Wynel's Wedding Weekend Pt. III

Apparently doing installments of lengthy weekends will also get you stabbed in these streets. X is threatening me again. I'm splitting it up because it's a lot to read and it's a bit taxing to add 7 million pictures but since it was requested, here is part III.

Catch up with one and two first.

The first part of the bachelorette party was at a hotel so Wynel's church friends wouldn't feel left out and uncomfortable. Everyone brought the bride gifts. We did a toast.

Yes that's my cup in the foreground. I gotta get in the pics somehow. There were some hilarious games. One was to use toilet paper to create the "lingerie" Wynel would wear on her wedding night. Of course for our group I was the model. Yay! But we didn't win. Boooooooo. One bridesmaid, Jocelyn interviewed Sinclair. Wynel had to guess his answers. For every correct one, she got a dollar. For every incorrect answer, she had to chew a piece of bubble yum. She had a mouth FULL of gum by the end of the game.


We also had to pick a button with various sayings on them i.e. flirt, sexy, wild. If J thought you picked the wrong one, she would let you know. I picked this one.

She looked at me and said, "You straight." Hahahahahaahahahaha.

Before we headed out, Wynel was given a list of tasks to do on her last night as a single woman. She had to pick 4/8. I don't remember all of them or which ones she picked but here are the ones I remember: get a guy to buy you a drink for the last time, give a guy the wrong number for the last time, and my favorite (which she did not do), smack a guy on the butt. But when he turns around, instead of acting like it wasn't you, ask "would you like another?" CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW HILARIOUS THAT WOULD BE to do to a dude!?!?! I would die with laughter!!

We had a BLAST. I have no idea what club we went to. By that time I was just like LET'S PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And party we did!

And it got hot!!

We had a blast. I did the matrix... in a mini dress... wow. I'm a show off on the dance floor. I can't help it.

Oh yeah! I was supposed to tell you guys about the drama. So some people who I won't identify were being pouty and rude. Moody!! This is not about you so whatever your issues are you need to slide them to the side. Trife. Bridesmaid C the rider had told me about her days in middle school where she was ready to fight two of the other bridesmaids over a dude. HILARIOUS!! So they were like "[The dramatic one] is bringing up old stuff. That'd be like me stepping to C saying, 'Remember back in middle school when you wanted to fight me over that dude?? I ain't like that and we need to settle it now.'" Dra-ma!! We kept the bride away from it. Focus on you and your man.

The next day was the wedding. Wow... I woke up to find Sinclair in the house. Wynel wasn't there because she'd spent the night with some of her other bridesmaids at the hotel where her bachelorette party was, but I was still like WHAT?! So I call Wynel to let her know he's at the house. She says, "I know, I already talked to him." I say, "You're not supposed to talk to him." She says, "I thought we just couldn't see each other... oops. Well I guess we messed that up." Like I know the rules of these traditions!! Hahahaha. Do what you want girl. The strength of your union is in God's hands. But they did want to keep the not seeing each other thing alive. He was on his computer and I was in the other room on the phone with my mom and I heard an owl. I was very confused. I was like, "What's going on out there???" He had his computer sounds on nature. I was DYING!! Bridesmaid C said through her sleep she heard me ask, "Is that an owl????" Too funny. W she called me to tell him to leave because she was on her way back. He started laughing then said ok. They are so cute.

Wynel and Bridesmaid K went to get their hair finished. K's hair was wow... she'd sweated it out. All the bridesmaids start coming over so everyone can get dressed together. Bridesmaid J2 cooked breakfast for everyone. Eggs, bacon, mmmmmmmmmmm. When W got back, she gathered everyone around and told us she was so happy to have each of us in her life and that she doesn't see differences like cousin or friend, but we're all her sisters. Then she went around and told each person what she loved about us. She called me the adopted bridesmaid and said I'd been such a big help and I would be with them while everyone was getting ready. We were all in tears. I'm so glad I was able to be there.

Then it was time to go! (The wedding was at 7 p.m. Sunday night). I realized W probably hadn't eaten much all day so I made her a sandwich for the road. We can't have her fainting at the altar! We got to the ceremony sight on the water on the naval base and the covered chairs were set up outside and threatening clouds were overhead. We left that one to God and started getting ready.

And then it was time.

They started a little early because the rain started.

This is the point where I started bawling. By the time the first prayer was over, the rain had stopped.

They each read letters to God thanking Him for putting each other in their lives and asking Him to bless their union. Then they exchanged vows.

And just like that, it was over....

And then it was party time again!! Boy did we have a blast. All the black wedding dances. The cha-cha slide, electric slide. The dances from Beyonce's extended mix (start at 3:43... no, we did not get down on all fours)

Then a dance I'd never even heard of because I don't listen to the radio: the cupid shuffle. I picked it up quickly as its the simplest dance in America.

The newlyweds got on the dance floor with the rest of us when the "Internation.al Player's An.them" came on. Love this song!!!

Afterwards some of W's dad's friends told me they loved watching me dance. So funny. I was so sad to leave W, C and K since I'd been with them non-stop since Wednesday. I talked to W Tuesday and she said it was so weird for us not to be there. It feels weird not being there, too! Big hugs all around when I left. Awwww! I had a great time.


1969 said...

Beautiful. Wynel and Sinclair...congrats!!!!!

J. Evette said...

Its official! Now I feel like I was there. Thanks for detailing Wynel special moments. I really wanted to be there but I'm SO happy for her!

Southerner in Suomi said...

Middle school gangsta recap? I need her to get a bell hop, cause this ho got baggage like no other!!

And you bess get wit the cupid shuffle baby! Lafayette, LA stand up!!!

Anonymous said...

it looks like fabulous fun ...ill be glad when some of my friends start gettin married... i had my run it with that cupid shuffle as well ... how many ways can black folks redo the electric slide?... and is it most necessary that is plays for 30 minute sessions at a time? or so it seems ... feels more like a work out video by the end ...lol...

Jameil said...

1969... :)

ff... yay!! no problem. glad all that photographing paid off.

v... we were just talking about life in general. SHE wasn't bringing it up like she was upset about it still. that was the point. she's moved on so other people should, too. relax.

ai... seriously. stay w/a line dance. all of life is a workout video!

-_- said...

That is great that y'all did some of the "Get Me Bodied" dances...I can't STAND Beyonce but loved the damn video.

Wait, were you at NABJ Vegas?

Leela said...

wow, sounds like a great time! "would you like another" OMG, that is hilarious! i think you should try it this weekend, okay? cool.

Chris said...

Jameil the Jet-Setter is officially in the building. Looks like a great time was had by all, and a hopefully life-long union came out of that weekend. Great stuff.

So...Wise...Sista said...

Ok her dad's friends...creepy friends, or kinda hot still young looking friends??

Great pics, photog!!

Southerner in Suomi said...

Ok, then she shoulda just not brought it up at all.

Jameil said...

not the biggest beyonce fan either but that video is HOT!! nope, wasn't at nabj.

chris... it was great fun but i think karamale would cut you for calling me a jet setter for flying up and down the east coast!! :)

wise... it was mostly her step mom's fam and mostly women. so no one you would pay attention to. boooo. lololol. thanks for the compliment! :)

v... we were reminiscing!!! look. obviously you had to be there.

Victoria Page said...

Beautiful wedding!

dreamyj said...

aww, souns really nice!

Adei von K said...

OMG, that was so beauuuuuutiful!!! I love W's hair, the bridesmaids' dresses, the bouquets; EVERYTHING!! I'm so glad you could be there and you had a good time too!

Adei von K said...

P.S the matrix Jameil? You ARE such a show-off lolololol I love it!

the owl had me trippin out too!! "Is that an owl?" LOLOL

Sha Boogie said...

Uhm...I need you to get a second job as a wedding planner/photgrapher or something..lol You put that together lovely!

Ms.Honey said...

awww it looks like you had fun :)

Nikita T. Mitchell said...

to steal your word.. I absolutely LURRVVE weddings! just reading about this one almost brought tears! How precious. and she looked amazing!

yet another black guy said...

wow that looked (and sounded) like crazy fun!

Anonymous said...

You know what?? You need to come up for my 21st. I are the official party starter!!!

Jameil said...

stace... i can't help it!! it's who i am!

sha... i would never be a planner. so stressful thinking about all those little details!! i don't even want to plan my own wedding day. i'm convinced "whose wedding is it anyway was created so i'll know i NEED a planner. it'll be like, bring me your ideas... "yes i want that, no i don't want that, i would vomit if i saw that anywhere near me on the day." i could be a photog but i would prefer if i was doing it for a stranger. you can't get as into stuff when you're always catching the moment. and thanks!

m... i know! it was my first wedding for a friend so it was a really special moment for me and i spent parts of the whole weekend in tears.

black guy.. it was!

epsi... it was great fun!! and i'm a GREAT party planner. you know i don't do snow, right? yeah... so when is your bday? sept?