For the love of GOD make it stop. Please. I mean this is out of control. Sigh. For once I thought Pittsburgh was on my side. But, alas, it has failed me again! Ok so I told you how PGH never ever plays new songs, right. (I did hear Cassidy's "Hotel" again yesterday for those that are keeping track). So the Chinese Connecticutan (what do people from Connecticut call themselves?) told me a couple of weeks ago that she was listening to the radio and thought of me. I said, "Aww!! That's so sweet!"

So she tells me she heard this song called "Laffy Taffy." I say, "Oh yeah, well you know I live in pgh so I don't get stuff like that here for months." Lo and behold. Weeks later. Last night I turn on the radio and what do I hear? "Laffy Taffy." (Now what you should be asking yourself is why is Connecticut getting these types of songs before Pittsburgh but I won't even go there).

Anyway. So of course I still have my dirty south connex so I've heard tale of the song from my girl, the little Cuban from the county of Palm, who took the liberty of reciting much of the song nearly verbatim for me. Howsoever (ain't that country), NOTHING could prepare me for the nightmare that is the actual song. UGH!! Chinagirl! This is the song that makes you think of me?! I am not the only person you know from the south! Get that outta here.

Now, I must admit the beat did make me stop and say hmmm... that's kinda hot. And I kinda like it. Then I listened to the God-awful words!! Please people! Can we stop making candy perverted? Candy? Is nothing sacred? Click on that link. Look at those lyrics. ENOUGH!!

Speaking of sacrisity... apparently everything, including churches, goes under here. So there are all these places that used to be churches. One of them is the Church Brew Works. Ok its a brewery now. You know that is right up my alley! And they have a website. It looks bee-you-tee-ful inside! I'm there! Soon as I find somebody other than my dad to go with. Lol. Shoot, I might take him. He likes beer, too. How bout somebody was tellling me about some girl who called her dad and asked him if she could go to church. He was overjoyed and said, "Of course honey!" A month later he got the American Express bill. His daughter spent $300 at church. Yeah, she was in Pittsburgh. I was DYIN!!! Lol!

Another former church is a club called "Sanctuary." It has parties on Thursday night featuring reggae, hip hop, reggaeton, and house (which you NEVER hear in pgh). And since I'm a huge fan of b-more club music, I'm trying to be up in there, but not alone. Can I please tell you anything you hear advertised on the radio you have to be careful of-- in any city. Pgh is not an exception! I really am not trying to have to duck and dodge bullets to hear some music. I am so cool on that. But thanks for asking. Lol.

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