Office Ebola and Open Toes

Okay so British people call them "Mucus Troopers." The jerks that come to work even when they're sick. It's started already. I went in on the "skeleton crew" one weekend about two weeks ago. There are maybe seven or eight people in the entire building and what do I hear? *Hack, hack, sneeze, wheeze, whuffle* From at least 3 of those people. Stop the madness. And I mean right now.

When I just go in the building I feel congested and start sneezing. And when I leave, within an hour, I'm fine. What's wrong with this picture? One girl introduced me to the hospital disinfectant on my 2nd or 3rd day. If that's not a bad sign, I don't know what is. Now I see why she did it. Its a germ factory. We all share computers, printers, headsets/phones, and most importantly EBOLA!! Why me? Is this building more prone than others? I think one day I'm just going to open the window and let all this mess out. Doesn't cold air kill germs? I'm gonna do it when I go up to the studio and its 10 below outside. It's just ridiculous. That is not cool people! I don't want your germs. I know its especially hard in news not to come. But if you're hacking around me, I need you to get away. Seriously. We've done all these stories about flu shots and Avian (bird) flu. I want my flu shot yesterday. Not today. Yesterday. I don't want no office Ebola. I don't. I really would like to not get it. Thanks mucus troopers. Thanks a lot.

Okay so I've been thinking about this. I think the reason why these people get and spread the office Ebola because they wear open toed shoes! People. Regardless of any weather, I'm gonna have to ask you to shelve the open toed shoes on October 1st. I don't care if its 75 degrees that day. I don't care if its 80. You're setting yourself up for failure when you get in the habitat of pulling out the toes past October 1st. And please believe your toes aren't cute.

And should we wear the open toes at work anyway? I don't really think so. Granted, I know for the people not on air, its far more casual than I would ever have imagined, but can we have some standards? Probably not since I see all these SWEATPANTS. But I must ask. Now. Obviously its not a good idea to bust the toes out in October anywhere, but in Pittsburgh????? Is that a good idea? I'm gonna go ahead and say not even no. I'm going a step forward and I'm gonna say HELL no! That's why you're spreadin the office ebola. Ya jerk! Dress for the weather. Normal low is 43 for this time of the year. I know that's nothing to y'all, but to me that's a normal December low. AND more importantly, its only 11 degrees from freezing. You're trippin. Just stop it.

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