Talky Talky So Why Not?

I'm posting again... and I may post one more time before the day is out. I'm feeling a bit loopy after my visit to the dentist this afternoon. I was numbed and scraped where my gum is swollen around my wisdom tooth. I still can't feel the left half of my face or the left side of my tongue. He stuck a needle in my face TWICE and that mess hurt even after the numbing. I've never had tooth issues. No cavaties, nothing so it was such a strange experience. The dentist prescribed Vicodin for the pain (whoo!) and an antibiotic for the swelling/minimize risk of infection.

Tomorrow I go to the oral surgeon. Yikes. It's only a consult but still. I'm sure they'll be poking at my face again. The problem with these meds is that you have to eat with them... well that hurts. I haven't eaten all day other than a little ice cream so once I started eating the chicken spinach pizza me and D (dad for the new readers) had for dinner, I didn't want to stop. But it was such a tedious process I didn't feel like continuing. Oh the decisions of life. I stopped at one piece unfortunately. Wow. This stuff is starting to kick in. I see why they tell you not to drive. So much for the workout. I haven't been to the gym in more than a week. HOWEVER. I did get some good dancing in while in VA. And I used W's fiancee's barbell. AND I got on the scale this a.m. and was down to 131. WOW!

I have cropped, red eye reduced, resized and color corrected almost every single picture (out of 233) from my trip. I did that for 2 hours last night. It was tiring but worth it. I want to be able to get some pics in the mail within the next couple of days so they'll get them a few days after they return from their honeymoon in the Bahamas. I think they come back on Tuesday.

In honor of X, I am doing my own version of tales from the pharmacy since I thought of her the entire time I was there waiting for my script.
*This woman was on the phone w/some woman calling about her sick son. She said no less than 4xs, "I would just take him to the E.R." then the lady would continue with what the tech described as "her life story." I would've said a la X, "FOR THE 8TH TIME, take him to the ER!!! Now BEAT IT!!!!"
* Two people wanted to drop off prescriptions at the pick-up window.
* Generic IS THE SAME THING!! Hahahaha. X... I kind of knew this but had never asked but thanks for refreshing that fact for us!! Don't be mad! We love you!!
* A man brings in a prescription from 3/27 and asks if he can get it filled. "Sir, this is probably why your face is all inflamed and you're walking like there is something stuck in an uncomfortable place. No we still cannot fill it immediately. Yes there will be a wait." Fool. Who does this!??! You didn't need that medicine until today?

Still can't feel half of my face. And I feel like I'm on drugs. Oh... that's cause I am. Let's hear some "one time when my face/arm/whatever was numb..." stories. Make it good.

Since I was so bitter this morning, I also decided to do Thankful Thursdays a la X's Grateful Wednesdays (why are you on my mind so heavy today? What's going on with you?) and Honey's something or other.
* I have good insurance which allowed me to not have to think twice about making dentist appointments and get two scripts filled for a total of $7.
* Getting two free meal cards from Chickfila just for letting them know I wasn't pleased with my service.
* The two-day week I just got to partake of since I took off Saturday-Monday for the wedding.
* Seeing the love my friend and her husband have for each other.
* Having a great time fellowshipping with Black women, most of whom I'd never even met prior to this weekend but hope to see again.
* Being able to afford my ticket to see Staceface in Florida AND finding one for just $153.59!! Can I get an amen for reasonable tix to Florida?!?!
* The pastor at Mt. Ararat in Pittsburgh doing a revival in Charlotte and giving my mom a boost AND for her telling me I need to be in his church. So I'm giving it another shot this week since he wasn't there the last time I went. (I have a knack for picking the churches the weeks the preachers aren't there).
* Not being afraid of the dark since it's been storming like crazy here for the last few days.
* Liking storms (see above). Rain looks so gorgeous to me when I can be in my house with the window open watching and listening to it and not having to experience the ill effects of it.
* Bloggers. Even though your lives went on w/o me!! WTH?!?! People posting who haven't in 2 months, some of them 2xs while I was gone. I love you even though (and maybe because) you kept moving on!! At least it gave me something to read when I got back. :)
* My mommy coming for my 25th birthday in just 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!


Stacie von Kutieboots said...

tooooooooo excited! do i need to take off thursday too??????

Vdizzle said...

Yaay for churches!! I got invited to one this weekend.

And I'm sorry aobut all the bad service.

PAJNSTL said...

hope you feel better soon! I've had some unpleasant run-in's with dentist!

Liz said...

Ugh,I feel for you. I go back to the dentist next Tuesday. I'm scared because last time I went, I had six cavities and that mess was mega painful.

jameil1922 said...

stace... do it do it!! you know we'll have a blast whatever!

v... my momma is extra crunk over this pastor so i'm like WOW!! if he has her like that, i GOTTA go. the bad service... sigh. they're gonna make me stay home and use some of these cookbooks.

paj... thanks! i've never had an unpleasant experience and even today's less than fun time was made better by the really nice hygnenist.

liz... yikes!! that is scary!! my father enjoyed telling me his horrific wisdom teeth story. THANKS DAD!! not.

X Factor said...

If only I could go to Miami. Fucking CVS.

Honey why are you so sensitive to pain meds? Vicodin is like CANDY! Frieking little ass petite bitches **mutteringschizophrenic-ly**

Yeah, why DO you have me on the brain? Could it be because of the wonderful evening you spent in Norfolk with my good friend Dr. Feelgood? **tee hee hee**

And who do you think you are stealing my shine? Those pharmacy follies were PRICELESS!!!!

1969 said...

I am so glad you found (hopefully) a church but so sorry to hear about your dental woes.

I have to get both wisdom teeth removed in a few...UGH.

Honey-Libra said...

WOW you sound like me and my pics when it comes time to take them off my camera I get all carried away.

YAHHH for church and mom coming something about those two things makes life so much easier to deal with

Sometimes when I hear crazy stuff I wish I could say something

jameil1922 said...

x... tell cvs you're out and come down!! if meds say "may make you drowsy" i'm out like a light. benadryl makes me feel like trash for days. yeah....

wth did dr. feelgood tell you to have you convulsing into giggles like this???? i'm so perplexed!!

glad you enjoyed the follies! :)

69... its actually the church you recommended. i only have 3 but they're all coming out august 20th. that's right... 3 days before the bday. long as i'm able to eat that day, i'm GOOD!

honey... i just wanted to capture everything. better to have too much than too little. church and mommy holla! one day i'm gonna start responding to psychos. i seriously cannot be convinced otherwise: God makes these things happen to bloggers so we have something to talk about.

Sha Boogie said...

I can't wait until I'm so far away my mom has to 'visit' me!..lol..

Ugh..I do not envy you with the dentist. Gurl, I had a root canal just to have them go back in a month later to take the m'fuggin tooth OUT!! Thank God for insurance, ok?

Karamale said...

233 shots...we want a slide show! (guilty of two-month post gaps).

Chris said...

I've been to the dentist once in my almost 26 years of life and it scares me quite frankly that once I get out on my own, I'm gonna have to go and then I'm gonna be fighting not to lose control of my bowels in that chair. Needles in the grill freak me out. It's almost like using a urinal after R. Kelly.

Victoria Page said...

I am not a fan of the dentist either. You always leave with sore gums and a numb lip. Not a good time. But Hooray for Florida!!!!! I love hot weather. Can't wait for your post

Oh yeah, I finally updated my story. You know First Lady's are in chu'ch for days on end...lol

the joy said...

ugh i have a dentist appt this week too. please take dad with you. youll want to be home but you wont be able to drive. have fun in mia!

jameil1922 said...

sha... careful what you wish for. its nice sometimes but sometimes i really miss her. teeth pain is for the birds!!

kara... glad you're back. leave again and there'll be trouble!! i'm checking w/the bride to see how much i can post.

chris... what?!?! i need you to go to the dentist, tho if you want to keep those teeth and don't like falsies.

vic.. i've never had dental issues so i'm not feeling joining this club. i don't like hot weather but it is summer and i haven't gotten any plus i've never been to MIA.

joy... i'm getting iv put to sleep so yeah... someone will have to be there.