I'm taking a page out of my Brooklyn blogger homie's book and posting some of the things you all need to know about your on the job conduct. Lately it has not been a good look. Some of it is not your fault because you didn't know. Some of it is common sense your mother should've taught you before you left the house for kindergarten. That is not the point. There is no time to learn like the present.

1) Resume: please do not include your 5 months as a waitress on your application for a job which requires a college degree. First, those are not skills that apply for the job you desire. Second, it does not show your longevity in any way. It's 5 months. Charge that one to the game.

a) PUH-LEASE have someone look over your resume. Spelling and grammar errors are ridiculous. Especially in this day of spell check and grammar check. See that ABC with the check mark underneath? USE IT!!

2) Interview attire: please, please do not show up in your pastel pink suit. Yes, I have actually seen this. Black, dark gray, navy. That's it. No big earrings. No tongue rings or extraneous piercings. No gaudy jewelery or ties. No open-toed shoes. YOU LOOK CRAZY!! This is an interview, not a club. Dress like you are in a professional environment. I don't care what job you're applying for. Show the interviewer you take yourself seriously and therefore have the potential to view your job in the same vein.

3) Leaving: Hey, we all leave for a myriad of reasons. But when you leave, do it on a good note. Do NOT start going down the lists of wrongs or accusing your employer of sucking the life out of you or criticizing your co-workers. Stuff like that follows you. Don't burn bridges. You never know when you may need that person you didn't really know, but who was negatively impacted by your actions.

That's my good word for the day folks.


Sha Boogie said...

I am mad at that!! But, your right. When we were hiring last year, the amount of grammatical errors and just uncouth behavior was phenomenal!! I re-read things I sent out over again a few times - even personal emails!!

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

yo, i think the interview attire is the biggest transgression committed. i would say 'you'd be surprised what people come in wearing' but then again, you won't. these women be wearing their xoxo suits with the crazy slit up the side and one button on the jacket with just a bra on. no. ma'am.

dreamyj said...

all of that is just oh so true...

Organized Noise said...

We should compile these posts and make a brochure or something.

shani-o said...

Ok... is it bad that I'm totally for the pastel pink suit? With understated (green?) jewelry and simple bun?

No? Fine.

jameil1922 said...

sha... i know girl. and i get unhappy when i see emails riddled with errors. no one's perfect but when i have to decipher your stuff... there's a problem.

stace... RIDICULOUS!! tell me you're joking about the jacket and bra!! FOOLISHNESS!!

dreamy... :)

o.n... hahahaha right? hand them out. this is why you didn't get the job.

shani... yes!!! crazy girl. we know your an aka.