Monday Randomness

went last week 3xs for the first time in about 2 weeks. I'd skipped my Thursday dance class the last two weeks (first week went to dinner w/D, last week we went to the Penguins game. It was my first hockey game and it wasn't that bad. Much better in person. On tv you can't see the puck. At least I can't.) I'd gone 2xs a week. Booooo. Didn't go today because I've been itching to blog and my father wore me plum out yesterday. I ran some errands after work, then when I got home he wanted to go to breakfast. You know how I feel about food (y'all are not visiting the record dish anymore. stop slackin on your pimpin)... and breakfast... So I did, then came home, read for a few minutes and passed out.

I CAN'T KEEP LIVING LIKE THIS!!! I am on the worst non-sleep schedule known to man. You know I have a crazy schedule. I work overnights which means I get off at 10am every day. I had my schedule down at one point. Going to CT would throw me off for a while, then I'd get back on it. I don't know what's wrong with me. I go to sleep for 5 hours, then wake up and can't get back to sleep so I wake up and read but I'll have been up for too long when I go to work if I stay up so I try to get sleepy and don't until I have an hour to nap but then I fall asleep for 30 minutes and wake up ridiculously sleepy. STOP IT!!!

I saw the tail end of the Presidential announcement coverage and was terribly excited. I was on the elliptical (showing off, moving like a madwoman) cheesin up a storm (also like a madwoman). I tried to make myself stop but I just felt so proud! I told a girl at work I was so excited I wanted to donate. She said, "He doesn't need your money." Alright. This will be rude.

You are white. You can afford to be politically inactive. I cannot. Since its Black History Month, let me take a moment to educate you. Historically, people of African descent, those who were slaves and whose ancestors were slaves were not allowed to vote. Many people fought, cried and died so I would have the right to voice my opinion, donate to the candidate of my choice, campaign on his or her behalf, then on election day, show up and vote. Medgar Evers was shot in the front yard of his Jackson, MS home, just a few miles from my grandmother's home while his wife and children were inside. His crime? Registering Black people to vote.

I really believe none of us can afford not to vote. Choose the lesser of two evils. Make your voice heard. Otherwise, don't sit around and complain about the lack of services, rising taxes, no national health care plan, the rising cost of insurance, poor roads, etc. etc. because you did not help elect the people who make those decisions. That being said, Black people have an even greater need to vote because for so long we were denied that right. *steps down from soapbox, but likely just temporarily*

The point is, I like Obama even if he doesn't win. I think a Hilary/Obama duo would be a sure loss for him because Hilary is so polarizing. People don't like or dislike her. They love or hate her. That's it. Well, except me. I really don't care. But to win this election, the Democratic candidate will need to have crossover appeal. Republicans hate Hilary with an unbridled passion. During the Obama coverage, several Fox News analyst did everything but call her the anti-Christ. There was a lone Dem (as usual) on there to say, "No she's not," then they carried on with the tv exorcism of her soul.

Sometimes I'm a man:
I really hate picking out cards for Kyle. I love getting them. The really mushy, mashed potato ones. And they make me get all choked up which is very unusual for me. I hate picking out cards for him because I feel so pressured. Like I have to get this fabulous card and none of them have the right words. I looked for 10 minutes, but it felt like my whole life. I finally just picked one up and bought it. I also cannot express how much I love this man. I can't do it. Joy and La have done these great posts that would print out to be 4 page letters and I can barely fill a card. His love overwhelms me. I just can't describe how he makes me feel. English is inadequate.

Valentine's Day:
Lawd have mercy I don't care!! Folk are always ready to slit their wrists over a damn day! I care a lot more about my birthday. Maybe I'll do the history of my Valentine's day tomorrow or something. Right now I just want to tell everyone to quit trippin over it! Know what I want this year? NOTHING!! I just want to see my man! And that has nothing to do with the day. We live 500 miles apart. If I could see him every single day I would. I'm lyin. But if I could see him more than once a month (baby steps, lol) I would be overjoyed. He'll be here Wednesday and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

But Snow:
is trying to steal my joy!! It's supposed to snow 4-8" over the next day, the most at one time in the last 2 years (meaning since before I moved here). It was looking like the snow could impact his trip, but now, it likely will not.

I can't hold this in anymore. I'm convinced some people love to be unhappy. I cannot make you happy. I can't tell you how to be happy. That's something you have to find within yourself. I try to be sympathetic. I really do. But when people won't listen to reason, I get frustrated. I work in news. I see death all day. I could tell you some really horrific stories I've helped cover.

A pregnant woman is kidnapped by her neighbor and beaten for several days. Then the neighbor carries her to the woods where she tries to cut her unborn child from her stomach. The woman and her child manage to survive because a teenager just happens to see them in the woods and calls the police.

A 23-month-old girl won't go to bed. Her father reportedly beat her, then carried her 400 yards away to an abandoned playground where he leaves her. The temperatures are in the single digits. The wind chill is below zero. Her footprints in the snow show she got up and toddled around before dying of hypothermia.

A father is taking his triplets to the hospital because one of them gets treatments for a potentially debilitating disease. The truck driver in front of him hadn't properly attached his trailer and reportedly told police he had been drinking and was on oxycotin. The trailer came loose, slamming into the family's van, killing the father and two of the triplets.

Teenagers die all the time in accidents which aren't necessarily their fault. Recently a man reportedly told police he was smoking crack and marijuana all day before he got behind the wheel of a van. He plowed into three parked cars, two pedestrians and an apartment building before coming to a stop. A 17-year-old girl died. The man she was walking with had to have a leg amputated.

I could go on and on and on. Forgive me if I'm less than understanding when all you want to do is tell me how much your life sucks. Every once in a while, just for kicks, celebrate the fact that you still have one.


Dreamlover said...

yeah for you and the gym, 3 times is not too shabby at all.

And those stories definetly do put life into perspective!!

AND GIRL, HELLO, I mean I can understand that white people don't know or care about why it is important for black folk to vote but when black folk don't even know...man it gets me really riled up!!

Paula D. said...

I'm the same way about valentine's day....I don't care!!!! I don't have a man either.......that has a lot to do with it.

Don't Oppress Me said...

Damn, when I first started reading this, I had a point I wanted to make. Now I fogot what it was.

[Thinking very hard...] Oh, I remember now: White people be trippin'.

Anonymous said...

I am definitely cheering for Obama. I did my research. He tries to reach across the aisle and i appreciate that. Plus he has tried to do stuff for college kids.

Madam DLBG said...

WOW...that's a lot. Glad you got it all out!

CONGRATS on the "gym rat" status. now we gotta continue to elevate you!!

Would it be wrong to say I'm a bit skeptical of Obabma?"
**ducks quickly so the flying shoe
misses her"

I'm depressed...I take offense to hating on us, even if our depressions are frivolous :-)

Madam DLBG said...

PS...screw cupid's punk azz...I'm a Sweetest Day fan anyway

**snatches Cupid by the diaper and gives him the ultimate wedgie**

Anonymous said...

I am definitely cheering for Obama. I did my research. He tries to reach across the aisle and i appreciate that. Plus he has tried to do stuff for college kids.

Veronica Marché said...

I *heart* Jameil.

That is all.


CNEL said...

Mmm you and the gym.

The roommate said he was antsy today, and was going to go for a five mile run. I said when I get antsy I read or clean, I ain't running nobody's five miles.

"His love overwhelms me. I just can't describe how he makes me feel. English is inadequate."

Shit, just say that it sounded good in my head.

I think for V-Day, I just want the candy I'm going to end up buying myself.

Damn your news reports put a lot of things into perspective.

shani-o said...

Dude, I was feeling bad because I lost my driver's license! Thanks for putting things in perspective. Also, I had this weird dream about Obama, in which he came to visit Howard, and was really funny, but in a rude way and wouldn't put out his cigarette. And I was the only person laughing.

I don't know if that means I support him or not.

Southern Girl said...

All about Obama right now, not just a bandwagon thing either. I have been following him for a while now...have you read his book? Amazing.....

Those stories, which have been scattered around the news here in Dallas, puts things in prespective for a lot of people. I ALWAYS take my worst day and compare it to others who have lost someone, doesn't have food, water, shelter, mental instabilities, and when I do that, I thank god for watching over me, and know that what I am going to isn't that bad.......

and P.S.~Valentine's Day will be spent with my girls this year, in lueu of a man...Pappadeux's here we come!!!

Leela said...

have fun with kyle on v day! when i have difficulty deciding on a card, i end up giving more than one.

and yeah, those news stories were super depressing.

the joy said...

Mashed potato is sweeping the nation, lmao. Its easy for me to put these feelings into words cuz I say the same thing to him a billion different ways. Just write I love you. You mean it.

I second an anti valentine post.

Jameil said...

dream... and i've gone not once this week and its thursday. but i don't exactly like the idea of slipping and sliding in the snow so ehhh.

oppressed.. you are hilarious!

epsi... i would still like to see him flesh out his ideas and policies more. i feel like i don't know anything about him other than he opposes the war in iraq.

madam... see response to epsi... you have a generally happy disposition. you do not count as a depressive. wth does sweetest day mean?

duck... :D i heart you too!

cnel... 5 miles? oh hell no. i do workout when i get pissed tho and it makes me feel better.

shani... lmao @your dream! so hilarious. his cigarettes are so nasty but i'm impressed that he's stopping even if its just for his campaign.

southern.. i read part of the 2nd one. i wanna read the first. i miss me and my college homies' vday plans. they were so fun.

leela!! damn you and stace. you both said that AFTER i leave target but i guess i have plenty of time to buy more now huh? yay! i can't wait. i'm gonna buy like 15 cards. too much?

joy... hhahaahaha. one of my fave phrases now. i figured out something to say. i love you seems insufficient for what i feel.