Last night me and the l.s. went to Ch.ili's. I had their chili... for the first time ever and I've been to that restaurant no less than 50xs. AND it was actually good! Not MY chili, but still good. We used to go there after every football game in high school my junior and senior years. Then we went a lot in college and my work crew used to go all the time before one of the riders moved to Florida and another got moved off of the weekend shift. FAKE RIDERS!! Hahahaha.

I also had their molten chocolate cake. If you live under a rock, its a piece of chocolate cake shaped like a volcano with warm chocolate syrup inside topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I'm not a big fan of chocolate, but when I want some, I just do and will go get it. So I did. Yum.

When I got home, I had to brush the teeth. They felt disgusting and the booklet said I can. But why did I start bleeding? And have to put the gauze in? And have my Nichole running for the bags in case I needed to vomit again. I didn't, but that lower left socket does not feel lovely. I had to take some percocet last night and this morning which I HATE and will not be doing again. I NEED TO BE IN CONTROL!! What? That's just how I am. And I'm okay with that when it comes to the drugs. I can't be feeling like my body does not belong to me.

After the l.s. got on the road I started reading one of the crazy books I bought for my laying up period, then passed out. I woke up, checked the mail and THERE WAS NOTHING FOR ME!! WTH?!?! This is not how I roll. I'm supposed to be fielding birthday mail like a shortstop!! TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!! I got so crunk when I heard the UPS truck pull up. Then I saw the size and shape of the box and knew it was for my neighbor. It was. CURSES!!

My co-workers already feted me and gave me a card. One of them also gave me a set of paper and stationary. Another gave me his fun mail (mail companies send producers that has something we can actually use i.e. a book (of course my personal fave). This time it was a cookie cutter). I got a few early b-day messages via myspace-- I love you but unless it's something coming through my mail box, they don't count. What? I know I'm bratty. It's part of my charm.

But guess what just happened? One of my co-workers just called to check on me post-surgery. How nice!! This is why you should talk to quiet people. Did I tell you I love quiet people? Even though he gave me his "I was out for 3 weeks with my wisdom teeth" horror story before I got mine out. I'm still feeling a bit woozy from the percocet so I think I'll take another nap even though me and dad are supposed to be going out to celebrate our birthdays tonight. I can't even drink. Know why? Because even though I don't plan on taking anymore percocet, I'm just not in the mood!! What?? Boooooooooo. (Lest I get cursed out, Mi Ashli and Mi Stace both called to check on me post surgery and I love them for it, too!!!)

I did have some chicken corn chowder about 20 minutes ago and it was BANGIN!! Who knew Al.di's made good soup? Not me. But I found out once I ate the whole can. What? All I had to eat today other than that is apple sauce which kind of makes me feel ill since the vomit incident. My stomach is extra flat again since I can't eat a whole lot. I'm so tempted to take pics of my abs and post it on the internet but I think I've enticed the stalkers enough in the last couple of weeks with pictures of me. Lololol. Guess what? This time next week I will be in FLORIDA WITH MYSTACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch out world!!! The bikini will DEFINITELY be making an appearance this week if I have to walk the entire mile to the beach from her house!! *raucous laughter*


Anonymous said...

hooray for the A-store. They are coming to Texas soon, Im looking forward to it.

Have I mentioned how proud I am of you lately? I aint gonna say why...just know that I see you over there and it makes me happy.

Feel better, ma.

yet another black guy said...

damn, that's one bad wisdom tooth extraction. keep your dentist away from me!