I'm Not an Alcoholic...

...Im a Drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings-Bumper Sticker

I got this survey from ChezNiki and I'd like to say damn her b/c I said I wouldn't do another of these... But come on!! This is tooooo up my alley so stop cursing me all those who have tagged and I have not obliged. I'm just onery. So here it is....

1. What is your favorite beer? Honey Brown. Yuengling and Amber Bock are tasty, too
2. Favorite mixed drink? tanqueray and tonic
2a. Favorite straight drank (as opposed to a straight "drink" which would involve better liquor) oh honey, no! I only drink good liquor. No bottom shelf for me! Ain't that right Miss Ashli? Lol
3. Favorite shot? No shots for me anymore. I always used to lose count of how many I had and not count them along with whatever else I had been drinking. So I'd be on like drink number 4 and have a beer and be like, why do I feel so drunk? Oooooh. It might be those 3 shots I had. Yeah....
4. Who’s your favorite person(s) to go drinking with? Morgan, Michelle, Stace, Ashli, Chantee, dear old Dad! :)
5. Favorite bar? Hmmm... in Pittsburgh, I would say Sports Rock. At home, I don't think I have a fave.
6. If you are trying to get really drunk, you drink... tequila. Or two of anything I make. There is a reason I call myself the one hit wonder. I can knock most (esp. girls) out w/one shot!
7. Favorite day of the week for drinking? Any day b/c any day could be my Friday.
8. First drink you ever had? Blackberry rum. Sooooooooo good!! You can drink it straight and it tastes like "kool-aid!" :)
9. First drink you got drunk off of? Thug Passion. Wow...
10. When was the last time you drank? Right now. I couldn't remember so I decided to go get a beer out the fridge. Now that I think about it last Friday I had a Bailey's and Hennessey and I think Thursday I had a parrot bay mango w/oj.
11. Last time you got really drunk? Thursday a week ago
12. Last time you got sick from drinking? I think 2003 but I could be wrong
13. Last time you passed out? never
14. What’s your favorite holiday to drink? doesn't matter. ooh! but my cuz always has these cook-outs 4th of July so I'll say then
15. Have you ever started drinking before noon? Yep. By that time I've either been up for 9 hours or 12 so that's happy hour to me.
16. Favorite thing to eat when drunk? breakfast! love it!!
17. Favorite drinking game? we don't need drinking games. chug-a-lug!
18. Favorite person to have drunk conversations with? the b.f.
19. Have you ever had drunk sex? No.
20. Favorite person to call when you are drunk?the bf
21. Favorite song to sing when drinking? whatever's on the radio, usually something really ghetto and hyper, either southern or bmore club
22. Best drunk story you ever heard? stories about me from my friends that I ordinarily don't remember or can only remember after they tell me. like "what?! for real! no i didn't! I did? damn... oh yeahhhh!! damn... oh well!" oh yeah and stories about the CT and NY parental parties!
23. What famous person would you like to go drinking with? Henry Simmons, but only if I could grope him afterwards (that's what chezniki said and I have to agree! be-yoooooooooutiful!!)
24. Where’s your ideal drinking location? anywhere my friends are that I don't have to drive from
25. Any alcohol related arrests? nope!


Clay said...

ive dont drink and ive never been drunk but ive always wondered what sex would be like while drunk

Miguel said...

"i ain't a alcoholic, i'm a drunk. alcoholics gotta go to them goddamn meetings" - robin harris

i love that line

Darius T. Williams said...

Oh wow...I should do this. I don't drink though and I've NEVER been drunk

Waddie G. said...

I love this post...I gotta do my own...it would make a great tag post.

Adei von K said...

Clay, sex with a drunk is the worst. Sloppy, soft, and sleepy...you should see the face...utter disgust.

Jameil said...

miguel... YOU WOULD!!!! LMAO!

jamal and clay... don't worry guys. i've drunk enough for the both of you.

prof... i know. but i hate when folks tag me so i let people steal at will.

stace you know why i'm gon kick yo ass.

CNEL said...

Jameil, this is ridic. Yes, I said ridic. LoL. JK. So love your honesty, bluntness, and careful attention to question after question.

Anonymous said...

I should do one myself!!! I dont have much experiencebut my roommmate does. This was funny.

Anonymous said...

nothing sexier than a woman who can hold her liquor.

guess ill be buying the drinks and the fish sammitches when i hit the burgh for my annual Steeler Game.

La said...

HAHAHA I adore this survey. I'm stealing it... especially since I plan on being drunk from here until graduation.

So...Wise...Sista said...

LOVE it. You need to bring your drunk azz to Vegas! Oh I've got stories!!

Chris said...

errebody in the 'Burgh gettin tipsy...

Sherlon Christie said...

And you say you're not an alcoholic? (smile)!

Supa said...

NEVA had drunk sex???

Aisha T. said...

Hmmmm...quite interesting. Will definitely have to refrain from doing this survey--too many dark things will be exposed. I like the beer choices!

Jameil said...

cnel careful attn to question after question!! hahahahahahaha!!

epsi you may NOT use your roomie's experience!! what on earth???? what has college come to that people don't have their own drunk stories. this is a sad day ladies and gentlemen.

dp... ahhhh yeah! drinks and sammiches! ain't nothin wrong w/that! lol

that's what i'm talkin bout lauren! girl there is no reason for the amount of liquor i consumed the last month of school.

so wise... girl i need some vegas in my life!! i'm thinking that's where me and the girls need to head for the big 2-5 next year.

chris... drinking waaaaay down since moving here.

sp and supa...nope! :)

aisha t... hahahahahhhahahahaha!!! great!

i like liquor and tv said...

lol..too funny. I'm suprised I just stumbled upon this.

You better than me with them Thug Passions. I can drink everything else BUT cognac.

If I wasn't so lazy, I'd do that survey.