad at who, or who's not talking to who, or just growing up and apart. So its not down to just us three, but there is a core four. That's hot. You like that don't you? The core four. I'm so proud of us. All successful and ish. M's working on her master's in Animal Science, and Natasha's an accountant. Don't that sound all professional and impressive? Hey, being that I'm so cool, how on earth did I wind up with TWO friends that are accountants? Lololol. I crack myself up.

Ok people, I'll be here tomorrow, too (at work) so check in for another life update. Merrrrrrrrrry Christmas!


heartbreaker said...

Hey Jameil--Merry Christmas!
I feel ya on all the hoopla and how ridicules it gets with being politically correct. That's true, it DOES have a limit, never really thought about that, becuase being PC puts a limit on EVERYTHING else, so I like how you flipped that--never thought about it like that, and Idunno, maybe it's just the nonbloggers that are all excited about Christmas, lol ~ cuz everyone in blogland is talking about cancelling Christmas this year, etc. haha but idunno, it's weird, for me, it's just too retail... I feel like the things we celebrate Christmas for should be celebrated 365 days a year, and that includes CHRIST (lol), and next December 25th ain't promised to nobody, but all-in-all, Christmas is still Christmas and its meaning seems to change for me year-after-year, hopefully I can get something clear enough soon that I can stick with and accept and be happy with, (I know, I'm so weird.) :) but anyway have fun w/ the b.f., and congrats on all your success and your strong friendships... i hope to get to that place someday... :) lata

Adei von K said...

OMG! My mom was on that tip a long time ago. She HATES when people greet her with the Happy Holidays PC mess. In church, someone had the nerve to greet her with H.H and she walked right past them as if they didn't exist. Now that was their fault for greeting someone like that in church...aren't we all Christians here? She refuses to buy cards that don't say Merry Christmas and is like me when it comes to music! Let's blast Christmas music starting right after Thanksgiving!!! Yea!!!!