Sunny Days

As Rashan tried to sleep after his alarm today, I said, "Good morning, sunshine!"  Then I spoke the words to "You Are My Sunshine," internally laughed at the high fructose in the air and it almost turned into this.  Then I thought about how mad I would be if he woke me up rapping.  Maybe mad is an understatement.  No.  Mad is an understatement!!  I can barely tolerate his rapping fully awake and full of delicious food. 

Speaking of delicious food, I had some salsa last night at my first ever pumpkin carving that was AMAZING!!!  I probably ate 2 cups of it.  Thou shalt not put a bowl of delicious salsa in front of me if thou shall like to have any. 
The first pumpkin I ever carved! And free-handing it!
I also sampled pumpkin ales for the first time.  Delicious!  Most pumpkin-y and delicious awards go to Weyerbacher and Big Boss Harvest Time.  And now that I know Big Boss is brewed in Raleigh?  I feel the need to visit them ASAP!  My sister would love that since it would mean me coming to hang with her. :)


Nicole said...

I don't like when the weather starts to get cold but one of the things I do like about fall is all the pumpkin-flavored things that start coming out. That and getting to wear boots again. Love wearing boots. :-)

Your carving looks really good. I'm so impressed. No way I could carve something freehand that looks that fabulous.

Adei von K said...


1. i've never seen that ep of fresh prince
2. if ANYONE...
woke me up like that...


they would get the verbal lashing and thorough cussing out of a lifetime.

an thas real.

"hey, you want some pumpkin flavored beer?" -WP

1969 said...

That pumpkin is awesome!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

That's a pretty scary looking pumpkin! To be your first one is a WOW!

I enjoy a good salsa too! What befuddles me is when I can't duplicate the flavors *sings* and will never have that recipe AGaaaaain!

Sparkling Red said...

Dude, that is one fierce pumpkin!

Jameil said...

Nicole... I love pumpkin flavored stuff!!!! And boots! I'm about to need something pumpkin riiiiiight NOW! Thanks!

adei... that ep is theeee best! you know i wanna wake you up like that now right???? pumpkin beer? YUMMM!!

1969... THANKS!

GP... Thanks! I have consistently failed at pureed salsa. IDK why. But my chunky is the BOMB.

red... thanks!