Stop Talking

Remember how I tried to get a rise out of the librarian in Charlotte? By selecting a bunch of crazy books? (Last paragraph.) The last two times I've been in the library the same guy has checked out my dvds for me and spoken unnecessarily. I don't want to have an overly long conversation about the title of a movie I haven't even seen. 2 minutes falls into that category. Stop talking.

Monday was the best. He's asking a guy about honey at the farmer's market, then says to me, "Some people like tea, some people like coffee, I like honey." Of course my first thought is, "Do you drink it?" How does that relate??? Lol. So it popped out to ask. IMMEDIATELY I recognize I shouldn't have but it's too late. Jameil! What is your problem!?!?! STOP TALKING! I blame my parents for that one. Not only did they teach me not to be rude, they also have those faces that beg people to converse about nothing. I don't like small talk. I can do it but I think it's stupid. Too late for this one, though. He's already going. 5 minutes of my life gone over honey. He even busted out recipes!! (Nothing you want, I think-- mix blueberries, water and honey in a blender for blueberry juice. Yuck. I don't like blueberries.) Thanks. Thanks a lot. But more importantly, what? Stop talking.


Anonymous said...

Why you mad? You got a complex juice recipe out of the deal!

Sparkling Red said...

A chatty guy works at the library? He picked the wrong career. You should shush him.

Rashan Jamal said...

I still think you should do the same thing with movies as you did with the crazy books. Movies about serial killers, a self help dvd about depression, and a foreign language movie about the taliban.. You'll really pique his curiousity...

Stop acting like you didn't just have a honey milkshake last Tuesday.

Southerner in Suomi said...

i...just...that is hilarious!!


Adei von K said...

2 minutes seems long!

How random is honey drinking?? He's weird! But it's in Gainesville. There are some strange people there!

Jameil said...

pseren... mess! lolol

red... right?? tho at the student libraries there are so many chatty people. the front side of the 2nd floor actually qualifies as loud. it's ridiculous.

rj... lol. now that school's back in, HOPEFULLY i won't have to deal with him. & my goal is NOT to pique his curiosity but thanks. i drank honey straight out of the bear, dog.

v... lol. word!

adei... that's b/c it is. esp. for small talk w/a stranger. he said he didn't drink it. there are def. strange people here.