I'm Mellllllllllting!! Meellllllllltiiiiingggg!!

Man that was the coolest part of the Wizard of Oz. That and the fact that she got to wear those hot ruby slippers. I also wanted to be Glenda the Good Witch when I grew up.

"Ding dong the witch is dead! Mean old witch! The wicked old witch! Ding dong the wicked witch is deaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!"


Why am I so overjoyed? Because on Saturday as I was producing my show, I happened to pay attention during weather. Know what happened? Wednesday was on the 5-day forecast. Guess what it said? 41. Guess what? It was 41 when I got to work at 1 am. Know how that felt? Like a summer breeze.

If you live in the south right now, close your ears (I used to crack up when my mom used to tell us that. I was like, "Mom. You can't close your ears." Then she'd say, "Well turn them off." HUH-larious). I don't want to hear any of you talk about how cold it has been there and it's warming up. I also do not want you saying 41 is not warm. (Yes, Cnel, I am once again telling people how to talk. My mom hates when I do this. Kyle is not a fan of it either. Five words. Naa, naa, na, boo, boo. MY blog. I am crackin myself up today!!!).

It's amazing how your body reconstitutes it self and adjusts to just about anything. After literally weeks of sub-zero and single digit wind chills, 40 feels downright balmy. I now understand why people in Pittsburgh start stripping when it hits 45. Your body is so used to highs in the 20s that when the lows are in the 20s or higher, you lose your mind. I would die if I were to move back home right now. Texas? WOW! I would need to move in October to try to slide in. Pittsburgh is also notoriously dark and gloomy. Often cloudy which as you know makes you SAD.

Ice is melting all over creation. It is getting rid of all the messy nastiness when it melts as water, but when big chunks of ice fall... multiple people at work have had thousands, yes THOUSANDS of dollars of damage from ice falling on their cars, including through their windshields. Nobody hurt but yeah... that is not cute. Imagine that falling on your head! Yikes!

IT'S MARDI GRAS!!!!! LAISSEZ LES BON TEMPS ROULEZ!!! (Let the good times roll!) Man I wish I was in the NO right now. I would be gettin it. Giant hurricane in hand. Strolling to the daiquiri bar. Sigh. I love drinking holidays. This one, cinco de mayo and St. Patrick's Day. So jolly.

Anyone else notice that BET plays the MOST hood songs ever on 106 & Park and Rap City? Crime Mob's "Rock Yo Hips," Huey's "Pop Lock and Drop It." Rap City I'm used to but WOW! I don't even need to go home. I can stay up to date on the music of my homeland by watching BET. I've been forcing myself to watch even though the music is getting closer and closer to nails on a chalkboard to me. Sigh. So sad! And is it just me or are all the girls in these videos girls from their neighborhoods. "Keisha! Ay! Whatchu doin later taday? Yo, I'm makin a video. You wanna be in it?"

I have to get used to it again, though because that's all they play in the clubs at home and when I'm at home, I AM GOING OUT EVERY NIGHT IF I CAN HELP IT!!! Can't wait. March 21st homies. I'M GOING HOME!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEE!! I'm gonna have a blast even if all I do is hang with my crew(s).


Ms.Honey said...

Man when roomie said it was gonne be 50 here today I almost liked to died LOL..I was like yes LOL...hurry up and melt the snow

Madam DLBG said...

Mayne.....I darn near went for a jog outside because it got 51!! LOL..glad it's easing up there also because I'll be in Buffalo this weekend.

I can't watch BET anymore, my tolerance for ignorance is getting lower and lower..i know the songs but I refuse to listen to them unless I'm out partying. Other than that the crappy songs hav eno place in my life.

CNEL said...

J, there you go telling people how to talk again.

The weather is flakey here too. Am I crazy for thinking of visiting Eps u in Erie either the beginning of March or beginning of April?

One of the roomies found out it was Fat Tuesday he said to another roomie "We got to go to the liquor store." You named college students fav holidays.

I'm boycottin BET only thing that temps me are reruns of "Girlfriends", "Soul Food" or "The Wire".

La said...

Lmao! Tellin' people how to talk. Just rude!!! Haha

Why is Rock Yo Hips my jam though, Jam?

JOB said...

When I was a kid, watching the Wizard of Oz was a yearly event... of course I am old, this was before DVD's and VCR's. But what a time my cousin and I had tuning in every year... a great memory.

The song "March of the Winkies" (the tune the soldiers sing while marching) was used in the Prince song "It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night" off the BEST Prince album BAR NONE (Sign O' the Times... the Song ADORE is still my favorite all time Prince song - and one of my top 5 favorite songs.)

Leela said...

i LOVE drinking holidays!!! although i think that i offended a mexican friend last year when i referred to cinco de mayo as a drinking holiday.

BET, i definitely don't miss that foolishness.

Chris said...

"Rock yo hips" is the shit...I think Diamond sayin "come and get this, honeybun" appeals to me. Yeah, we up north folk get giddy when it gets close to 50 in February. True story, I was bundled up on my way to my fitness and wellness class. By the time we finished working out, I had a nothing but a t-shirt on walking back to my apartment. Viva la cinquenta!

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

ins't *every* holiday a drinking holiday?

Jameil said...

honey.. hahaha. you do not count tho b/c you are in nova. sorry!!

madam... lmao @the jog. you too are in nova and thusly not counting!!! its so vogue to hate bet.

cnel... c'est la vie mon cher! AGAIN!! bmore does not count!! close enuf to nova. i have no idea. i wouldn't go to erie any time but late april to sept. if ever. liquor stores are king in college. the good ol days. see comment to madam for bet response.

la... um... b/c you're a hoodrat from the a and live in htown? yes, i believe that's why. LMAO!!!

job... i'm not really familiar with prince's music. he was too odd for me as a child and now i'm trying to get acclimated as an adult w/o spending the money in case i don't like it. you have been gone for years.

leela!! don't offend the mexicans on their day!! lmao!! let her know i absolutely think the 4th is a drinking holiday, too. help? yes? :D

chris... finally someone who may speak abt the weather!! :D

ace... I LOVE YOU!!! LMAO!!

Dreamlover said...

When I was in school we sang the following about a teacher and she heard us:

"Ding dong the witch is dead, that old bitch, the wicked old witch she is dead."

It was an OOPS moment!

the joy said...

Yes I will tell you how it was 19 degrees last week! And I don't have a car. I have to walk 3 miles uphill both ways! Lol.

I hate those songs. But I'll dance to em in the clubs.

Jarrod said...

Real talk I do a little soft shoe everytime I hear Rock Yo Hips. Glad you finally get to make it home so we can stop hearing you whine about it...lol.

shani-o said...

YES! 44 degrees here in Central Jersey, and I actually rolled down my car window - it felt so GOOD!

Adei von K said...

jameil, i don't want you to have 20,000 labels for each post!!!!

also, your self-amusing amused me too! LOLOLOL

La said...

Lmao! Heffa!!! I'm no hoodrat.

I prefer the term "hood ambassador"

Leela said...

LOL, i totally tried that!!! but since cinco de mayo and mexican independence day are 2 different things, i think that it only made it worse.

4EverJennayNay said...

Your "home land"???

LMAO! That was funny!

I'm not braggin, but it was definately about 70 yesterday. I was more than excited to ride with the roof open! The sun was so warm...

I started celebrating Fat Tuesday on Saturday night and was busy recovering all day Sunday.THe recovery efforts weren't worth recapturing my college exuberience (sp?)

Sherlon Christie said...

I need to visit Charlotte again.