Oprah? Stupid? And other "neat" stories

So the model republican (at work-- called such b/c his fave outfit is khakis, navy blazer, white shirt, red tie, american flag pin on the lapel, and "dock shoes") tries to tell me Oprah is an idiot. Yo. I almost had to jump up and show him what set I'm claimin. Don't try to play Oprah. He doesn't know who he's talking to. That's grounds for a beat down. Clearly Oprah makes more in a day than you make in a whole year, so perhaps you need to get up on her special brand of idiocy.

How bout PA has some rich ass teachers. So they will strike anytime they feel. Don't like your contract? STRIKE! and the parents get all pissy and pressure the school district to just give 'em what they want. 80k. yeah, you read that right. there are teachers in the pittsburgh area who make 80k a year!! wtf?! i'm in the WRONG profession! are you kidding? and in one local district, they just approved a contract that gave the teachers an avg. yearly raise of 3.9%, again i say, WTF?!! now i have more than the avg. appreciation for teachers, but come on now. teachers in NC might not even make 1/2 that. I agree, that's not right, but 80k?! geez!!

if you have not seen "inside man" directed by spike lee you need to go see it RIGHT NOW. its not a game. the man is a genius. i love him anyway, but him, denzel, and clive owens showed their asses (in a good way). phenomenal. and if you are a regular reader you know i am very picky and kind of stuck up, esp. when it comes to my entertainment! examples? ok here, and here and how about here. so when i, as a filmmaker and journalist, tell you to go see a movie because it is cinematic genius, trust.

22 days until i am in charlotte, nc for the first time since july 8th. THANK GOD!!!

duke v. memphis. the model republican spewed some more foolishness. he went to memphis so claims memphis is a better team. this belief is based partly on memphis making it to the elite 8. wtf?? you beat the 13th seed, bradley to get there! get outta here. stop the madness. so then he's like i'm willing to bet you right now memphis will be better than duke next year. you're on. stop the madness.

duke women tonight, do the damn thing. win it all.

barry bonds. ok may or may not have done steroids. not a baseball fan so i'm not really caring either way. but "fans" have gone too far when they throw a SYRINGE at him on the field. are you kidding?!! that is foolishness. the black male athlete character assassinations are still rampant, in case you missed that memo.

smoking pregnant girl. there's one at work. that is ridiculous. if you don't care about your own health, can you care about your child's health? i hate to say trailer trash, but come on. my cousin loves her cigarettes, but she sure as hell quit while she was pregnant. and that fat baby proved that! lol. low birth weight and all sorts of defects is what you're setting your child up for. asthma. come on. that is ridiculous. so appalled.

aight i guess i'm done ranting and raving about everything and nothing. i'm sleepy. oh yeah and i love my boyfriend. he is wonderful.


Adei von K said...

Model Repub...lol down to the deck shoes!

Clearly I remember when clinical pharmacists were making that much...it wasn't even 10 years ago.
When I read "PA has some..." I thought you meant "production assistants" I was so confused..."you know you'd be blonde if you were white right?"

Go Florida! Ow!!!!!!!!

Aisha T. said...

LOL...model republican. Love the description. 80,000? Wow! I'm a big believer in teachers being well paid. Anybody who we hand our kids to and say, 'teach them good' :-) should be taken care of. But, well paid and striking over and over again seems to only make the kids suffer. I had a friend in MT who's dad got paid $18000 a year as a teacher (12 years ago). And they were asking him to take a pay cut! I think he needed to strike.

Veronica Marché said...

I'da taken Model Republican outside and rolled him down Television Hill. Comin' at you wit' all that mess....

CNEL said...

Oprah = "my girl" according to my mother, apparently she's coming to town, I might have to dig up my old press pass and pay Ms. Winfrey a visit, HaHa.

Teachers need to make more, if they make 80k and the kids are repping hard in a good way, then let em get paid. If the kids are walking around ignant, they owe ya'll taxpayers some loot.

"Inside Man" is going on the list of things I will hopefully get to see.

Ok, not a men's basketball fan, but I'll take Duke for 1000 Alex.

I'm so glad the Lady Terrapins repped it tonight. I'm a Tennessee fan, but glad MD repped hard.

The syringe was funny. It was ignant, a little ghettoriffic, but funny. I equate it to rotten fruit and veggies.

Umm smoking pregnant girl, uh naw. "Hell to the naw" in the words of Whitney and Bubby. Smoking cancer sticks ain't cute, and it's nasteeeeee, and it's wrong.

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh is a union town. Even in this wal-mart generation. I have always commended the board for paying teachers what they are worth. The boards problem is they micromanage the hell out of everything else and dont know beans about running a 21st century urban district.

Just what exactly is wrong with paying teachers 80k (which you can only make with a masters plus 10-12 yrs experience...they dont exactly start you out with that)

they pay folk almost twice that to read the weather, and they dont even KNOW meteorology.

Memphis probably will be better than Duke next year, but he is still an idiot.

Sorry about the lady devils...fear the turtlettes.

and just why did he say Oprah was an idiot?

Mrs A. said...

ok, you will CEASE the nay-say in regards to memphis. being a memphis alum, i'm not havin it!!!! SIKE! i don't give 2 sh*ts...whoever wins, wins :-P

So...Wise...Sista said...

Yo...the syringe was a mess. Not sure why they are trying to assassinate this guy...while Mark McGuire rides off into the sunset. I was up at like 3 in the morning watching the 1st episode of his documentary TV show on ESPN2. Fascinating. Dude is a lot of things, azzhole, perhaps among them...but he's also mad honest.

Darius T. Williams said...

Okay - I'm going to see Inside Man just because you referred it!

Darren Sands said...

Thank you for praisin' yo man at the end of this. We need more praise from black women right now. We strugglin' with everyone trying to beat us down!

Veronica Marché said...

I'd like to know who's trying to beat Mr. Sands down....

Jameil said...

go florida? you don't even like bball hush.

aisha/dp... ok until aisha said it i couldn't figure out why it was that i was like wtf?!! its that they strike ALL the time. and there should probably be some sort of pay scale on a national level so there are not teachers here making 80k and teachers in nc/ms/sc making 40k. yeah... i'm sure that's not to start, but still. that's cah-raaaaaazy.

duck... HAHAHA! bringin out your pittsburgh knowledge! hilarious.

chris... f maryland!!

dp.. it was not an actual argument for why oprah is allegedly stupid. he spouted some sort of nonsense. why do people always attack weather people?

miss a... memphis sucksssssss! lol. you and the model repub should hang.

88... um.. i have no problem w/denzel takin his shirt off! love him! my fave old man...well him and blair underwood! deeeeeeelish!

wise... i saw part of that interview and i was fascinated, too. my thing about assassinating black men is that the argument is often, "he's so angry." wtf if you were a black man and were only looked at as stupid, fast and oversexed wouldn't you be a little pissed sometimes, too?

jamal...i think you're making fun but you should! lol

sands... aww! :) i know. i love black men. ESPECIALLY MINE! he really is wonderful.

duck. go give him a cyber hug please. lol

Sherlon Christie said...

Inside Man is a must see....

Anonymous said...

Go Lady Terps!!!

I don't like Barry Bonds. He is a damn cheater. Mark McGuire gets away because at the time the substance he was using was legal. Now it is not but them it was. I hate the fact that Barry just cannot admit he used steriods. Giambi did and now he is saving his career. I hope they do catch Barry on something. Only non cheaters deserve to break records.

Clay said...

im glad you liked Inside Man -- i didnt really feel it. i was going to do a review and title it "Inside Mess" but i decided against it.

Waddie G. said...

oh no, you're not another Oprah worshipper, are you? LOL

Superstar Nic said...

Jameil what's up? I hope that you've had a great weekend!

Adei von K said...

J, I do like basketball. What I don't too much care for is COLLEGE sports. I'll watch them (football and b-ball) just so I can identify with the yearly draft and I actually respect college athletes more than professional ones but the point is I like basketball!

Mahogany Elle said...

[[Yo. I almost had to jump up and show him what set I'm claimin. Don't try to play Oprah. He doesn't know who he's talking to.]]

Hilarious! Yeah, as much as I can clown O at times, I will defend her to the death if someone lacking in melanin tries to talketh smack :)

...Oh and teachers making 80K??? As Jay-Z once said, n--ga what?! N--ga who?! Lol