Cuz I'm Keepin it Real, Cuz I'm Keepin it Real. That's Why.

Ok so in honor of my 93 post, 93 things about me, Miss A style!! I will also be fulfilling the questions from So Wise's post.

1) the title is a line from one of my fave movies. name that movie and i'll give you an internet dollar! need more? "and i'd like to thank mcdonalds for those little egg mcmuffins without which i might never be tardy." "my book is fit or fat. mine is men are from mars, women are from veeeenus." "you're a virgin who can't drive." "rollin w/the homies."
2) i haven't seen a lot of movies.
3) why? because my mom didn't believe in letting us see r-rated or pg-13 movies for a very long time.
4) but i think that's part of the reason i'm not scared of movies.
5) i'm also hugely critical of movies. like they need not have a cinematographic (that could be a new word) error, plot problems, that little indescrepancy that shows you taped the same scene multiple times and spliced it.
6) brown sugar is one of my faves. its on tv right now and i'm watching it like i haven't already seen it like 6 times in 06. its true, i watch it about once a month, or when i get bored. "so whatchu gonna use your massager for? high speed low." "ketel one martini up with a twist." "the perfect verse over a tight beat." "we're gonna celebrate what? my divorce." "moo goo gai pan, from the best chinese restaurant in the land. whaaaaaaaat?"
7) i went thru one phase where i watched it like once a week.
8) i want to be a field producer for the today show so i can go on lots of trips.
9) i love spike lee.
10) i want to make documentary films about the lives of black folk.
11) i want to become international grand basileus of my sorority one day.
12) i have these amazing delusions of grandeur (not the actual psychosis that leads to irrational behavior). i think i can achieve anything.
13) that's from my parents. they always told me i could and i believed them.
14) i love cheese! yess!! all kinds. swiss, munster, monterrey jack, pepper jack, cheddar.
15) but i hate kraft singles. a lot. nastiness.
16) i think cigarettes are disgusting.
17) when i was in college i would date a weed smoker before a cigarette smoker.
18) i'm addicted to reading the ap wires.
19) if i could read them when i wasn't at work i would.
20) 112's been my fave musical group for like ever.
21) i like r&b better than rap.
22) due in part to the protectiveness of my mother and the lack of relationship w/my older half-siblings. wasn't really exposed to rap.
23) but i'm still fiercely protective of it.
24) i get pissed when i read folks blogs and comment and they never come visit mine.
25) i have stopped reading people who's blogs i enjoyed for this reason.
26) what? you didn't know i was a brat? oh yeah. a big one.
27) i have not had a perm in more than 3 years.
28) but it took me 3 months after that to get the guts to cut the permed part off.
29) when i did it i felt free.
30) then i gulped and got scared no man would ever talk to me again.
31) i wasn't even out the shop parking lot before someone tried to holla.
32) i see people w/locs and really really want them.
33) but then i think of the commitment/the fact you can never go back and reel myself back in.
34) sometimes i really hate spoken word b/c of its contrived nature. stop trying so hard.
35) racist or not, 9xs outta 10 i think white people shouldn't do it.
36) i mean call me crazy but its an expression of your experiences almost like a rap. i guess i should explain this..
37) white people have a history of infiltrating black art forms, stealing them, and claiming them for their own.
38) to the point where they are more successful than the original artist(s). that pisses me off.
39) i grew up in the suburbs in a predominately white neighborhood.
40) everyone i've known since kindergarten or first grade outside my family is white.
41) that includes one of the people i still consider one of my best friends, silas, who's a white male.
42) i would want to kick my daughter's ass if she thought she wanted to be a video hoe.
43) i think its amazing when they manage to parlay a career out of stick their finger in their mouth, giving a come hither look, twisting to the side, tilting their head and sticking out their largest physical asset.
44) i've always had a lot of male friends.
45) but not b/c i couldn't get along w/girls.
46) b/c when i was little (my mom says since birth) i've always liked boys and usually they didn't like me back.
47) didn't have my first kiss until i was 17.
48) that's about the time i started growing into my face and self. hahahaha that makes me sound like a mud duck. but i just improve w/age. by the time i'm 40 i'll have to lock myself in the house.
49) i love saying outrageously conceited things. it makes me laugh.
50) this is way easier than i thought. when i saw bet's mission statement, i couldn't get it out of my head that i need to be the one to get them there.
51) wise question: If you could be doing what you really want to be doing for a living, what would it be? it changes almost daily. partly b/c conceited as it sounds, i'm pretty good at a lot of things. so i want to do what i'm good at and also makes me happy.
52) ooooh! i know! stylist for people who need to be on tv. or a media consultant. i see politicians w/good platforms who will never make it b/c they have no charisma and don't know how to really interact with the media.
53) sometimes i just know things and i don't know why. it makes people forget i'm only 23.
54) i was in a book club when i was in charlotte. i was more upset about leaving them than leaving my mother. mostly b/c i knew i could never come back to that. everyone was moving away.
55) i was the youngest person in the group by 20-40 years.
56) it was one of the most enlightening and fun parts of my book club. that and the fact we had white people. and eached picked a book, forcing each other to reach outside our reading comfort zones.
57) i'm OBSESSED w/books. until i went to college, there was never a single night where i went to sleep without reading.
58) i LOVE hampton. my wedding party would be incomplete w/o the closest people in my HU crew.
59) i love the bf. you already knew that. but i told him the other day i would be inconsolable if he married someone else. and he said he would be sad if i married someone else, too. and i thought it was like the cutest thing in the world.
60) wise question: If you could slap the shit out of any famous person, alive or dead, who would it be? hmmm... you know what? i don't really care about famous people. but if i have to pick one, i'd pick the majority of the lawmakers in PA. they're so out of touch w/their constituents. what? that's all politicians? oh... well in that case... all of them.
61) malcolm x is my favorite dead guy. now THAT is charisma.
62) wise question: What's the dumbest decision you've made in the past 5 years? that's hard for me to answer b/c i feel like everything i went through, it happened for a reason. i learn from my experiences.
63) wise question (wq): Give up one for a year: (good) sex or (good) music. easy. sex. i've come up w/a harder question thruout life. give up your hearing or eyesight. i can't ever figure this one out. i don't know what i'd do w/o hearing voices and inflection, music, etc. and i certainly can't imagine not being able to read. books on tape is not the same. and no one reads as fast outloud as i can read it on the page.
64) one time i said to myself, who needs real friends when you have internet friends. then i said wow... what a loser. hahahaha.
65) i could hear about katrina every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it.
66) wq: What's your biggest insecurity? never being successful and the akeelah and the bee quote, that i'm powerful beyond measure. i go between the two.
67) i'm hugely ambitious. when i say i want to take over/rule the world, i'm only half joking.
68) wq: What's the first blog you read every day...or however often you read them? depends. i know miss a posts mon and thurs so on those days, her. i also read dp early and often b/c he does like 8 posts a day. stace. ashli. b/c they're from my hu crew and i got them blogging and their blogs crack me up and remind me of my college days. if karamale posted more often, it would be him.
69) wq: Which blogger would you most like to cuddle with on the beach? (and don't defer to your current signif other either. Infidelity won't count against you. Duh.) ok this was dp's answer, "GTFOHWTBS no way Im gonna answer that..." LMAO!!! i know that's right. esp. since there's a good possibility i'll see many bloggers at nabj this year. men don't know how to take those kinds of compliments w/o trying to get at you.
70) i have great handwriting. its true. people see it and always make comments. i write so little these days i forget how it effects people. i want to get it made into a font.
71) wq: Which was better, your first kiss or your first pay check? first kiss. even tho it was on a bus w/an audience. no matter how dark, when people saw us sittin together, they were already tryin to be in the bizness. hahaha. but my first check was nothing.
72) i'm only at my 2nd job ever.
73) my first was at express the summer after my soph. yr. at hampton.
74) wq: Do you have kids? Want kids? TOO selfish to have kids right now. i do want them, tho b/c i think kids are cute. besides you can't take this flyness to the grave, it would be wrong! lol
75) but i also want to adopt. i don't know why, but i have a soft spot for adoption.
76) wq: Live the rest of your life without your eyebrows or your fingernails? you're kinda crazy homey. did you come up w/these? lol. definitely w/o brows.
77) but that's mostly b/c i have great nails. they've been one of my fave body parts for a long time. how crazy is that? but people have always loved my nails.
78) love, love LOVE duke bball!!!
79) stupid people make me want to jump off the hot metal bridge, drag myself to shore, then jump off the smithfield bridge. i hate it.
80) i want twins. (sorry back to the kids). i used to be obsessed w/twins. i used to check books out from the library about them.
81) on my trip to europe, i visited auschwitz. it made me want to learn more about black people's struggle.
82) i had a drinking partner at hampton. that's how serious it was. lol.
83) i have a list of at least 15 potential posts. some of them have been on the list a long time b/c they are too long to write. some stay there b/c they tire me out.
84) i love orange juice. a lot. i could drink it every single day.
85) cranberry juice is a close 2nd.
86) i was gonna say i love rachael ray and isaac mizrahi but if you don't know that, you've never read this blog. so i'll say... i love sanaa lathan movies.
87) instyle magazine is one my faves. it could come out biweekly (twice a week) and i would still read every issue.
88) i watch foxnews sometimes b/c i have to know what those wiley republicans are talkin about today. and sometimes i learn something interesting.
89) i hate being tagged on here. b/c i like to post what i wanna post. but if its something interesting and i'm not being forced or you shout me out properly, i might do it. (egomaniac)
90) the war in iraq makes me inordinately sad b/c so many people die daily, not just soldiers, but civilians. my sister's prom date is over there in the desert somewhere and i want him to come back in one piece.
91) i have a friend who won't eat any food not classified as solid or liquid and that CRACKS ME UP!!
92) i've always hated tattoos but now i'm thinking about getting one b/c i don't do enough young and dumb stuff.
93) what should i get and where? here are the criteria. i want something that means something. can't be anything stereotypical/hoodish i.e. hearts, stars, animals, paw prints, flowers, cartoons, words, anything in a language i don't speak/read. and can't be anything you could see if i wore a strapless/backless dress. can't be on my arm, calf, foot, thigh, wrist, (obviously) neck. help! go.


Adei von K said...

Clueless!!!!! Rollin with the homies!!! You saw how I used "that was way harsh" right? Love it!
Jameil, a brat? No!!!
I feel you on the spoken word...my sista!! LOL (being facetious)
49) THE BEST!!! LOL Like my Pops, "I look so good, I can't stand myself" LMAO!

As for the tat- get HU's seal...hand, heart, head, and field round this piece!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I can kinda agree with spoken word comment. Some artist are very self-absorbed.

I also love to read too. There have been many nights where I havent gone to sleep until I finished a book. When I was in elementary school, class bored me so I would read.

Adei von K said...

p.s what would your font be called? How bout, "Meezy"??? That's awesome that you want one! LOL

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...


i'm exhousted from that! we have #70 in common. I bet mines cooler than yours!!!! ::))

the word of the lord,
the good reverend

So...Wise...Sista said...

--Yes, I did come up with those questions...and as a matter of fact, the eyesight/hearing question just missed the cut, bec I thought that was too obvious. Lose the hearing, duh. You can still be independent. lol

--What's the last book you read? You think a blogger book club would work? lol

--I HATE when people reference a # in the comments, and then you have to go back to the post and find out what the hell they're talking about...REV. :)

--And dont think you're slick by basically just talking and using 93 commas and periods. lol

Ladynay said...

I made a comment but it got messed up in the publishing...

I basically said I only read about 70 of the 93

You should read blogs you like regardless of if they comment on yours

and CB and OJ are good with Vodka!

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...


Know your own blog, baby.

Coronas & limes,
The Good Reverend

Da Arsonist said...

So I'm not the only person that watches Brown Sugar the way I do.

"the perfect verse over a tight beat"

Is still one of my favorite lines of all time. the day I meet her...whooo. It's O.V.

Great post, wish I had the patience to do something like this.

Karamale said...

i'm postin, i'm postin. damn.

lmao as well @ gtfohwtbs

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

what's crazy is i kinda digg rachel ray myself...even the lil'sarccastik would stop "terrorizing" the house to watch her...and my boy "G.Garvin"...i think she's gonna be a cook

JOB said...

32) i see people w/locs and really really want them.

I see white people with dreads and I think it's cultural theft.

Jameil said...

stace... yes! of course you know. and i am not a brat. quit hatin. and i'm gonna hurt you miss hu seal. hahahahahahahha. hilarious.

epsi... yess! love readers.

stace... stop the madness. you know i hate ridiculousness like that. jameil is what it would be called. you know i also want a purse/article of clothing named after me.

rev... no way son! i definitely have the best handwriting. lol

wise... what? i'm supposed to do what? 93 random facts? i don't have that kind of patience. you want me to take em back? lmao@ reference a number. i really did have to do that. lolol. i was like what the hell was number 70???

last book i read, "everyone worth knowing" by lauren weisberger. amusing. i haven't read enuf lately. i don't know if a blogger book club would work but i wouldn't mind trying it. that seems fun.

lady... not a big vodka fan. also, i've tried the whole reading regardless thing. it doesn't really work that well for me. kinda bratty like that. b/c i appreciate when people leave me comments. one in particular tried to say something halfway nasty so i now ready only every week or less.

montez... lol GREAT!! when i have a movie marathon (usually every sunday), i always watch either brown sugar or when harry met sally. the bf is always like what did you watch, and don't say brown sugar. i'm like ok... well i won't say that but the other two movies i watched... HAHAHAHAHAHA. i never thought i had the patience to do this either. you just have to get really really bored.

karamale... thanks!

sarcastik!!! so excited!! i love rachael ray fans! she's in pittsburgh today. i'm gonna go see her at 2pm.

job... hahahaha. cultural theft is such a beautiful phrase. b/c it makes you mentally say gimme!!! *grumblin* thief.

Cece said...

I cant believe you posted 93 things. I got to 10 on my list and then gave up. I was at work so that may have been it, but mostly it was to hard to try to desrcibe myself...

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

ok.. we are going to have to do a comparison. maybe we should both do a blog abou why our hand writing is superior to everone elses......


More cowbell,

Cluizel said...

18) i'm addicted to reading the ap wires.
19) if i could read them when i wasn't at work i would.

Ok...so I expect no more shit talking about being an accountant thank you very much. :)

CNEL said...

LoL. This was the bidness.
6) I watch it semi-regularly. But Hav Plenty beats it by a hair.
8) If I make it through this program, I might want to step behind the camera.
9) Love She Hate Me & Crooklyn.
10) Me too, big Stanley Nelson fan.
17) If I die early it will probably be from second hand smoke,
47) 18 and I'm at peace with that
57) HaHa we just moved at the beginning of May, and when preparing for my trip over here, I was looking for stuff and found over 5 books I have yet to read, which I brought between '04 and '06.

Chris said...

You read my mind about spoken word. I write poetry, and a co-worker tried to get me to join the spoken word group here on campus and I definitely said "hell to da naw."

I feel you on the video girl thing, I was watching a VH1NewsDoc Friday night and I'm like "Heaven help those women."

Jameil said...

cece... i'm tellin ya. you have to get really really bored first. and have nothing else to do. and have a touch (or more) of narcissism. then start thinking of random stuff. like stuff you may ask a stranger if you met them for the first time.

ace.. you're on home slice!

wilder... ugh. this is why i don't tell folk nothin. can i learn and stay informed? is that so wrong? who else is going to keep you up to date on what's going on in the state YOU LIVE IN????? lol.

cnel... da bidness! :) lol glad you liked it.

Jameil said...

chris... i love that doc. it made me want to get every teenage girl and shake her so she wouldn't have those kinds of aspiration. craziness.