Monday Mindspacing Vol. 119

1) I'm trying to finish this Malcolm X book for the blog book club and it is looooong.  Biographies can be very difficult to read if they're not narrative enough.  This one ventures off into non-Malcolm territory quite often early on in ways that for me can be tedious.  Thankfully it picks up when his wife arrives on the scene.
2) I read some old posts from November 2007 and up popped a comment from Rashan.  I got all mushy thinking about how I never could've imagined he'd be my husband 4 years later!
3) My heart aches for these "America's Sweetheart" types groomed then discarded.  I MISS YOU, MEG RYAN!!
4) I have to remind myself daily not to make the people I love crazy as I go stir crazy from being in the house.  It doesn't always work.
5) I have 3 running partners of sorts who show up on different days and have different fitness levels and of course personalities.  It can be crazy-making because we're a part of a running group where I tell when I'm working out and someone shows up.  I'm hoping at least one turns into a regular.
6) I miss sushi & Mexican food. I don't have either regularly enough i.e. at least once a week for each. 
7) My plan for athletic domination is to outlive everyone.  Then I'll win my age group every time!  Woot!
8) "Happy Endings" is quite amusing!  Rashan and I decided to try it out and we approve!
9) I don't get too bent out of shape over most changes.  I see them as a part of life.  But it takes me a while to agree to changes inside my house.  We've lived here over a year and I'm finallly ready to have a new configuration in our living room.  It's oddly-shaped so it was interesting to attempt but I like it.  I was going to spend today rearranging things but I feel yucky.
10) I want some crazy bright colored fall/winter clothes!
11) I hate quotes... but I like this one!  It fits my life right now and I found it on a blog I started reading recently.
"Press on; nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.  Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful individuals with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.  Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent."  -Calvin Coolidge


Nicole said...

8) Yes. Please watch Happy Endings. I keep telling people about that show. It's hilarious and not enough people watch it. The fact that Two and Half Men has a bazillion viewers and Happy Endings is struggling is a crime against humanity.
10) Me too! Except I don't want to shop for them. I just want gorgeous winter clothes to magically appear in my closet and all fit perfectly without having to shop for anything. Why can't I be rich enough to have someone to do that for me?

Trish said...

2. It's something that no matter how we think we are planning our lives, that God has other plans!

4. I go stir crazy after a few days as well, but once I get out into this horrible traffic, I am glad to be home once again.

6. I miss sushi too! I had a friend back home that would always eat it with me. Now Mexican food on the other hand is in abundance here, sometimes I get tired of it....

7. Why can't I get motivated?

8. I've been watching this show since it first aired and I love it!! I have my sister watching it now and it is her fave!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

2. Isn't life AMAZING!! My aunt always says keep living this and keep living that...I trip out a lot but I'm excited for the ride because anything can happen at anytime. 3.Really? You heart aches?? You say the funniest stuff. Do we need to make Meg Ryan t-shirts? We could start a movement! 5.How did you get this started? I would like to meet other run/walkers like this. 7. <--- holler laughs!!! 8. I watched the marathon on ABC fam but not the new season yet. I like it tho. 10. As a stan for fall I am in love with this rich, bright, berry purple right now. 11. That was a very inspiring, motivating quote! I LOVE quotes!

Nerd Girl said...

1. I'm on a roll! Kinda.
2. Life is awesome.
6. Mmmmm...Mexidan
10. I think I'm buying a mustard jacket. Yay for color! Kinda.
11. I love quotes. You can quote me on that.

Sparkling Red said...

1) I call that kind of book Literary Broccoli. You read it because it's good for you even though it's not very tasty. (For the record I like broccoli, but it's more succinct than Literary Brussels Sprouts.)
4) Can I tell you how happy my husband is to get me out of the house after living with my miserable lurking for two weeks? VERY HAPPY!
11) That is a great quote!

Jameil said...

nic... 8) LOL We are definitely on board with HE & NOT 2.5 Men.
10) Oh I'd love to shop for them for both of us! LOL

trish... 2) indeed.
4) i'm not working or in school right now so...
6) mmmm my bff stace was my sushi buddy but she's far away now :( it's not fair of you to say you get sick of Mexican when good Mexican is so hard to come by here. :(((
8) oh yeah!

gp... 2) it is :)
3) i don't need a tee but i want to give her an ehug.
5) it's BlackGirlsRun. There's probably one in your area, too.
8) We're not to the new season yet, either.
10) MMMM! Always love that color!
11) Lol of course you do.

ng... 1) yay!
2) it really is! :)
6) mmmm!!!
10) yummy!
11) lol i shall

red... 1) lol!
4) lol yay for him! and you!
11) right??