Ghetto-gate '06

Apparently I missed the hoodrat memo. So me and the b.f. are talking yesterday, right? He tells me he expects me to be willing to fight a girl if she steps to him. Excuse me? I'm sorry. I went to college and got a degree and a job so I wouldn't be concerned w/some chick in the club. If I was gonna be fightin in the club I could've saved about 50K and startin slangin rocks in high school. Or I could've been standing on the corner with my thumb out. Ooh! Or I could've been a stripper! Magic City baby!

So I'm truly amazed, right? I'm like, umm... have you met me before? How does this seem like something I would be interested in? He says like if some girl calls me a bitch ass nigga or something. You know I can't fight girls, so you would do it for me right? I know this sounds outlandish, but for my friends who know the b.f., I know its even more baffling. He's so calm. Kind of introverted. Borderline quiet. So how would you think that was acceptable?

I know he likes ghetto girls. I knew this back when he was the best friend at HU. All the girls he used to like were ones snappin' and poppin gum with 3-in-1 haircuts (swoop bang, french roll, fingerwave), door knocker earrings, and always.... hahahaha. Ok let me stop. There weren't any girls like that although the Philly, DC, and Jersey girls were close. Think of the most hood girls you ever knew, those were the ones he was always attracted to. Now think to what you've read about me like this, and this, and this, and this and this. Not exactly ghetto. Probably a lot closer to stuck up. But you know, whatever.

Then he's like if some dude came at you wrong, grabbed your butt, whatever, you'd be pissed. You'd want me to do something about it. Ok first of all, why are we in these "establishments" where there's a possibility I might need a blade and some street cred to get out alive??? Lolol. Then like I said, I just ain't tryin to fight random people. I don't have the patience for that and we're too OLD for that!! Geez! Lolol. 16-year-olds and hood rats from B-more (lolol my girl from B-more would be the first to talk about hood clubs like Choices (I had a blast, but we were definitely the least hood peeps in the place). her motto is "we kill niggas in baltimore." so stop makin that face epsi and cnel! lololol) do these things, not me!! And not my b.f.!! Geez! So he wanted me to pose the question. If you're a girl, would you fight a girl who steps to your man incorrectly? If you're a guy, is this what you look for in a girl?


Ladynay said...

I only have seriously dated big bouncer type guys so I have never been in that type situation. LOL But if something was to go down and he needed and requested me to do something, I prolly would.....

Also, just because people got a degree and all that good stuff don't mean they won't have to or want to throw da dukes up! LOL

Koffee said...

that was so funny! was he serious?
well i would expect my man to stick up for me if in the same situation. i personally think im too cute to fight but i wouldnt hesitate to get hood with it ya know????

Jameil said...

koffee.... i know i was crackin up!! i was like, is he serious??? and i asked him. he got silent for a beat too long and i was like OMG YOU ARE!!! LOLOLOLOL! the man is crazy. he really was. um... yeah. i'm not fighting over or FOR no man. 1) pick your battles more wisely and we wouldn't have to even think about that. and 2)don't be takin me to no hood clubs! i don't like dodgin bullets! lolol. do you know his response? geez. well i guess we can't go anywhere in va... lololol. he's a trip.

Supa said...

Ummm...no. I don't fight random b*tches. Now, I 'aint gon' be disrespected, and trust me I can come correct, but like you mentioned - I seriously don't frequent the typa joints where I've gots ta cut somebody or pull out some heat. I like to think those are the ghetto days of yore.

And, as far as fighting FOR my man, or OVER my man? Not unless there's some kind of REVOLUTION going down!

But in ordinary everyday life, you want me to FIGHT over/for you?? The fuck?


Miss Ashli said...

Oh hell no Turp messed with this chicks with the 3-in-1 haircuts swoop bang, french roll, fingerwave, are you serious?

You know me Jameil, I am anti ghetto establishments and anti fighting. Thats probably because I can't fight to save my life. So I tend to stay away from sticky situations like that. I would hope i would be able to knock a blonde hair blue eyed b!tch out if she put her hands on my mandingo warrior. But like you said, we are too old for that ish.

CNEL said...

Jameil that would be so juvenile for you to fight some broad for your man, but I see where he is coming from. I mean there should be recipcrocity in a relationship. If I can have your back you can have mine. But for some reason just the knowledge that my girlie would through some bows.

And why you have to talk about B-more hoodrats? I know Pitt got some hoodlums, and I also know that southern hospitality is sometimes just an expression.

Come on J, and thanks for the advice as always, I will take it into consideration. LoL ya maternal instinct is so sckrong, I be feeling maligned LoL.

Bon weekend!

Jameil said...

ash... lololol of course i'm kidding. but he would.

cnel... hahahaha. i couldn't help it. i just couldn't. it was too easy. esp. since i know you bmoreans frequent the blog. pitt has nothing BUT hoodrats. and the south isn't lacking either. i mean you've seen the videos.

and FFFFF reciprocity. i've told you i ain't doin it so you'd be best not to put us in that kind of situation or you'll find yourself showt!

KHALLI 88 said...

LOL Hmmm never really pick woman based on fighting skills but now that Ali's daughter is single this is my next selection, this was too funny :)

Anonymous said...

Don't be raggin on my city!!! So what if we are slightly hood in B-more. I know fpr sure Pittsburgh got some ghetto in it and definitely the South.

I guess I would expect my gf to fight another girl. Only if that girl puts her hands on me. If she only talkin that "booty chatter", I would not expect her to fight. But if she put her hands on me, I expect a b!tch's ass to get whupped.

Darren Sands said...

I had dated this girl a couple years that was ready to fight over some stupid issue, and I stood there with my mouth agape for about three or four minutes. We haven't talked since that day.

Don't love to fight, fight for love.

Hahaha, I can't believe I just made that up.

Adei von K said...

I'd NEVER fight a girl for my man. If some chick came up to him and was insulting him, I'd be like, "Honey, you need to slow down. What's all the fussing for? Why are you even over here? Go back to your little corner and everything will be cool." I'm sure she'd then start with me, then I'd have to pull an HU stunt and tell her, "I'm not stuntin you. I'm not stuntin you. Why are you still here? Jameil...do you hear something? Damn bitch! I don't see you!" NSU ain't got nothing on me!

Jameil said...

aight epsi and cnel... one question. why do you think adding pittsburgh to the mix is a good comeback? lolol. fyi its not. i'll be the first to rag on this excuse for a city! lolol y'all are hilarious. i still love bmore. i just had to do it for laughs. geez guys. lolol

sands... hahahahahahaha!

stace... that was maybe the most fun i ever had at a kappa party! matter of fact, i think i can guarantee it was! lololol

Anonymous said...

As someone who was born and raised in Pittsbugh and then lived in Maryland for 11 yrs, I would say that the hoodrats in Baltimore have more colors in their hair but the hoodrats in Pittsburgh talk funnier.

As someone who whines and complains about local media in Pittsburgh whenever he returns to visit his momma I look forward to a little color from behind the camera on my next visit in March...ill be a regular on your blog from now on.

Enjoy my former home.

Elle Willa said...

I have to respectfully disagree. I am a ride or die chick at heart, okay?...despite my degrees. I will throw down for my man, my momma, my daddy, my family. Because you never know...and it doesn't matter where you are. I have been in restaurants, on the streets of Georgetown and in the grocery store, when people have encroached on my people and I have had to put them back in their place. I'm not talking about fist fighting all the time, either. Just don't let anyone try to punk you.

Mrs A. said...

i wish my grown *ss would be fightin somewhere over someone else's pride! unless someone literally jumps me and i have to fight my way out, there is never a need for physicality. besides, i'm too cute for all that. and no one looks goos with swoll lips, black eyes and scratches! and i would not expect that from my man cuz again, we are too grown...it takes a much more mature person to display their what level they are on than to just slip and fall into ghettoisms when people are testing you. also, people are crazy these days, who really fights anymore? people usually have something stashed away to use on you, and its never worth that risk, could be acid, a razor, and pipe or gun-never know!

Jameil said...

thank you miss a!! the first person i have fully agreed with over here!!!!!!!! geez. i'm sending this to him. he still doesn't get it. silly man. lololol he's still sending out his own questionaire to his peeps.

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

was he for real....wow, so he wanted you to fight for him....that's a lot to suggest...

Chris said...

I like a smart-mouthed woman to a degree. I've witnessed my mom shut somebody down with just a sentence on several occaisions, so instead of raising her first, I want a girl with a sharpe tongue.

Don't Oppress Me said...

Maybe, I'm the only really ghetto one.
But I'd beat a bitch DOWN.
Some real Gangsta, ole 'cut a nigga type shit.'
Some real 'Amistad' chain a nigga up, and throw they ass off the boat type shit.
Some real ATL:
'Fuck what ya heard, shawty!' ATL stomp in they face type shit.

Can I return to my normal self, now.
[Jus Playin: Non violence, is of course the key.]

Don't mean you can't spray them in the face wit mace, just for fun at least!
[Again, playin’]

M-Dubb said...

You know what? Women expect us to come to their aid all the damn time. It was probably a test. I'd like to know if a chick came at me like she needed to be chin-checked, my chick would "handle'dat." I can't hit a chick, but my chick can!

So...Wise...Sista said...

Elle Willa, let's get matching RIDE OR DIE CHICK baby tees! lol

1st and foremost...why it gotta be ghetto? In my world it's a mouthy white chick or her man with the puffed out chest that is most likely to catch a bad one from me. My having a degree, a profession and some sense does not preclude me from taking off my earrings. Obviously mindless chickenheads talking recklessly does not a fist fight make. I don't think your BF was suggesting you go off for no reason. But there ARE legitimate circumstances that might require a stick and move, and it doesn't have to be at the club or on MLK Jr. Blvd.

Fighting is not immature.... Fighting for no good reason IS!

Jameil said...

y'all are hilarious!!! and he loves the alleged support over here. "ride or die" baby tees huh? he suggested "knuck if you buck" shirts.

dubb... now i'm convinced he was trying to be funny.


We Go said...

Okay, I am umistakeably the child of divas and I KNOW I had a lot more than most people growing up. BUT, I also grew up an Army Brat so I moved around a lot. That made me the new girl all the time. Add to that my dad was an officer and a physician and my features, etc and chicks wanted to fight me all the time. Nine times out of ten, I would mouth off and they would back off but there were a few "let me show you how I do" fights to let the rest know to leave me alone.

So, would I fight for my man? Hell yes. It has almost come to that and I had to take off the expensive jewelry and shoes and let the b**** know not to mistake my diva-ness for a weakness. :)

Girl, you don't have to be in a bad club for folks to want to fight you. I was in Wal-Mart (not exactly Macy's but still not the hood - smile), and had to get bout it with the cashier. Maybe that's my Louisiana upbringing..lol.