Young, Black and Gifted

I have been silent for too long. The least attractive Black man is the one who can't stop tooting their own horn long enough to notice someone other than themselves. You know the one. Every other sentence out of their mouth tells you how much they have accomplished and why they are such a great catch. "I'm young, Black, and gifted. I have a college degree, no kids, never been to jail. I have a good job, a nice car. I own a house."

Yes, but that's what you're supposed to be doing. I am proud of you. I am. I know that there are always chips stacked against us. I know that its not easy to stay focused. I know that everyone doesn't come from a middle class background. But if you spend some of that time you're using to talk about yourself, to do something to help the community, I would be a lot more impressed.

A man who can't stop talking about himself is one of the biggest turn-offs. Its one thing if I ask you. Of course I want you to be forthcoming with the info. But if we're talking like two normal people in a relaxed setting or club, and all of a sudden you want to give me your curriculum vitae like I'm a horse breeder or might offer you a job, I wish you wouldn't. I do not need all that unsolicited information.

Come on, everybody likes to talk about themselves. Its an ego-boost to hear yourself talk. That's why so many people blog. Vanity. They want to hear themselves, and have other people tell them how brilliant and entertaining they are. That's cool. But when you have to big-up yourself all the time, it takes something away from what you truly have to offer. Why don't you let someone ask you this stuff to find out the answers? Maybe I would like the opportunity to ask you what you do rather than have you just offer it up like a hoe. Lol. I'm just kidding. You're not a hoe. But give me a chance to get to know you a little slowly. You don't have to do everything so fast. Who are you trying to impress with the resume? Me or yourself? Try talking about something other than yourself for like 10 minutes. You might learn something. Amazing concept, I know.

Another thing I hate is when people ask me what I like to do. Umm... where am I supposed to start with that one? I mean really. Read, write, watch tv (its addictive), shop, look at magazines, talk, help people, watch movies, eat, sleep, take pictures. I mean I'm sure I could go on forever. A summary ain't gonna get it. So either take the time to get to know me slowly or realize that this is something surface and you don't necessarily need my life story to dance with me.

That being said, where can I find someone young, Black and gifted in Pittsburgh? I realized how much I missed that when I went back for homecoming. Lol. Just turn the ego down a little.

So anyway, go ahead and stroke my ego. Tell me how brilliant I am.


Waddie G. said...

I can't stand people who talk too much about themselves too, especially when I am not impressed...

Unknown said...



i love it and i love what you said about people and blogs. i am going to have to borrow that for another post today!

thanks for visiting, come back soon!