Oh the Pain

We've already discussed, multiple times, how much I like to eat. And the fact that I'm a foodie. SO WHY ME!?!?!

My sockets where the 3 wisdom teeth were (some people have 3, some have 4. one of my co-workers had 5!! glad I was on the low end. I only had 3) are fine. They were okay after about day 2. And I was beautifully unswollen. However, they tell you to look for bone fragments. (The reason why this happens is because when they take out your wisdom, the cut some bone. Ew, right!! Who knew? Not me!) I thought I had one poking me in my tongue way in the back of my mouth and guess what? I was right.

But I thought it would be a quick fix. Um... no. Unfortunately I have to wait for it to protrude through my gum before he can pull it out. (Could I be swollen for a day or 2 instead?!?!) Cutting through the gum will make the situation worse. Hold up. So it hurts now, but it's going to get worse before it will get better? Oh but it does get better.

He doesn't know how long it will take.


Breathe in Jesus, breathe out peace.
Breathe in Jesus, breathe out peace.
Breathe in Jesus, breathe out peace.

I tried to impress upon him the fact that I'm going to Miami/Hollywood/West Palm Beach/Ft. Liquor I mean Lauderdale for a week and will need not to be bothered with this. Hello!! Food!! He seemed excited for me but didn't offer a better solution. Instead he said, well, maybe it'll be through by then. COME. ON!! BAH!!

So! It hurts to talk too much, and definitely hurts to chew!! That means mostly soup, milkshakes and applesauce. Tired of all three. Especially because the soup can't have too much actual food in it or it hurts because I HAVE TO CHEW!! Seriously, I can't afford to lose anymore weight. I don't want to disappear! I haven't been to the gym in more than a week because I've been too loopy from the drugs and my mom and my line sister were here so bad week for the gym. I do plan on going to the beach and doing a workout in Florida so I'm muy excited-o (brushing up on mi espanol!) about that.

When you can't eat, all you can think about is food, so a post about the birthday will have to wait, loves. While eating last night I made my parents stop in the middle so we could pray that this bone works its way on out by Tuesday. They both looked at me like I was insane. Hey man. Prayer works. So y'all get busy, too, bloggers. I need some peace!!


Southerner in Suomi said...

The baby dizzle said she had one itty bitty piece of bone fragment that she had to get removed and it came out without a hitch.

So we are speaking in being that yours will do the same and in a timely fashion.

"Breath in Jesus, breath out peace." Love it!!

I'll be sending some prayer up for ya. Feel better.

Toni "Turtle Dove" Phoenix said...

I too am a fan of breath in Jesus breath out peace...

Yeah the dental work sucks. I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled at the same time and it seriously interferred with my meal time.

I'll drop in a prayer for quick recovery...

GreatWhyte said...

Breathe in Jesus, breathe out peace. I will DEFINITELY have to use that here at Crazies. Victims. Stupidos (that's "CVS" for yall newbies). LMAO @ muttering maniacally. What is all this bone fragment foolishness of which you speak? I had all four wisdom teeth cut out surgically with total anesthetic, and I was eating Red Hot and Blue by sundown. **sigh** Lightweight :0)

Jameil said...

v... where was her fragment?? baby dizzle is givin me hope!! thanks for the prayers!

toni... I DON'T APPRECIATE MEAL INTERFERENCE!! thx for praying!

x... lmao @ Crazies. Victims. Stupidos. I was under total anesthesia, too. the teeth part was fine. i just have special anatomy. don't hate.

GreatWhyte said...

Special anatomy. I am mad at you. Blah.

1969 said...

This is not making me want to tackle my wisdom teeth any sooner.

Saying a prayer for you and your bone fragments!!! You have to be able to eat in Miami.

shani-o said...

Come onnnnnnnnn bone fragment!! You can do it!

I'm not much for prayer, but I'm totally good for the cheerleading!

ThisMightBeMe said...

I have been there and I wish you the best. "Trouble don't last always". It'll be alright.

BK said...

LMAO.. girl get you some of that brown listerine and orajel.. JUST IN CASE...

I used that to NUMB my joint up just so I could eat.. I didn't care abotu the pain I had when it was time for bed.. but that helped during the day.. and at bedtime I just popped a pill..

Also don't forget to rinse with warm salt water.. IT HELPS.. trust me!!!

prayers for you chica!

Jameil said...

x... stop hatin!!! hahahahaha

69... you should just get it over with. bone frags are the pits tho!! I really do have to be able to throw down when i go!! I'm already annoyed all bday meals were compromised by said impediment.

shani... do what you gotta do. let's just get this thing out!!

mighty... i know but you know when its your mouth it feels like FOR.EV.ER!!!

bk... got the orajel. it wasn't working like i needed it to i.e. more than 20 seconds. and i'm all over the warm salt water!! its not a game!

Sha Boogie said...

Ouch. Ok, your totally making me put of having my wisdom teeth removed for another...uhm....5 years or so..lol

You can't have dranks?! Tell the doc you need your dranks, stat!

Adei von K said...

i had 5 teeth removed and no bone fragments... but, i was SWOLLEN as the fcuk! and not eating for days. PRAYER for Jameil!!

*Tanyetta* said...

stopping by to say hello.

i remember the day i got my braces, i was so hungry all i thought about doing was eating and that's only because i couldn't eat. i understand the importance of eating. i love it too :) rooting for you-- for a quick recovery!

La said...

I feel the same way when I get my braces adjusted.

Only thing is, that happens every 6 weeks.

Count your blessings, lol

yet another black guy said...

awww, damn this sucks!

Jameil said...

sha... just get it over with!! for real. this morning i was suddenly very annoyed that i have to keep running back and forth to this man's office b/c he didn't get everything out of my mouth that he should have in the first place. i can finally drink. I'm just trying to pray and will this last 10% out by 8 tomorrow morning so I can set up a 10am appointment to get it removed before I leave.

stace... thanks for the prayer honey. i would def. taken swollen over the fragments. I had 5 days off so I could just hide. The not eating is HORRENDOUS. I'm way too little right now. Not you little or anything... but small. :)

t and la... i had braces too. def. sucks. at least w/those you were good after like a day, tho, you know?

black guy... RIGHT?!?!