Minus Teeth, Plus Height, and Nic!!

After a long, arduous drive from the 'Cuse, complete with wrong turns and detours, my line sister finally got here around 8:30 Sunday night. Since it was so late, we went to Wendy's for my last meal *enter dirge*. I had a single with cheese and french fries. The next morning, Nichole took me to the oral surgeon. I was feeling a bit nervous, but when the doctor asked me how I was doing, I said, "Overjoyed." That got a big laugh.

I met the anesthetist who was nice, also and walked me through what he would be doing. He asked who was here with me and I said my sorority sister. He asked what school I went to. When I told him I graduated several years ago from Hampton, he said, "And she came all the way here to help you?? What a great friend!" I know!! He said the surgery would be so quick that I would wake up and ask, "Did it happen yet?" When the i.v. started going into my veins (which he'd warned me about), it felt cold. Very strange. Oh yeah the questions that garnered a big laugh from me, "Is there any chance you could be pregnant?" Only through a miracle of God. And, "Are you using any recreational drugs?" I mean I guess because I'm not it was funny, but it's so strange to me that adults with jobs still do. It's like, now at what point will you decide to grow up?

After the surgery I definitely did not wonder if it had happened already because I had a mouth full of gauze and felt mildly crackish. Not in the shaky way but in the "Whaaaaaaaa??? I so confrused" way. Yes I meant to write that question like that. They let me sit there for a minute then walked me to recovery where I laid my head down and they brought Nichole in. They gave her the instruction sheet and we walked out but before we got out good, I had to turn around for a nice vomit. Just blood and stomach acid. Delightful. I made it to the trash can, then sat down for a minute or two, then the nurse walked me to the car.

The parking lot attendant yells, "I told her not to drink before she went in there!" I said, "I couldn't help it!!!" Hahahahaha. We headed back to my house with a stop at the drug store to fill my Percocet prescription and get some egg drop soup. Yummy!!! I love egg drop soup and never eat it because I'm not the biggest fan of Chinese food in general. (Too much of it as a child). I walk in and my dad goes, "OOH! Who hurt you? Where they at? You want me to go beat em up?" How about he'd forgotten... AND MY MOM FORGOT TOO!!! PARENTS!! My mom said, "I thought it was tomorrow. I would've remembered if you were there." Hmph!!! Both of them need lashings.

I ate some soup, popped a pill, then went to sleep because I was still coming down from the drops. I decided I didn't like the drugged out feeling so that would likely be my last percocet. My hand was feeling more pain from the i.v. and catheter insertion point than my mouth. When I woke up about 4 hours later, still feeling drugged, me and Nichole watched "Mean Girls" which she thought was ok *gasp!!!!* and "Superstar" (my line name), which she thought was hilarious while I sat drifting in and out with ice on my face. Too funny. Then we watched some tv and called my mom to make her feel bad. My dad went to the grocery store for us. I ate some apple sauce and more soup. I said I'd be eating real food by tomorrow. Both of them were amazed at how quickly the swelling had gone down. Then I threw up again when I put the gauze in my mouth. The smell of it instantly made me nauseous. This time apple sauce tinged with egg drop soup, but smelled mostly like apples. Isn't this a delightful post? I'm not fiending for actual food too badly, but when my dad brought Nichole back a homestyle chicken sandwich with fries I just stared at her. It was hilarious. So we called my dad to ask him to bring me back a baked potato. That definitely counts as a soft food. Yummy!

Then I went to bed again. And now its morning. That experience made me feel like I don't understand how people go through voluntary surgery. I guess if you're that upset with your body, you'll take the pain. All I had was 3 wisdom teeth and I'm like, "Nah, I'll pass." OOH! My line sister saw my stomach and was like, "Wow!! You're my new stomach inspiration!" What?!?! That's hot!! So I showed her all the ab exercises I do.

The other day I decided I'd like to be taller. I'm 5'1 and 1/4" and I want to go out and be the same height as other people with everyone wearing heels. Now I'm sure this feeling will eventually go away as I've always liked my height for the most part. I know my mom's short, but her mom is 5'10 and my grandma's sisters are all around that height except one, and she's about 5'6. And their mother was over 5'10, too. I did ask my grandmother when she started growing and she said at 19. So until I hit 20, I was mildly hoping for a growth spurt, though at 13, my doctor'd told me I'd likely already hit it after growing a whopping 2 inches in a year or something ridiculous like that.

And I don't want to go out with a bunch of people under 5 feet to feel tall. Now, I will say I'm so used to being short that when I'm around people I can look down on, it feels very strange. Maybe I can just be tall for a day. I'm internally tall, but for just one day I'd like to be tall. Just moderately tall like 5'8. Anyone want to trade?

Also, today is Dad's birthday, tomorrow is my parent's former anniversary and my beloved birthday is THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOT WHOOT!! My mom's coming to town and we shall have a blast.


shani-o said...

Thanks for all that description, lol.

But seriously, glad you got that taken care of.

Sha Boogie said...

Do not wish height on yourself! I have to order my pants ONLINE, so that they don't bang at my ankles and actually touch my shoes. The horror. Not to mention your 'respectable' dating pool will drastically shrink, I mean who wants to bend down to kiss there boy toy? Not I! So not sexy..

Liz Dwyer said...

Glad you made it through the dental drama. I always wonder too about those, "Do you do drugs?" questions. But a lot of folks are on something, including the folks doing the asking. That thought scares me sometimes.

BK said...

well glad you are better!!! wow I didn't url at all after my wisdom tooth surgery..

girl wait till your gums heal.. you gone pig out JUST CAUSE lol

BK said...

oh and your LINE SISTER ROCKS!!

Anonymous said...

My wisdom teeth experience was filled with nothing but jokes. Ahh the crackheadish memories....Good to hear that you feel better though.

CNEL said...

Your line sister is the bidness for that sacrifice.

Grad your surgery went well.

Your dopey without the dope LoL. So don't become addicted.

Yay for birthdays, and for parents when they act right!

Adei von K said...

recreational drugs... wow. more people than not are still smoking weed and doing harder drugs. kinda sad.

i'm so glad you had a wonderful procedure with no complications! that's awesome!

Southerner in Suomi said...

I was in charge of the baby dizzle when she had to have ALL FOUR removed in one sitting.

After arriving home from work at 3 a.m. I was awakened at 7:30 a.m. to mother dizzle wrestling and overgrown and overdrugged 20 yr old up the stairs.

For the next two hours, she drifted in and out of consciousness asking for random things.

Water. (the drugs made her thirsty) Toilet tissue (she was drooling). iPod. Her hot pink Chuck Taylor All-Stars (WHY!?!?). Clarinet and something else. She still maintains that none of this happened. Whatever.

Chris said...

The narrative is ill, LOL....this sounds like some stuff that would be on MTV Diary if that network was still worth a damn. "You think you know, but you have no idea." All that's missing is the CGI with the words and you talking, lol...I'd probably be x-rated and corny with my recreational drug answer, and everyone would look at me like I was crazy.

La said...

ooooh Percocet. They gave you the good stuff, lol

yet another black guy said...

H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!! and looks like you have mad celebrating to do!

GreatWhyte said...

Not "WHOOT! WHOOT!" though! I collapsed on that one. And the Percocet made you feel high? Wow. Imagine the you on the good stuff!

Jameil said...

shani.... lol. glad i could help. i'm glad i got it taken care of, too.

sha.. i know. that's why i said for like a day. b/c the grass is always greener, but i'm so used to where i am that i think i'd be really freaked out to be tall.

liz... thanks! and it def. scares me how many people are on drugs. i read abt it all the time. motorcycles make me nervous too now even tho i love them, b/c i write about so many fatal cycle axes.

bk... better-ish. i started bleeding while brushing last night and now my mouth hurts on the left side again. had to take a percocet so i'm dizzy. i can't WAIT TO EAT!! tomorrow i'm getting some yum food. it's the bday!! and I LOVE MY L.S.!!!!!

funky... please share those memories!! hahahahaha

cnel... she's great. "Your dopey without the dope"? you are so corny. i have no intentions of becoming addicted. i dont like feeling out of control. guess what? TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

stace... more people than not are still smoking weed and doing harder drugs?????? wow... stop hanging with musicians. lmao!!

v... HILARIOUS!! i remember the stuff i requested. none of it was crazy. tho that would've been funny.

chris... hahahahahaha!! i love their day in the life of docs. and true life. you know i'm a doc fiend anyway. glad you liked it!

la... i guess... i don't like having a swimming head.

black guy... lolol. glad you liked it too!!

x... if anything is worse than this I'm praying I'll never need it.

Leela said...

glad that your procedure went so well. i remember barely eating for days after mine. it sucked. only 3 teeth removed, what about the 4th one?

i used to want to be taller as well, but being short is just soooo darn cute :)

dreamyj said...

less than a year ago i had my wisdom teeth removed but it was a much less smooth experience. let's just say i'm glad it's over and never to be done again

Jameil said...

leela.. i only had 3. apparently people have 3-5. glad i was on the lower end! one of my coworkers had 5!

dreamy... mine is turning out the same way. blah!!