I Can't

I've been trying for the last 1/2 hour to get blogger to function properly.  It just ate a post and I'm LIVID since I also tried to post yesterday to no avail.  So right now I will tell an anecdote instead of what I wanted to talk about so I can calm down before I skip the gym for yet another day and go home and try to find something I want to eat in my cabinets (or say FORGET THAT and just grab something from ChickFilA on campus.)

When Rah was last here he drove me to and picked me up from class.  After my night class he told me he thought he had dropped his wallet under the seat.  I was concerned and thinking how on EARTH did that happen.  UNDER the seat?  Perplexed, I reached under the driver seat and first found a Krispy Kreme box.  I was so confused.  Errrr???  But most of all disgusted.  I was like, "Okay what and why. That is NASTY! How long has that box been there?? I have NO recollection of putting it there."  He was like, "I got you those."  Of course I started squealing.  It was a surprise!  Lol.  Yay!  AND he said when he drove up the hot light wasn't on (there is no point in those doughnuts if the hot light is off) but as he pulled into a parking space it came on.  KISMET!!  I ate all 3 of them in the car.  What?  

Alright I've decided on poached eggs, swiss and sausage on an english muffin.  Good to eat the food I actually have in my house.  

I have so much work to do BUT there is some fun approaching.  We have to make a photo montage to a randomly selected (by our professor) piece of protest music.  Guess which song I picked.  "Changes" by T.upac.  Hilarious.  Glad I didn't get the civil war song one of my classmates got or U2.  I was thinking of going very literal but since we don't have to, now I'm considering a Katrina theme OR a Rocky (for new readers that's my nickname for the man who should be our next president. Note: I will lose my mind if he's elected next week) theme.  I was thinking of that just because of change but I think it will be hard to squeeze Rocky out of those words about police brutality and drugs.  We'll see.


Monie said...

I don't know Jam...Rah had this real tough guy thing going on but he's turning out to be as soft and sweet as some Mrs. Fields cookies! LOL!

Donuts under the seat. I would have been ecstatic as well. You two are beyond cute!

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Hey, I ain't judging! I have been known to forget where I was driving to when the hot light is on! Especially when they give you free crack right off the line too? KNOWING you gonna buy more while you are licking the free sample off ya fingas!

GO Rocky!!!

Southerner in Suomi said...

Rocky is going to win. Prepare to go crazy.

Nobody not really... said...

I just want it to be oooooooooooooverrrrrrrrrrr! The election, that is.

*Tanyetta* said...

donuts under the seat! that's an original.

a for effort :)

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - hilarious. You're sooo funny.

But that english muffin idea sounds good.

Don't you hate when blogger acts a fool?

the joy said...

Girl 3 krispie kreme and skipping the gym? You know they say relationships breed laziness and it sounds like Rashan is fattening you up... Lol.

What's wrong with u2?

I'm missing some comment emails from blogger. Wth!?

Ms.Honey said...


Hot doughnuts are the BOMB DOT COM!!!