Monday Mindspacing Vol. 120

1) I like Rashan's face scruffy.
2) Mild cheddar cheese is a worthless product.
3) You know what our next place MUST have? STORAGE SPACE!! It's extra ridiculous up in here.  Sometimes that means a little creativity but right now it's about to mean WHERE DO I PUT ALL THIS STUFF??? Rearranging meant our hiding spots were eliminated in the front room.
4) I'm ADDICTED to the Couch to 5k Facebook Page!! Addicted!!  I use it to encourage me to go run when I don't feel like it and I encourage others when they need it.  I love it!!!
5) I get so excited when people ask me for recipe, cooking or baking advice! :)
6) I MIGHT break out the Christmas music this week.  LOL!  I know it's waaaaay too early for almost everyone I've ever known but when the temps stop being in the 80s and I know it's October, even MID-OCTOBER??? I get that itch!!!
7) I don't like it when people ask me why I'm awake (Because I am.) or tell other people to go to bed.  If this is an odd hour to you, I'm may or may not be happy to be up.  If you're telling me to go to bed... you know you're up, too, right? Oh okay.
8) It makes me giggle when people ask me where my husband is.  I often forget I have one of those until they ask!
9) Have any of you had mincemeat pie before?  It sounds really gross to me.  I'm not saying I wouldn't try it but I'm kinda scared.
10) I ran my 5k & I can't wait to tell you all about it!  Well... I can.  And you can, too!  Later in the week, my friends!


K. Rock said...

1. I am a major fan of facial hair. I dont like a clean faced man.
2. So true! Not long ago, I transitioned to sharp exclusively. It has flaver. The mild has none.
8. You are not used to it yet?
9. Never tried it because the name sounded nasty. They I found out there was no meat but then I learned what it really was. Still dont want to try it. I dont like raisins.
10. Been waiting to hear about it.... I'm anxious! Dont make me wait too long. Please.

Nerd Girl said...

1. Mmmm. I love a soul patch and a little goatee.
5. Got one for tomato soup?
6. Our temps are supposed to drop Wednesday. I'll not be celebrating with Christmas music.
7. Fine. I'll stop.
9. No. Sweet meat does not appeal to me.

Sparkling Red said...

3) I hear you on that. We have a storage locker now but even that's starting to get full.
9) It's super-yummy!

Adei von K said...

1. Awww yeah! Work your way up to a Philly beard! I loooooove facial hair on men! Scruffy or more!

6. Yeah, I can go for some Christmas music since it wants to be Christmas weather up here! LOL, Oh Florida Gul.

7. If I ask you, it's probably cause it's early morning and I know you don't do anything before 8am purposefully. I get curious as to why Melly is up before 9am!

8. That's funny to ask "where's your husband?"! But my mom says she gets that question too! Use her answer: MAKING THAT MONEY, HONEY!

I'm so kidding. She doesn't say that.

Mrs Count said...

1. I love facial hair
2. I also love mild cheddar cheese. I like it in tomato soup,and in grilled cheese, and on crackers, and all alone, and as one of the cheeses in macaroni and cheese. I could go on, but I won't.
3. When I'm not scared of my garage, I'm going to put up shelves and store things there.
7. But sometimes I really want to know why people are awake. Are you watching something interesting? Suffering from insomnia? Making a midnight snack? Planning a midnight robbery? Inquiring minds want to know.
9. Heck no

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. A man with a 5 o'clock shadow or groomed beard is sexy! 2.Mild cheddar cheese is every little thing! I LOVE it! YUM!!! I hate sharp cheese with the exception of it being in mac&cheese. 5. My sister asks me things and I like it too! I feel all knowledgeable and superior. Too much? Oh okay. lol 7.Well when I tweet at 2 am and you respond and I know its 3 hrs later where you are...why are you up is not an unreasonable question. 9.No! and Ewwwww! 10. Yay!

1969 said...

Sharp cheddar cheese rocks. I just had some with a few multi-grain crackers and grapes. YUM!

Congrats on the 5K. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

2. I don't have mild, but sharp has my heart for sure!
4. Joining that tonight! Thanks!
9. Yes, and I have no desire to ever try it again. I'll try anything once.
10. CONGRATS!!!!

Trish said...

1. I like just enough scruff!

2. I agree. I love sharp cheddar!

3. I sometimes wonder if less space would keep me a bit neater but I really have a lot of stuff!

6. It's too early, please wait. I cringe every mention of Christmas. I'm not ready!

7. That annoys me too!

9. The idea of meat pie makes me want to gag....

Jameil said...

k... 1) word!
2) yes!
8) nope.
9) I'm pretty sure it has meat.
10) tis up!

ng... 1) soul patch??? lolol
5) nope. i've only ever had (and hated) tomato soup from a can. i'm intrigued tho as an adult and a cook by the idea of a better one!
7) merci!
9) right??? sounds scary!

red... 3) oh man.
9) really??? how??? i need details!

adei... 1) lol no philly beard! but scruffy? j'adore!!! when he goes to shave i point to my sad face.
6) oh Fla girl!! lol!
7) it's never for a good reason if I don't have a job interview!!!
8) LOLOL!! i think she should!!

mrs. c... 1) YES!
2) blech
3) LOL! Use that space, girl!!!
7) LOL Sometimes it feels like an attack/inquisition with lots of exclamation points and such. BECAUSE I AM!!! But I'd be the jerk if I responded like that.
9) lol

gp... 1) YEP!
5) LOL
7) B/c I am

1969... It's aweeeeeesommmeeee! Thanks!

mrstdj... 2) yes!
4) yay!!
6) why????????????
9) i'm amazed! i must know where you had it!
10) thx!

trish... 1) yes!
2) mmmmm
3) I feel like I have more stuff than I need but still I need more storage.
6) hey! stop all that cringing! Why do i have to wait if you guys don't like it???
9) sounds really bad...