Monday Mindspacing Vol. 10

1) Why if so many people are right-handed are toilet flushers on the left?
2) I want to win this contest to go to the Rachael Ray show all-expense paid. Rashan said, "I think you better let Stace enter for you." Lololol. I entered, now Stace, here is your reminder.
3) Sony is too free with the label, "Sony Pictures Classics." Everything can't be a classic just because it will one day be old. Stop tarnishing the term classic.
4) Some filmmakers ought not to think so highly of themselves that they are deserving of someone spending 2 hours of their life watching their films. I know I have a way to go and need to pay my dues before I can really think people will do that (I will be amazed the day I decide to make a 2 hour film, I will also laugh). I don't think everyone has that idea.
5) Watching this film set in the 1920s makes me know overalls should NEVER come back in fashion. Ew. But I have a feeling they will.
6) I hate watching video on print (i.e. mags & newspapers) sites. They're offensive to my broadcast journalism teaching. Plus though I love some parts of convergence (blurring of the lines b/t print & broadcast, news sharing), there is no match in print. If I want to see video, I'm not going to the NYT, likewise if I want to read a good article, I'm not going to CNN. They get the job done and I have enough details. I go to them when I want it quick and fast (yes both).
7) I'm remembering a downside to sharing a bathroom with my sister: soggy bath mats. Ugh. Can't stand it.
8) Sometimes when Rashan and I are fighting (or I'm fussing about something he's nearly invariably baffled about) I get this overwhelming urge to giggle. So I (usually) give in and giggle. Fighting is such a strong word for any sort of spat we have. He's so gentle with me whenever he has to say something he thinks/knows I won't like. It's really cute. We generally get along quite nicely. Always a plus.
9) The first time I heard of the red hat society I wanted to join one. You know I love hats. I think I have to wait about 40 years to be eligible. So maybe I'll start a rival hat color society. AND WHAT!!!
10) It irritates me that I always want Chickfila on Sunday. So cliche.
11) Night gowns are awful contraptions. They're usually ugly AND talk about uncomfortable. Who would want to fall asleep in a dress unless on accident. You wake up because you're lying on a pile of fabric and it's uncomfortable.
12) I like internet smiley faces without noses. The noses look stupid to me. :) is much better than :-). I like the angry face and that needs a nose unfortunately. >-\ is hilarious.
13) Me, my mom and sister have similar cheese preferences. We hate Kraft singles and American cheese. Give us cheddar or give us death. Cheddar is my most normal request. I love cheese so I'm more than willing to try a lot of them.
14) What's the magic number for these mindspacing posts? I feel like 13 is max and I went over it only for this question.


Adei von K said...

how you come out the gate with toilet flushers!?!? LOLOLOLOLOLOL THAT IS A FOR REAL MINDSPACE QUESTION!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!

I entered the rache contest. Am I supposed to enter once daily? I hope I win! A trip with you is ALWAYS great!

OMG, I HATE soggy mats too!!!! Ewwwwww!! That's why I try to shower before everyone, esp Drew. Its like, "can you shake off in shower first? air dry for 10 seconds? let some water run off for a min before you step out of the shower?? geez!"

what color will your hat society be?

Yeah, Chicfila ALWAYS sounds good on a Sunday... that lemonade is a Sunday drink.

1969 said...

I too love cheddar. I will not even eat any type of processed cheese. *shudders at the mere thought*

Anonymous said...

My favorite cheese is Roncal. But the folks at the only shop in town that carries it are so snobby I refuse to patronize them.

I have to explain to my daughter - EVERY Sunday - that ChickfilA is closed! She is convinced that they should open up after church.

Nightgowns are indeed horrid!

Momisodes said...

When we lived next to a mall with a Chick-fil-a, we always ended up going on Sunday! Drove me nuts. And of course, I really wanted waffle fries.

Not so Anonymous said...

I only like chedder in mac and cheese. I loves me some smoked Gouda..yummy!!

I hate night gowns as well...especially silk ones.

I never thought about that for the toilet...hmmm.

Sparkling Red said...

I may have an answer to the toilet question. I believe it is traditional, in societies with no running water, to wipe one's bum with the left hand and eat with the right. The left hand is the "dirty" hand and that's why you always shake hands with the right. It's supposed to be more sanitary that way. So I guess it became customary to have toilet flushers on the left because you're going to want to touch them with your dirty hand, not the clean one. Except now we have running water so it's just one of those pointless traditions.

Southerner in Suomi said...

I HATE that my editors want my online videos to be exactly like TV, with standup and having the camera over your shoulder and that stupid cut to the reporter with the "I'm listening" face.
I'm not getting in front of the camera! I don't even wear makeup! Aaaaaah! I didn't scream at my editor, I just said i'm sticking to what I do now.

Convergence is fine, but papers don't need to try and be mini TV stations. The online needs to stay basic.

Jameil said...

adei... lol. i was wondering! just once. i hope we win, too! soggy mats are THE WORST! and when i said something to my sister about it she was so like whatever. UGH!!! idk what color hat society that's why i didn't say. Maybe the fly hat society so people understand no old lady hats allowed.

1969... ew. processed cheese. *shuddering w/you*

nerd... ugh! snobs are the worst!! lol @ every sunday! that's cute! nightgowns are a mess!

momisodes... every sunday? hilarious. those fries are crack!

aretha... i love gouda, too! i'm a cheese fiend. cheddar is just the most basic i'll do.

red... thanks!! so helpful!

v... that's ridiculous. the i'm listening cutaway is the worst! lol. how are you supposed to get all those shots by yourself? lol. i don't mind an interactive website but video on paper sites i almost never watch.