Go Jameil, It's Your Birthday!!!

Just so you know, I don't count birthday greetings not on my actual birthday, (bratty is who I am... BECAUSE IT'S MY DAY!!) so CONGRATULATIONS to X for being the first person PERIOD to wish me a happy birthday. My cousin Amber who I haven't spoken to in more than a year was actually 2nd. Good job Amber!! Next was Ashli. Hurray!!!!! Wait... I just checked the myspace. Cnel was actually first... but X you were first here! :)

Y'all. I'm 25 now. Wow... Except on my birthday my mom likes to say, "You're not here yet" since I wasn't born until 11:04 p.m. Uh.. mom... that doesn't leave me a whole lot of time to celebrate!! BTW I hate August 24th. It's like December 26th. A giant letdown. But TODAY IS ABOUT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Remember when this blog was called "All Me, All the Time"? That's right, the good old days! Hahahaha. At 12:06 this morning I was smacked in the face with the reality that I'm 25 and can never go back. Not that 24 was a year I'd like to relive. Everyone who's anyone says the 30s are the good times. YES!!! That's hot. I've still got years until I get to the good stuff.

So... in honor of me (how hilarious is that statement?), I will fulfill the tag Liz smacked me with of 10 things I like about myself. She said she wanted to know about me because "she always makes me laugh and has such a youthful and positive energy." What?!?! Who on earth could say no to that tag?!? People! You want my attention, flatter me!! :) La, dear late La, insists I do it, too, but "because she hates tags. And because I am gonna harass her mercilessly until she does it..." Brat I say! So this is for Liz because she asked so nicely!! :P

1) I love food!!! Really. You read that last post about me stepping out on a food limb. And I don't need only crazy fancy food, though I enjoy that, too as long as I'm not paying. I love breakfast... normal breakfast like bacon, eggs, grits, hashbrowns, sausage, wheat toast with butter. I do NOT like Waffle House. So please don't try to make me go. It's gross. I live to eat, not eat to live, so make it good!!

2) I'm the life of the party. I am. When I left Wynel's wedding, a couple of her friends said, "You're leaving?!? But it's not a party without Jameil!" Fab!! At Hampton we have Freshman Ball and Senior Ball, each at the end of the year. You get all dressed up and party, party, party. Freshman ball, I was the first person on the dance floor. And once I lit it up, the party kept going all night long!! I showed up fashionably late to senior ball so I did not start the party, but you know I kept it going!! If there was an invitation to a party, be it house party, club, whatever, back in college, no matter the day of the week, I was there! Far be it from me to lessen your fun by not attending!!! So I went and I loved it.

3) I'm really smart. I started reading at 3, then went to school and learned more and taught my sister to read at 4. My mom wouldn't let me skip kindergarten because I was already the 2nd smallest kid in my class. I think that was a good move. I've always been able to fit in with older people, but there's something to be said about growing up with your peers. A lot of the people I've known who skipped grades were a bit socially stunted. You know I can't have that!!

My family tells me all the time that they always learn stuff from me. What greater compliment is there than for your parents and older relatives and family friends to learn from you every time you're around? That's hot!

4) I love my friends. Like am fiercely protective of them. You hurt them and I may be more mad than if you hurt me. They are my chosen family and I choose well. I pick friends you keep forever because I like to surround myself with people who keep drama to a minimum. I don't like cutting people off, but I'll do it if you make me.

5) I can be kind of ruthless. I call it tactful, but my dad says I'm mean. Sometimes I try not to be and I've really become much nicer about it. The most common question from people who have found me again is, "Are you still not taking any stuff from anyone?" Jam right!! But in a nicer way.

6) Sometimes I just don't care. If you are cutting up and not listening to reason, I can't care more about you and your life than you do. At some point I have to step away and let you figure it out on your own. I will try to help you, but sometimes people don't wanna be saved. (I know I was wrong for that but I couldn't resist, sometimes the southern pours out of my soul).

7) I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!! No, like really love it. Like want EVERYONE AND EVERYBODY to make a big deal out of it. Again, it's who I am.

8) I love to travel. But I like local guides. So bloggers, if I'm coming to your city, prepare yourself. You will be forced to be tour guide. I need someone who knows where they're going and all the hot spots. And of course, THE FOOD!! Tell me the best places to eat... and party! I want to be a field producer at some point in my career so I can travel and learn new things about different people and places.

9) I'm creative. Part of it has to do with my visual-nessocity. It's been a while since I made up a word so I thought today is as good a day as any!! I have good spacial awareness. I crop a picture in my head before I take it so there's less work once I get home. Digital cameras are the love of my life. If I don't like the shot, I'll just take it like 8 more times until I get the one I like and delete all the subpar ones. I can also write in a straight line on unlined paper which freaks people out. I've been doing it since I was like 7... almost 20 years. I can dance and have an okay voice. I've been called dramatic once or twice so I can act, too. But I don't like people in my business so I don't really want to be famous like that.

10) I love love and the idea of love and I won't let anyone kill that for me.

Right now I'm going to eat my breakfast: caramel ice cream! LOVE ME!! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!


DiamondsR4eva said...

Happy Birthday!! I might have to steal this meme also :)

Honey-Libra said...


Enjoy the ice cream breakfast when I get home tonight after class I'll eat some too and toast my bowl invisibly to you :)

I too LOVE my BDAY..I take the day off and in fact I party a whole week LOL

Mr. Jones said...

Happy B-day!!!

Sha Boogie said...


Yes gurl, you done joined the 25 club - the best part, no more extra fee's for car rentals, YAAY!

I am with on #10, I love it and damn anyone who tries to mess that up for me!!

Eat the cake Tina!!..lol( a la, Ike)

Happy a Blessed day, homie :)

Anonymous said...


Bklyn's Finest said...

happy birthday.. LMAO and when u come to da area.. i can hook u up on food.. maybe not the hot spots but I can take you to get good food!!


So...Wise...Sista said...

You are truly insane and i LOVE it. And i LOVE the melody in your words and the fact that ur bday is a time of bliss for you!

I hope the day's wall to wall good food, good drinks, and good times. YEAH!!

Organized Noise said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! And best asure that you definitely have a tour guide in me when you decide to come up to the Big Apple.

PAJNSTL said...

Happy b~day!

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

FELIZ CUMPLEANOS!!! You know I would've called you at midnight but uhhh, was kinda dead to the world at that time *sheepish* HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMEIL!! I'm so glad you're 25! Its AWESOME!

Mau said...

Happy Birthday, Playa.

Live. It. Up.


Southern Girl said...

Go J, Go J!! Happy Birthday girl! EAT LIVE AND LOVE!! Get it, Get it! WHOO!!

JOB said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Jameil...

May you have many more happy and healthy ones.

Miz JJ said...

Happy Birthday!!

I am not a big birthday person myself. However, next year is the big 3-0 so I am going to do it up right!!

1969 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (sorry I'm late, bad day in the office).


The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

Listen to some stevie wonder today. you know which one im talking about.

best to you !!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! Enjoy it.

Liz said...

LOL! See, I was right...you do have a ton of energy...life of the party, LMAO! And who else but you will eat caramel ice cream for breakfast on their birthday? Hope you had a good one!

Chris said...

25 is a helluva drug. Welcome to the darkside, Jet-Setter!

Karamale said...

happy belated, sidetrack bob! how bout i gift you some of my $108,000 student loan debt? yerp, you read dat right.

jameil1922 said...

thanks lovelies!

sha... i actually don't like cake that much...

bk... well that's most important!!

wise... :) thanks!! i'd rather be insane and fun than sane and boring!

noisy... you already know!!

stace... next year you WILL wake up to greet me!!

liz... hahahahaha. why not eat ice cream!? esp. since i'm still partially on a soft diet.

karamale... that is soooo sweet. i'll stick with my own 14k. here's to not adding to it!!

SimplEnigma said...

I know this won't count, but Happy Belated. LOL.

Hope you had a fantabulous day! :)

I wish I loved my birthday as much as you do yours...but it's 5 days before Christmas, so I'm always lumped in or forgotten. *sigh*

jameil1922 said...

hahaha thx anyway SE! i would be TOO THRU if my day was lumped in like that. BOLLOCKS I SAY!!

yet another black guy said...

okay i know left a comment here before dogonnit!