This post brought to you by the letter N

Sounds like an episode of Sesame Street! :) So Aisha T gave me the task of coming up w/ten things starting w/the letter "n." after i saw this post, i decided i can't wait! :)

1... news... ok this one was pretty obvious. i work in news. i love news. i want to revolutionize the news. i want to make docs which is just extended news on one subject. i love research and to learn which can make just about anything infinitely better. too bad knowledge doesn't start w/n. also i produced my first show today. very excited. next sunday i get to produce solo. today i just had someone there as my trainer. but i had control of the reigns. it was cool.

2... n is a black fiction book. it was nearly impossible to find it on amazon.com so you'll just have to take my word for it that it's pretty good.

3... nigga. you already know my thoughts on this word. conflicted but leaning closer to annoyed.

4... necrophilia. pretty nasty. sex w/dead people. gnarls barkley's cd has a song called "necromancer"... about necrophilia. the beat is kind of hot. i'm sure its supposed to be some sort of metaphor for something but i'm never very good at looking beyond the literal. that's why i couldn't be an english major. it was always like, can't i just like this? do i have to overanalyze it? so yeah... i don't know what your boy's talkin about but its making me quite wary.

5... n style. i hate when things are misspelled intentionally. one of my pet peeves: donuts. hate that faux word. that's why children can't spell today. nite. that and spell check. lol. but "in style" is one of my fave magazines.

6... natural/nappy. now this word is kind of strange to me as its always been used as a negative. but its not negative to me anymore. yeah i have nappy hair. so what? nappy is relative. hyper curled is another word. people always marvel my natural hair is soft... umm... does that mean "non-brillo pad-like?" one of the crew started a new blog about her natural hair journey that makes me want to talk about mine.

7... niagara falls... never been but its w/in 5 hrs of pittsburgh so i'm mentally planning a trip. i heard its gorgeous if a tad overpriced. never been to canada. "blame canada!"

8...new orleans... on my mind all the time. its like i'm obsessed. maybe its because i have family there who may never return or maybe its b/c my fave roomie is from there and much of her family will never return. maybe its b/c another one of my friends is from new orleans and she seems so dejected at the state of her city sometimes. maybe its because it looks the same in some areas as it did on august 30, 2005, the day after katrina suck. maybe its because for most, new orleans is the poster child for the destruction still evident in many coastal cities along the gulf from florida to texas. maybe because the 2006 atlantic hurricane season officially started thursday and no one's ready. don't believe the lies. there's a war to pay for.

9...napkins... ok this is soooo random. *to the tune of "nann" by trick daddy and trina.* "you ain't got no napkins (uh uh), not nowhere in this house, not even on the couch, i need to wipe my baby's mouth, you ain't got no napkins." you know those parodies? my fave radio station at home, power 98 has a dj "mr. incognito." "its incog.. NITO. its the i-n-c-o...g-n-i...t-o." see? been a fan forever. anyway so he does these parodies. he did that when this song was popular at least 8 years ago and it cracked me and my friends up. i don't think i'll ever get it out of my head. hahahahaha.

10...nonsense... hate it. stupid people exhaust me.


Anonymous said...

i love the news. I read and watch it obsessively.

That Gnarls Barkley cd is an interesting collabo. I like it a lot.

I may have to check out that book. Since i have no job yet, I have plenty of time to read.

I havent been to canada either and it is only about 2 hours from erie. We may have to go together!!!

JOB said...

This definition is presented BY an English major...

"Necromancy is divination by raising the spirits of the dead. The word derives from the Greek necros "dead" and manteia "divination". It has a subsidiary meaning reflected in an alternative and archaic form of the word, nigromancy, (a folk etymology using Latin niger, "black") in which the magical force of "dark powers" is gained from or by acting upon corpses. A practitioner of necromancy is a necromancer. "


I haven't heard the Gnarls, but perhaps he seems himself as being a sorcerer of sorts... a master of the "dark" arts... the multiple metaphors seem to be plentiful.

Jameil said...

miss ashli, yes! i knew someone would wanna play! :) are you up for a challenge? if yes, your letter is y. if not, your letter is m.

epsi... but i'm really pissed its only 37mins and 30 seconds. waste of money.

job... thanks! and you're right, w/that definition, the metaphors absolutely abound and that song i think makes me even more wary. but the beat is kinda hot so perhaps i'll give it another shot (no rhyming intended).

Jarrod said...

Can I have a letter? And by the way, National Doughnut (correct spelling) Day was sponsored by Krispy Kreme. Did I indulge? You already know...

Ladynay said...

You can't get with n style? U writer/reader types betta git witit! ROFL (joke)

Mrs A. said...

NONSENSE is my word of the month. there's plenty of it to go around!

CNEL said...

Congrats on producing the first show.

You know I'm a news head. I'm in pain at the lack of CNN, CNNI, BBC, BBC World.

Over here in Italy watching the news when I can, but only understanding Rihanna's "SOS" and Shakira "Hips Don't Lie" on MTV Italia.

CNEL said...
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Veronica Marché said...

Girl, you better be the P. Diddy of Television Hill... producing and whatnot!!! Get it!

And I'm insanely upset a "You Ain't Got No Napkins"... So. Incredibly. Mad.

Give me a letter, yo.


Jameil said...

ok jared. jealous. really really. your letter is r.

lnay... hahahaha. that actually was quite funny.

miss a.. i'll say!

cnel... thanks boo! :) hahahaha @your news w/drawl. read online. i know its not the same but it'll be ok.

duck you are cah-raaaaaazy!! hahahahahahaha! hilarious. "the pdiddy of tv hill" i'm puttin that on my forehead. i'm gonna tattoo it on. i'll get myself ready first tho by writing it on w/magic marker. and i looooooooooove you ain't got no napkins!! craaaacks me up! hahahahahaha. your letter is c.

Jameil said...

and sorry i effed up your name jarrod!

Adei von K said...

You already know what my fave number is...NUMBER 9! No Napkins is HUH-LARIOUS!!!

Good look Job! i was a bit disturbed too even though i know in a literary sense, nothing is what it seems

ladynay is stoooopid! get it facetious!

i want a letter!! Yea! another epidemic!

Jameil said...

stace... boo... i don't want you to want a letter so bad you must tell me here, then email me too. stop the madness. i already gave you yo letter via email. you need a whoopin. lolol and i knew you would like no. 9 f/yo home crew!! hahahahaha "uh-uh! no, no *insert stripper pole music*"

Karamale said...

lol @ "blame canada"

Clay said...

i was waiting for the n-word to come up

Cluizel said...

I want one! I have nothing to do anyway...and I think my list will be the most random ever in life

So...Wise...Sista said...

Congrats on the producing! Any drama?

Niagara Falls would be a dope trip for you and the Mr.
It's nice in the summer, but really beautiful in the winter with the lights.

And if you're that close, you GOTTA go to Toronto!

Jameil said...

karamale.. its their fault.

clay... you know it!

sl... your letter is w. since you wanna be all random. i was gonna say v but your middle name starts w/that so w.

wise... thanks! nope, no drama. but i'm producing the next two weeks too so who knows.

Adei von K said...

you're a hater whore jameil! hater.


let me find out what my letter is and hopefully one of those two words can fit into it...hee hee

Jameil said...

haaaaaaaaaater. so defensive. that ain't necessary.

Cece said...

I used to be in spelling bees and I even won a few..but I swear after 4 years of college and spell check I can not spell a lick. At all. I even run my posts through ms word before posting. Its shameful.

theurbanista said...

naked... is my n word for the month because i will be naked all summer. it is hot as hell down here.

Cluizel said...

W? I accepts the challenge! Stay tuned! lol

Jameil said...

cece looky there! a fellow akeelah. i won the spelling bee in fourth grade.

lime... yeah... one reason i'm glad i'm not in the south. so far only 2-5 90 degree days. 1st 80 degree day wasn't until a week ago! :) whoo hoooooo!

wilder... get it girl! :)

Jarrod said...

I just finished my list...it was difficult, but I rose to the occasion

Mo said...

I'm a first timer to your blog--I like it!

I'm from the Buffalo/Niagara Falls region, so it goes w/o saying that I highly reccomend checking it out-- the canadian side that is...I agree with Wise, too, you must hit up Toronto when you have the chance! Awesome city!