Monday Mindspacing Vol. 122

1) I try new recipes constantly.  99% of the things I cook are things I have never cooked before.  That is not in the least bit an exaggeration.  I like trying new things but it can be tiring when I want something simple to cook.  It's also problematic when I halve a recipe we really like.  I often halve recipes so if it doesn't turn out well or it turns out well but we don't love it, we're not stuck with tons of leftovers.  I need to fix myself.
2) I tried Kleenex's new Cool Touch and they're amazing!  The coolness is so weird!  And ultimately unnecessary.  Ah well.
3) I have a recurring dream that I'm falling from very high.  It terrifies me every time and sometimes starts me awake as I try to catch myself mid-air.  Recurring like weekly.  I hate it.  Apparently it means I'm stressed about some part of my life.  Um... yes.  I want an income.  Preferably from fabulous job.
4) I've been planning the Thanksgiving menu for weeks and I'm STOKED about it!!  I'm thisclose to setting it!  Our first married Thanksgiving.  Awwww!
5) I have no patience for basic fitness articles that tell you things like eat small portions and don't start drastic diets you can't maintain for a lifetime.  I know it's practical and there are still people who need to hear that but it wears me out to see them pop up with such regularity.
6) When I was in elementary school, I loved polysyllabic words.  If I'd known the word polysyllabic, I would've liked it, too.  In geography, my favorite word was archipelago.  In language arts, onomatopoeia!  (I liked to spell it, too.)  Boo!  My favorite dinosaur was triceratops.  Apparently some people don't think this is a dinosaur anymore???? *weeps*
7) Can we have an age limit on tarted up Halloween costumes?  I know there's this "movement" for women to be tasteful with their costumes this year (sigh... must we make everything a grand gesture?) but I feel like that applies quadruply if you're 35 and over.  30?  If we agree on 30, I missed my last year.  I'm okay with that.   I saw some costumes that made me gasp in their inappropriateness in the 40+ set and I just want to try to stop it.
8) I think about running all the time.  I got irritated Saturday and I wanted to go running.  I don't want to mess up my schedule and risk injury, though so I stayed in the house.  I'm thinking about changing one of my 30 Before 30 goals to run a 10k.  These goals are making me a bit nuts.
9) Did y'all watch Next Iron Chef?  Loved it!
10) The show "House Hunters International" has THE most stereotypical and borderline offensive music for every country.  It's ridiculous.
11) I just remembered I bumped into Pharrell when I was at Hampton for undergrad.  I was leaving a basketball game and walking backwards talking to my friends.  He saw me coming but I didn't see him.  One of my friends said, "Watch out!"  I turned around and we were less than a foot apart.  I gasped and apologized.  He was very polite but as we continued in our separate directions I remember thinking, "What in the world? Why wouldn't you go around??? My group was on a collision course with yours... Strange."
12) The Tribe Called Quest doc made me remember that.  The music was good of course but the film... meh.


K. Rock said...

1. I think it's cool you can try new things. I would do itif I could but I would also keep a list of standbys if we really like something.

K. Rock said...

I wasn't finished...

3. Dont we all...
5. There are lots of people who are just starting their journey and they need those tips. Keep your eyes off and let them have them.
8. You can definitely do a 10K! I would love for you to add that to the list.
9. I kinda half watched it. I will try it again. Top Chef comes back Wednesday!
10. Love HH but dont like HHI. I think it's because I can't relate.

1969 said...

I am working on my Thanksgiving menu too!

LOVED NEXT IRON CHEF! I knew Spike was doomed when he had to go up against Marcus. LOL The female judge said his dish was sublime! :)

Gorgeous Puddin said...

2. I have not heard of this Kleenex. I must investigate, because I like trying new things!

4. I started planning too! I’m super excited to cook new and exciting things this year. I can’t wait to see your menu. You are well ahead of me in planning this year.

6. I am not surprised at all.

7. I think if you have the body for it work it. However, I don’t really want to see my mother’s age group tarted up! LOL! I think old people should get saved and saddown.

11. Maybe he was mesmerized by you backing it up...almost...on him. If your friend hadn’t said anything…

12. A Tribe called quest?? Can you say Awesome!! You on point Tip? All the time Phife. *bobs my head*

Nicole said...

4) I'll miss Thanksgiving this year because I'll be overseas. I'm REALLY bummed out about that. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it involves eating lots of food and I loves to eat.

7) There also needs to be an age minimum. I don't want to see a 12- year-old-girl dressed like a sexy nurse.

This older lady (like late 50s) wore a Marilyn Monroe outfit to work on Halloween. I really did not need to see that old lady's titties hanging out like that.

12) Really? I LOVED the Tribe doc. One of the better films I've seen all year.

M.O. said...

I agree with Nicole on Halloween (7). This is a pretty cool blog.

Jameil said...

k... 1) So you're saying I should enjoy it until I get some children of my own? Ah man. Our standbys are burgers. I just do twists on them.
3) Le sigh.
5) It's not so much that those tips are out there. It's more that the titles/descriptions are misleading and imply that there's something new to see. Then I waste time looking at it. Ugh.
8) I know it's doable! Now which of these goals is biting the dust??? Hmmmm
9) I love being able to recognize people!!
10) LOL Rashan won't watch anyone w/a budget of $1mil+.

1969... Oh yeah! Poor Spike. He thought he could win being with a guy he admired and it was his downfall. But seriously... he shouldn't have been a candidate w/all of those bold names.

gp... 2) Lol Make sure you get a coupon.
4) I start planning no later than mid-October but usually the first week of October.
6) LOL
7) Even if you have a great body, when you're 50, it's time to stop getting tarted up. It just looks sad. I'm not talking tasteful, I'm talking low cut, short & too tight. NO! Dead @ saved & saddown!
11) LOL I wasn't dancing! Just walking!
12) LOL

nicole... 4) Aw man! I would have to reschedule!
7) OMG I agree! 18 is the minimum. Marilyn!?!? At work!?!? NO!!
12) Didn't do it for me.

m.o... welcome! it's true.