Why I Love Urban Dictionary

n. a racist sore loser who can't deal with having a black president so they make up absurd conspiracy theories about Barack Obama's birth certificate.


In other news, Twitter completely and gratuitously ruined my life for an entire day yesterday. Why can I tell no one nothing quick fast and in a hurry!?!? FB doesn't count!! I have FB for some things, blog for others, twitter for still others. YOU FAILED ME. I blame all of the people who joined in the last 6 months. Every single one of you. You killed twitter. Yes you. In the green shirt. But most of all despite my one time crazy love for her, I blame Oprah. You know what your show does!! You and Oprah!! The two of you are on my list.


Adei von K said...

birther? That's a stretch. I can't hear anybody I know using that word. Now mark-a$$ buster? yeah, that should be in the urban-dictionary!

yeah, I was at training going crazy cause twitter wasn't working. #WHEREDEYDODATAT?

Oprah? It's def your fault. Someone on FB blamed Tom (myspace)!!! LOL He wanted his cyber thunder back!

Anonymous said...

This entry was just hilarity. I like how you blamed everyone who joined in the last 6 months.

Not so Anonymous said...

Birther = funny as all get out.

I'm not to be blamed...i haven't joined. It has the potential to be addictive..I have enough bad habits, lol.

Jameil said...

adei... that's b/c you don't know sore losers. lol. i was very confused the first time i heard it so i looked it up and that was one of the first definitions that popped up. too funny. you can (obviously) add your own definitions so you should look up that one and add if you see it's not there... i would be surprised. not tom! lol.

epsi... lol. it had to be done!

aretha... right?? thank you for doing your part and not joining! lol

1969 said...

Loving the definition of birther!