Just Wandering

That's absolutely in reference to my state of mind. my mind is just wandering today. partially b/c i'm off. yay!!! i went to see the b.f. last week. we met in the middle. the big danville, pa. we always have a great time. he CRACKS me up!!! we're like two giant kids together. its so hard for me to use mixed capitals. at work all scripts are typed in all caps. so i've become very used to just typing w/o mixed capitals. makes it very hard when blogging. so today is a tribute to laziness!!!

can i say that i LOVE being off in the middle of the week? the weekend morning producer is becoming one of my fave people. plus the skeleton shift is so relaxing in comparison to all the madness of having too many cooks in the pot (i.e. a minimal of four managers in the building at all times when preparing for the 90 (a.k.a the 5, 530 and 6)). and one of the anchors has been jumping on my nerves the last two days. whateva. i'm not there so na nana boo boo!!!

i'm going out tonight. i had previously decided for the second time that wednesday is the new friday (since this month i'm off thursdays and fridays), making thursday the new saturday. go thursdays!!! and after this nightmarish experience, i've decided i will bite the bullet and hit the streets alone. no worries, guys! i'm not becoming a whore or a stripper/hofloozy lololol!! that was a hilarious arse post. go read it. speaking of strippers (how hilarious is that lead in?? hahahaha), have you heard "i'm n luv with a stripper" by t-pain? THE most hilarious song in too long. lololol. i mean his name is t-pain. what the...?? here's a lyrical excerpt "Im N luv with a stripper/She poppin she rollin she rollin/She climbin that pole and/Im N Luv with a stripper/She trippin she playin she playin/Im not goin nowhere girl im stayin/Im N Luv with a stripper" lololol word??? lololol. the part that cracks me up is "she climbin that pole." its so hilarious tho because he sings it with such feeling. puts his whole heart into his stripper love. kinda like olivia (yes the same one of recent 50 cent luv *pulling out vomit bag*) in "silly bitch in love" from her first cd. thanks to mich and morg for always singin along and introing me to the madness. lololol. and she's always singin her heart out in some foolishness!! lolol.

i'm bingeing on dvds right now. everytime i see a sale i'm like ooh!! i need that!! inthe last three months i've bought "mean girls," "brown sugar," "the color purple," "superstar" (which i'm watching right now... HILARIOUS!!! "just doing my part to save the rain forest." (which she says to a nun after getting caught making out with a tree, quivering and saying "ohhhh my body) "mary... you're a special girl. so special we're going to put you in special ed." lolololol). the b.f. gave me "cinderella" (b/c i'm a princess) ok not really. lolol. he gave it to me b/c he got it for free at work. lololol. two days ago i bought "love jones," "out of time" (grrrrrrrrEAT movie), "guess who" (pretty funny), and "redemption" (still haven't seen it, any thoughts?). was that enough? oh yeah and i'm still watching my fave movie "when harry met sally" w/regularity, too. today, mini movie marathon day. i do this at least once a week. this time i'm not gonna sit and drink beer so i can stay awake (unlike yesterday). lololol. too bad they're weren't any spike lee movies. he's my fave. did i tell you he's coming here later this month??? i'm so excited!! i don't think i can stand it!! whoooooooooo go spike!!!

b.f. i hope you're having a beautiful day. i love YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!! (lolol. you guys weren't expecting that one were you???) don't ever wonder. i'm always in your corner 100%.

can i say i love food? i do. big macs, french fries, italian, greek, mexican, soul food. dang i miss my momma!! yesterday at work at 3 in the morning, i wanted some of that breyer's strawberry ice cream in my freezer right now. as you can see it provides me with vitamins c and a, calcium, and even protein!! yummmmmm-o to quote my fave food network star rachael ray. if you do not share my love of her you can be oooooooooooooooooooout!!! lolol. i told the b.f. that's a breaking point. i can't be w/someone who doesn't love her. if you ain't gettin w/rachael ray, i'm just sayin, something's wrong with you. 30 minute meals got me cookin again. i'm not alone! how can you not love that smile???!! i got my mom watchin her, too. I LOVE RACHAEL RAY!!! she has like a million books. i want her latest 365 no repeats so bad i could cry!!! (perhaps i could use some of that dvd money huh?? lolol) she's the best!!! go rache!!! shouts to miss ashli for introing me to her back at our home by the sea!


Jameil said...

whooo hoo!! i'm like pittsburgh here i come!! yo sometimes i'm still shocked i live in pittsburgh. i be like, wtf??? why do i live here??? but it is growing on me... sigh.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are really taking advantage of your time off big time! Keep enjoying.

seedofeve said...

i feel you on loving food! i can eat all day everyday and it doesn't help that my bf cooks all the time and makes sure i eat.

i'm as lost as you are on what day that Black.White show on FX will air. All the website says is March. if anyone ahs a clue please let me know.

Karamale said...

go thursdays? you're certifiable.

Jameil said...

seed... ooh!! can i get a cookin b.f.?? damn! this lady in my old book club had a hubby who was a 5-star chef! that's when i knew. i said, hot damn i need to get me one a them!

kar... yeah i said go thursdays but now i'm like F THURSDAY!! why? b/c its my only day off for the next two weeks!! ok right so i work the 1-10 am shift. aight cool. i can get with that. 45 hour week, but i get overtime. cool. howsomever. when i come in to work to hear since the 11pm producer broke her finger, quite a few schedules are changing. i'm like, aight, that ain't me, shoot i don't even see this girl but once a month.

skkkkkkkkkkkkrrrr!!! scuse me for a minute. WHAT THE FU... ok i'm sorry. i lost my mind for a second. so i gotta work 6 days a week the next two weeks b/c someone i don't even KNOW broke a FINGER. see now if that ain't bout a...? but i'd be wrong if i choked someone. ok. but that's what happens when you get excited about your schedule at my job, it gets snatched away, or you're called in to work someone else's shift. f that!! let me do a shout out to the job right quick: the next two weeks you will not see me on thursday. don't call me. the answer is NO!!

CNEL said...

Ewww that schedule is uh a no, no.

But atleast you found a way to still have your weekend.

The skripper post was funny. Friggin hilarious.

"When Harry Met Sally" was one of the best movies of all time. I meant to devote a post or two or three to certain lines from that movie. Have you ever seen "Hav Plenty?" Tt's a poor black man's "When Harry Met Sally" but not as complex, though it's witty.

Rachel Ray is the bidness. I don't think bootleg on campus cable has The Food Network. My mom watches pretty regularly, and she calls my six year old little cousin to tell her to watch. My little cousin is the biggest Rachel Ray fan I know.

Jameil said...

cnel... NO WEEKEND!! but i think i'll get over it. go overtime!! never seen "hav plenty." i'm scared of ghetto films. they make me cringe. like damn i can't believe someone wasted money on this. if its on the level of b-more careful i don't want it. sorry boo. i know that's your book but i can't stand it!! i thought it was one of the most poorly-written "works" (i use that loosely) i've read in a long time.

omg ROTFLMAO AT WORK!! at the 6-year-old rachael ray fan!! lololol why does she love her so much?? you should blog about that. i would die laughing!!!