Movies 2011, Week 20

May 22-28, 2011
I had some good movie times this week & I likes that! :)
94) Anatomy of a Murder. 1959 Oscar 7 time nominee about a legal proceeding after a man's wife (Lee Remick) is raped and the husband admits to killing the rapist.  Yo. It's AMAZING how little it takes to make a film riveting in the first 10 minutes.  Little and much.  Little as in you don't have to overdo the dialogue, the acting, the directing, the editing, the set design, anything.  But much as in it takes so much more effort and skill to show that level of restraint.  As you see, they caught me from the outset.  In general, I don't like Jimmy Stewart but this is the kind of role he works in.  I hate him as a rube.  Great music including an appearance by none other than Duke Ellington.  Awesome movie. 5 stars
95) Frankenstein. Classic film based on Mary Shelley's novel about the doctor who created a monster who went on to terrorize a town.  Just okay. 3 stars
96) Morning Glory. Rachael McAdams is a producer coming on to fix a struggling morning news program starring anchors who hate each other: Diane Keaton & Harrison Ford.  Why did I watch this?  I spent way too much time critiquing how similar it is to a morning news show i.e. there are never ever that many people yawning at 4:30 in the morning.  You actually get really used to it.  And you've been awake much longer.  Some plot breaks, some bad acting.  Not great.  Not the worst movie I've ever seen. 2.9 stars
97) Cop Out. Bruce Willis & Tracy Morgan are rogue cops. I think I watched this so I can talk about how bad it is.  It's really bad. And let's not even mention the little kid who said more curse words in one scene than I've said in the last year.  Not cute.  1.9 stars
98) The Blob. Steve McQueen stars in the 1958 horror classic about a blob that's eating its way through a town but nobody believes the teens who see it and tell about it.  Pretty hilarious.  Extremely campy.  A fun watch.  3.4 stars


Ladynay said...

*trying to fit in* Yeah, so I saw Inception this morning. *insert a bunch of positive film critic language* I liked it alot, LOL! Can't speak on the stuff in this posting :-)

Oh and your last post has solidified my choice not to open a twitter, LOL! That's alot of to do and not to do! HAHHAHAHAHHA!

Jameil said...

LOLOL I loved Inception! I posted about it in January or early February I believe. Lady! Can you at least know the terminology??? That it's not "open" or "a twitter"? Join twitter will suffice! And it's okay! It's really not that complicated when you're on there. :)