Monday Mindspacing Vol. 121

1) Terra Nova really does nothing for me.
2) I don't know how I carpal tunneled my hand (did you know that was a verb???) Saturday night but I woke up Sunday displeased.
3) I'm so excited some of you guys want to go running now!  We should do a blogger meet-up at a 5k!!!
4) We need more people at the Nerd Girl-hosted blogger book club.  Read The Hunger Games by December 5th and join the discussion!
5) I need interrobang (‽) to become a thing.  I love the word, I love the meaning, I love the punctuation mark! I also enjoy the snark ( Irony mark full.svg ) punctuation! The future of punctuation article amused me greatly!
6) I have unnecessarily short patience right now. Tis bad.
I think he's ADORABLE in this pic!
7) Rashan and I went to two parties this weekend.  Friday was a costume party.  I was Donatella Versace & Rashan was static cling.  He won most creative for an idea he found on the web and I assembled in five minutes.  LOL  Saturday was an Oktoberfest party so I made a cranberry apple pie that was a hit!
8) At the Saturday party, the hostess said we flirt like we just started dating.  :)  I thought that was the cutest thing ever!!  Who else would I want to flirt with other than my husband?? NOBODY!
9) OMG! We found out my brother-in-law is coming to Savannah for Thanksgiving which should also mean our youngest niece and nephew (ages 2 & 4) are coming.  I loooooove them!!  They're so cute!
10) I missed Hampton Homecoming yet again.  I've now missed it as an alum more times than I've been.  Ah well.  Plenty of time to right that imbalance.
11) I want to read more books.  Have you read anything good lately?


Anonymous said...

1. I didn't even try. The first Jurassic Park movie did nothing for me, so I skipped this on GP.
4. I'll try to get this one read. If my library has the audio book, I'M IN!
8. Awwwwwwwwwwww!
11. Read 2 good ones - 32 Candles for Ernessa Carter and Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman

Nerd Girl said...

1. No clue...
2. Please stop making up verbs! That is so not allowed!
4. Definitely! Says the host who needs to get the book...
5. Shall read straightaway.
7. Great picture! Great costumes. Did you make your own crust? Do tell!
8. Ah, young love!
11. Have you read Hosseini's books? Still some of the best I've read in a long while. Other than that - I got nada!

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Hooray!!!

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

Oh how I've missed your Monday Mindspacing!

I've been on a reading binge and recently reacquainted myself with the public library. Free books? Don't mind if I do!

I tried reading this book called 'We need to talk about Kevin" but it was in the form of letters written from a woman to her ex husband about their mass murdering teenager. I just couldn't get with the written in letter form writing - yuck. I just finished Mama Ruby by Mary Monroe, I love her books!

Sparkling Red said...

Books: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (Rebecca Skloot) gets five out of five stars from me. I couldn't put it down.
I just started reading The Hare with Amber Eyes (Edmund de Waal) and that looks very promising.

K. Rock said...

1. I like it cause it's different for TV. I have been watching it on the internet.
3. I'm down!
4. I am going to try to join you on this one. I just have to get my hands on the book.

1969 said...

Loved both costumes!

Please read "We Need To Talk About Kevin" GREAT BOOK! Amazing story and pyschological thriller.

Trish said...

1. Umm...
2. I had no idea that was verb, but it hurts like hell.
3. Can a girl commit to walking first? I'm horrible!
4. I love reading. I'll try to join after I get done with my classes this semester.
6. This is everyday in my world...I'm a work in progress.
7. I love the costumes!
8. Awwwwww!!
9. I love visitors, as long as they do not stay too long!

Not So Anonymous said...

I love your costume and Rashan's.
I will check out the book and hopefully I can join the discussion. oooh, I wish I were on the east coast and could meetup for a 5k, or convince you all to meet up for a half marathon...wouldn't that be more awesome?!?!?! Yes, it would.

Adei von K said...

1. I don't like shows like that (see: most of syfy's line-up).

2. I heard abt the Hunger Games! I need a new book in my life so I will get it!

8. That is so precious!!!! Keep it up, yous guys!!!!!!

9. I can't believe they are that old already!!!!! OMG!!

Anonymous said...

3. I want to *pant* run a 5 K *pant*. You just keep recruiting.
4. I've already started calling it The Hungry Games. I need a mind adjustment.
5. Add to must read list.
6. Like you, I gotta have my patience -- NOW!
Party hearty and flirt, flirt on.

Jameil said...

mrstdj... 1) i tried just b/c i rah tried and i was underwhelmed. it's not my thing.
4) do it!!!
8) :)
11) oh goody!

ng... 1) no clue what?
2) what? since when??
4) I don't think it's a difficult read and you have more than a month. just try to finish this month. (shade) lol
5) lol
7) thanks! i did! i got the recipe from martha stewart!
8) lol!
11) i haven't!

tg... yep

sha... it's not like IIII went anywhere... my mom used to ONLY let me read library books.

red... already read the lacks book. i liked the parts about her and her family and the stuff about her cells' usage. but i had no interest in some of the science tangents she went on.

k... 1) not enough for me.
3) yay!
4) wheeee!

1969... thanks! now sha said she didn't like it. which one of you is wrong???

trish... 1) umm what?
2) lol it isn't.
3) so get started on walking!
4) cool
6) aren't we all
7) thanks!
8) :)
9) they're not visiting us and we won't be there long so we won't have that issue

nsa... thanks! join! i can see a 1/2 in my future next year! we should SO meet up for one!

adei... 1) yeah i'm straight on scifi tv
2) yay!
8) :)
9) lol

mamasez... 3) yay!
4) lol do better
5) it's a quick one!
6) lolol
8) will do!