Weather Woes

Why me? Huh? What did I do to deserve this? I am so SCARED!! I'm not ready for this. Ok granted I do love winter wear, but I've never had to wear any! From November to March in Charlotte and in Hampton, we never had more than a month TOTAL spread throughout those months of cold weather. Like truly cold- below 30 cold- days. Like didn't get above 30 for the high. Come on. Think about it. It was never really cold. That just doesn't happen. And we got a "big" snow of 4-7 inches MAYBE once a year. I'm hearing reports that snow begins in October. October. OCTOBER!! Stop the madness. That means I'll need a real coat! Another one. I only have one real coat. Well I just bought a second but I'm lining up two more. Oh the fear! Its real. And have you been to Pittsburgh? Have you seen these "hills?" I call them mountains. Not hills. Mountains. I mean steeper than a flight of stairs. No lie. I really, really wish I was exaggerating. The hill to the station made me inhale sharply the first time my car chugged up it. I thought I was in a hoopty. I mean these hills are why SUVs are made. Off-road vehicles? No that would be on-road in Pittsburgh. Scary people. Scary. Think what you see on t.v. for San Francisco. Take 10% of those steep hills and put them in Pittsburgh. Then take the steepest hills you know outside that city and spread them all over a city and you've got Pittsburgh. I mean come on. That's too much. And there are 78 bridges in Pittsburgh (shut up. I'm not an almanac, they said it on a televised Steelers game). I digress. But, let's not forget bridges ice before roads. I cross at least one of those bridges to go to work at 430 or 130 in the morning (depending on whether its a weekday or weekend). Snow is always gangsta heavy in the a.m. With hills too? You are trippin. Bridges and hills and ice, oh my! Not. Ready. Someone save me. And did you see Colorado in the Denver area has already gotten snow? Up to 24 inches in some areas. Stop. The. Madness. I can't. I'm not ready for this! And it snows until March or even April people. Someone start praying now. I'ma need it. See y'all made me revert back to my southern roots! And did you see the link? They have snow contests here. That is a bad, bad sign.

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