I like to do things that are slightly mischievous but essentially harmless. For example, the other day Classy Jojo and I went to the club. THERE WERE SO MANY HOT MESSES!! I was so heated they didn't allow cameras. What kind of bootleg atmosphere? I wanted to bring back photographic evidence of the girl who had on a red and white striped tank top, jeans and black loafers; the girl carrying a red, white and gold pleather briefcase... why???; the guy in 89 degree weather 100% humidity wearing a button down, tie, SWEATER VEST and blazer (dude... all that) and jeans and tennis shoes... how do you go SO dressed up top and so casual on the bottom?; a tpain look alike complete with white sunglasses, red polo and shoulder-length locks; a girl with a huge pink Coach monogram tote to match her bandage-style dress... why is your purse so huge?; the girl with pink leggings, a gray t-shirt and a black vest; a girl with a yellow t-shirt and some jeans. Sigh. I could go on for days.

They were stopping guys wearing baseball caps but not chicks walking in from the picnic??? You have NO dress code for women??? Come as you are??? Roll out of bed?? Don't try to tell me this is an upscale club. I've been there before when it wasn't so questionable but now? Club 9.35 never again. I told Jojo no after parties for the huge local concert with multiple acts and this is why. Horrid clientele. AND no cameras? Wack. But that night for entertainment all we did was touch buttons on guys' phones as they walked by. Lol.

With encouragement, though, I could really do some silly things. Last week I said on fb I'm sure the librarians are appalled I only check out DVDs, never any books so one of the alum of my program suggested going in and only checking out a bunch of strange self-help books. I LOVED this idea so I checked out Do Cats H.ear with Their Feet, The S.OS f.or P.MS, Son of S.titch n B.itch, and E.motional Rooms (which I was trying to check out while crying but couldn't manage to summon tears). I wanted to get a book on guns, too because I figured it would round out the crazy and make me a true Southerner but it was taking too long to find. I was CRACKING UP as I was picking out these books!! Hilariaous! Of coure being a librarian, the woman barely blinked. In it's own way even funnier than a reaction. Lol.


Adei von K said...

Oh I wish I frequented the library!! That sounds sooooo funny!! esp the stitchin and b!tc#n!!! LMAO!!!!! How to make your man look fly in macrame!! How to be cute in crochet!!! LOLOLOL

Yeah, the guns 101 would've been icing on the cake! LMAO!

Erica A. Gordon said...

Were you in Charlotte at Club 935? If so, I can only imagine what your experience must have been like. Me and my friend just sit in the car in the parking lot and laugh at all the foolishness that walks by. No need in paying to get in the club, the outfits that walk by is our free entertainment.