Rock the Blue and White!

It's that time again! Homecoming! That time when you either know you're going back, can't decide because your friends are too wack not to return, or know you won't go back because you didn't really talk to anyone anyway. Good thing I'm in that first category or I'd be salty. Ok so I was doing my daily perusal of the AP wires today at work and what do I see but the Division I-AA Top 25. So of course I get excited. I open it and Hampton is #7. And the only other HBCU is SC State and they're all the way down at 21.

And... I get more excited when I look at the schedules and see that the next game is the Battle of the Border v. NSU which will be on ESPNU. We will drag them!!! As usual. And... when we win, that will bring us to 7-0 going into Homecoming!! Get outta here! I'm not ready. Oh and I didn't tell you the best part. Gimme the drum roll. Our opponent is SC State. How good will that game be? Huh? How good? I'm so there. I don't care that it will definitely cost me $18 unless I can Debo somebody for their I.D. which I would love to do. I also don't care (kinda) that I will have to get there at the crack of dawn to get a good seat. Matter of fact, I need to go ahead and work on gettin my girls to the game so we can buy our tickets online, now.

And why is there no alumni discount? I'm sayin. I worked hard for that degree. Where are my perks? Huh? And I don't mean 10% off at the Radisson and their little rag tag bar. Oh and "Soiree." If you are a true Hamptonian, obviously you'll be there b/c it was off the chain last year. But why is their happy hour at the Radisson's sorry excuse for a bar? I HATE "well drinks." I'd rather go buy me a bottle and make a real drink. I'm sure I'll be at happy hour with my social butterfly friends but I'm not wastin my hard earned money on no "well drinks." That's what it tastes like, too. Like you got it from the well. Why don't we just come to happy hour already happy? Makes sense to me. Expect to see me stumbling. Me and the Chinese girl I'll be with.

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