I Got 5 On It

5 Things You Don't Know About Me

1) I love organization. Purging? I'm all about it! Love it! As long as its someone else's stuff. I'll clean out your closet for you. That's why I love "Clean House" w/my girl Niecy Nash and I used to love the one on TLC "Clean Sweep" but they got rid of the black organizer so I had to push it to the left.

2) I think in song lyrics/titles and movie lines. I would think in more movie lines but I haven't really seen that many movies. Songs? My sister and I sing all day. My godsister went with us to our family reunion in Mississippi one year and was like, "Y'all sing EEEEVVVVERYTHING!!" Yes, we know. Hahahahahahaha. That's the best thing about having a sibling close to your age (she's only 19 months younger). Everything is a giant inside joke.

3) I never had a frozen dinner until I was a sophomore in college. My mom didn't believe in them. She cooked or would bring us Chinese food, but for the most part she cooked. When my parents were married, my dad cooked, too. So no frozen dinners for us. Not even a lot of fast food. That may be why I'm so obsessed with fast food now.

4) I was on the Burger King diet my senior year in high school. Not intentionally. I would save the lunch money my mom would give us to buy a whopper a day. There may be a heroin-like quality to whoppers because I LOVED those flame-broiled burgers. I eat mine with cheese, mustard, ketchup, mayo, lettuce and now tomato. Back then no tomato, no onion. I only eat lettuce from BK and McD's b/c its chopped and almost never wilted and nasty unlike Wendy's which can't seem to find a single unwilted leaf of lettuce in its entire company. My mother used to make me get "vegetables" on my burgers but I hate tomato and onion so I would just give them and the lettuce to her when she did allow us to eat fast food.

5) I wouldn't mind being a stay at home mom. I know this sounds crazy as liberal, I am woman hear me roar as I seem. I'm actually not. And you know I think liberal is a bad word. (BTW I joined Barack Obama and John Edwards' political groups today. Just because you get the chance to meet them if they come to your city. HOW COOL IS THAT?! I'm such a politics groupie. Barack is just cool. Edwards is adorable.) I would love to be able to hang out all day (while the kids are at school) and work when I want to. Trust. I know stay-at-home moms have a lot of work on their hands. Notice I said when the kids are at school. I say I want 3 kids but sometimes I'm not sure. I mean WOW! I just want to go straight to being a grandmother so I can give them back, but alas, there are steps that must be taken i.e. pregnancy, labor, birth. Pesky rules.

In going back for links to earlier posts, I realized I'd done this before. This is why I don't do tags. Who even remembers them? No one. Not even the author. I will not be tagging anyone else. This is my tag version of mindspacing. Do not ask me to do a tag again. I will become very violent and throw sharp objects in the direction of your city.


Dreamlover said...

I would love to be a stay at home mum as well and I always feel bad when I say that because I feel like I am letting women down!!!

But you are closer than me in that aspect,haha.

CNEL said...

Can you come and clean my dorm room? I just have papers everywhere, and instead of trashing them I try to stop and read them. Hence, why cleaning never gets done!

I think in quotes, sayings. I just like to feel witty is all. I make my ownself laugh, that's so sad, but people are like you literally laugh at yourself. Then I say yeah I do.

I'm not a big fan of frozen dinners. But freshman year of college I nearly lived off of frozen mac and cheese, and this frozen lasagna I got from the grocery store.

I am not a big fast food fan. But I love a good burger, but even more I love good fries. I went to Panera today, cause I had a craving. Now Panera I might could do every day. I'm a carb-aholic, but that can't be good.

Interesting, J as a stay at home mom. I'm trying to picture it, in my mind, still trying. Did you catch that debate about that on Oprah when they debated it after Elizabeth Vargas's interview about the sacrifice required to be a successful mother and professional. I caught some and it was interesting. http://www.oprah.com/tows/slide/200701/20070123/slide_20070123_284_101.jhtml

When I wanted to father kids a while ago, I fantasized about paternity leave. I just thought that'd be cool for some reason. I also figured that I could be a stay at home dad, if the mother of my children were uber successful. But now I dont' see kids in my future, but I still think paternity leave is cool beans. I remember reading that a news anchor in Cincy I think it was took paternity leave, I thought cool beans.

TrinaBeingTrina said...

I am also woman hear me roar BUT Lawd knows if the right man making the right amount of money and he was acting right and he was ok with me being a stay at home wife. I say stay at home wife because my child is already a teenager and I'm not having any more kids. But I would love to stay at home and let my husband take care of me.

Toni "Turtle Dove" Phoenix said...

I feel the stay at home mom thing to a certain extent. I'd love to have the time to take care of my kids so some daycare doesn't however, I'm a woman of action. I like to work on things. So a happy medium would be ideal.

shani-o said...

John Edwards IS adorable! Finally, someone who understands!

So...Wise...Sista said...

Ever been around little kids for more then say, 3 hours at a time? On consecutive days? Well, when they're yours, them muhfcukas dont leave. They stay with you 24 hours of every day/ And when they go to school, you gotta cook for them crumbsnatchers and clean up after them. And they come home all rowdy and dirty smelling like their narty lil classmates.

I thought being a stay at homer would be cool til spending considerable amounts of time with my neices and nephews..and I actually really like them. lol

Now whats it called when you dont work but dont stay home with no kids. i wanna be THAT. :)

Leela said...

lol@ #1, it's easy to throw away other people's stuff!

i don't think that i could be a stay-at-home mom, i would become too restless and obsessively take up projects to feel productive

Anonymous said...

hmmm i think in movie titles.....

like "I think you stepping over your boundaries just a lil bit"......

Five Heartbeats

Jameil said...

dream... letting women down? that's bs.

cnel... there is a price for everything but the first thing i would do is throw out them papers from 6 mos ago you will never read.

please stop eating all that frozen food!! good gracious! burgers and fries!! mmmmmmm!! man! two of my fave foods!!

trina... THAT'S what i meant! a stay at home wife! hahahahaahaha. i don't have grown kids (or any) but i would like to skip to that part.

toni... hmmm... i don't know how i'd reconcile that. i want to travel so how about i just do that. i think what i meant to say is i just don't want to have to work but still have plenty of money to do what i want.

shani!! yess!!! please believe i searched your site for that post where you mentioned how much you liked him and i couldn't find the one i wanted1 hahahahahahahaha

wise... omg! that is so why i want to go straight past motherhood to grandmotherhood. see answers to toni and trina.

leela... throwing OPP away is great!! hahahaha.

HAHAHAHA!! kyle loves that movie.... he chastises me for never having seen it. lol. maybe i'll tell him to bring it v-day and we'll watch it on my dad's bangin system.

Anonymous said...

I need some cleaning done!! And I am closer than Cnel! I got newspaper and books all over the place. I need some help organizing!

theurbanista said...

okay i would love to be a stay at home mom while my kids are in elementary school. i think thats an important point in kids lives. i don't think its letting women down i think its putting your family first. you have a lifetime to work.

T Dot said...

LMAO @ throwing objects in your general direction! What if you miss and hit someone important? Do you really want that responsibility of your head? I think not.

I would ask you to clean my life, but I don't think I'd allow it. I'd watch you as you threw stuff away and then fight for everything I wanted to keep (which would be everything). I get it from my mom. Trust, it would be a headache for both of us.

Up with siblings and private jokes. I have a sister who is 27 (4 years older than me) and she and I have mad private jokes. Mostly, it's a voice we do and a laugh that is absolutely contagious. We're funny characters. We should have our own sitcom. I bet you'd watch.

Ms.Honey said...

LOL @ going straight to being a grandmother if only it were that easy LOL

Jameil said...

epsi and the rest.... i neglected to mention my services are not free!! y'all trippin. lmao! and epsi honey you know you gotta wait until like may or something. i don't do feet of snow.

sweet et al... also i don't care about affronting women. i gotta do what's right for me.

t... don't care. throwin somethin if folk try me. step to the side.

honey... come on man!!!