Fan Frenzy

That's right. This place has lost its mind. Understandably. But its hard to explain. I'm sure the Pats fans (bah humbug) know what I'm talking about. How much of an added insult to injury was it to have Tom Brady there? I fell out laughing. Was this not one of the most boring Super Bowls in America? I had to be at work at 1 this morning, so I was pretty much like, umm... yeah, sleep when I get off Sunday morning, wake up, watch the Super Bowl, go to work. Except it couldn't hold my attention so I went to sleep at halftime. Didn't see the infamous show excluding Motown performers. How much damn sense does that make???? In Detroit, if you insist on using washed up performers, how about using washed out performers from the area???? And who put that city on the map for something other than cars!!! How much do the Rolling Stones love being good family fun now?

Don't get it twisted people, I'm not a fan, my team is still Carolina. But I love a good party. I'm tryin to find em all!!! Considering going to the parade tomorrow, but who knows. Might take a few pics, etc., etc. But I will not be wearing black or gold or waving a terrible towel. Do you know they have terrible thongs????? Why?? Some things you take too far as you will see below.

The Associated Press lost its mind. News should not sound "like a line from a Dickens novel" to quote one of the producers at work. Nearly every article about the Super Bowl sounds like a fluff piece. But damn if it ain't hilarious!! Some excerpts if you will...

"Ben Roethlisberger sat in front of his locker with his fingers on the bill of a Super Bowl cap. He took off his left wristband - filled with plays - held it, rubbed it and smiled. He removed his right wristband and caressed it. Then, he sobbed." He sobbed??? Lolololol. I'm dying laughin!!

"You're a champion baby," teammate Larry Foote told Roethlisberger as they embraced in front of his locker. "You made this happen. Without you, we wouldn't be here." And this. I HATE Larry Foote!!! He's practices bein a nigga on tv. I'm convinced. One of the players let us use some of his personal footage from the weekend. It was Foote with a cigar in his mouth (I might be making that up), money in his hands, holding it in the air, rubbing it and wiggling back and forth. Stop watching Biggie videos!!!! In an interview with our 50+ year old white male sports director, Foote says (while wearing his gold teeth), "Oh you know me! I'm a dough boy!" WTF??? He don't know what that is!! I don't know what that is!!! Ugh!!!

There was another article I wanted to share with you. Damn. Anyway. It talked about people "weeping in the streets as snow fell lightly around them." WOW!! Lololol. Word? Doesn't snow always fall lightly? I've never heard loud snow. But I am from the South, so that could be it. It also mentioned the nuts w/Steelers tatts. Ok fyi. There will NEVER be that much pride in a team. However, with that said. I was able to turn from the alleged "super" bowl because of the boredom factor. I will NOT be able to do the same in tomorrow. Ain't that right Rell?? That good 21-1 record will look nice in the Dean Dome next to that good 14-5 huh??? For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, Duke and Carolina, baby. The only college basketball rivalry that matters. See you after the game!! Lololol


Adei von K said...

As rough and tough and machissimo men try to be, I KNOW a fact men wrote articles abt Big Ben 'sobbing' and snow falling lightly. That is so dramatic! "As the snow fell lightly, all was well in the land known as Pittsburgh...the towels, no longer terrible...the Bus, at his last stop...and for whom the bell tolls, will Big Ben ring again in the upcoming year? More at ESPN.com" blah, blah, blah. GTFOOHWTBS!

Chris said...

Ben's white...white folks cry a lot more than black folks, so that's to be expected.

For them to have Mick Jagger in a midriff shirt in the place of Motown was complete and utter bullish.

Rell said...

check the blog for full coverage :-)

Go Heels!

Jameil said...

stace... lolololol.

chris... lololol you silly. i didn't even watch halftime. i didn't want to see it. i just didn't care. it was difficult enough to get thru the first half.

rell i'm rolling my eyes but i'll go check. lolol

accomplice... it messed up my sleep and has dominated my life for the last two weeks. eeeeeeeeeeeeenough!!!!

GreatWhyte said...

Yes... the chili is in the pot, the nacho ingredients are ready to be mixed, and the big screen is primed and ready for the BIG GAME.... GO DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've had this annoying problem with not being able to stay awake past 11:00 lately, but I don't care if I have to take an entire package of No-Doz; I WILL be awake for the game tonight.

Jameil said...

And of course them good Blue Devils took this one like we all knew they would!! Go Devils!!! (but not the accomplice kind lololol)

x factor... yessssssssss!! was that game not off the chain??? too bad i was not fortunate enough to be able to stay awake!! i had two margaritas at lunch. (don't worry my lunch is AFTER i get off work but it was at 1pm) lololol. i went home and was knocked out. i saw the bangin play by play of the biggest plays. i was on the edge of my seat. it was great. i needed a beer or something after all that!

GreatWhyte said...

Yeah - I have a really bad cold, and I knew that I was going to need a nap if I had a prayer of staying up. Well, I never got that nap, so needless to say, I was asleep by halftime. When I woke up, Duke was up by 13, and I must have dozed off again because when I woke up for real, it was a minute or so left, and it was a TWO POINT GAME! You know I was HOT!!!! But my Blue Devils came through for me just like I knew they would... see yall on March 6 :)