Monday Mindspacing Vol. 153

1) I finished officially changing my name a few months ago but haven't had to write it much so I had to think about it every single time. Well after signing hundreds of ballots in the last week, I can finally sign my name without thinking about it! Yay!!!
2) I ran more miles yesterday (9.8) than all of last week. And I'm running 13.1 on Saturday. I may be slightly crazy...
3) My mom is trying to ruin my Thanksgiving joy. HMPH! I shant allow it!!
4) I'm annoyed for all of the NY marathoners who had their race canceled with less than 48 hours notice. They canceled every other race surrounding the marathon on Wednesday but waited until Friday to cancel the marathon. And told people ON FRIDAY the race would go on. Seriously? Thousands of people were already in town. Fail. CANCEL EARLIER!!!
5) I've broken my NYT habit since it's no longer free for me. I'm kind of sad I'm no longer addicted to that.
6) We've saved over $950 in groceries so far this year by using coupons and store sales! Woohoo!
7) I hate Netflix right now. My movies are taking longer and longer to arrive and when I called to complain about it? THEY TOOK EVEN LONGER!!! If I wasn't a filmmaker, I would cancel that service so quickly EVERYBODY's head would spin!!!
8) Ever since I hit my book goal for the year (52), I've lost my reading mojo. I think it's mostly that nothing's caught my eye. When all else fails, blame the books.
9) Watching a film about elementary school just reminded me of the sour milk smell in cafeterias. Ewwwww
10) I had some chocolate-covered ginger from Trader Joe's and it.was.AWESOME!!! It's hard to stop myself from devouring way too much in one sitting! I love new discoveries! Do you have a favorite TJ's product?
11) I think I want to pick up a new sport in addition to running. But I'm not sure what...


Anonymous said...

I think they should have cancelled it...but waiting until Friday AFTERNOON? That makes no sense. People were coming in from all over the WORLD. It's not just a "local" marathon! If they had cancelled it Wed, people would have griped but arrangements would have been made. I would have been hella salty if I flew in from Zimbabwe, got off the train and found out that it was cancelled.

Depending on my finances, I may not be able to swing coming back when it got rescheduled.

My book goal is 75...I am right at 65 but I think I will make it!

Nancy said...

I've yet to try TJ. There's one near my job, so I need to make it happen. Chocolate covered ginger... makes a body say, hmmmm.

Jameil said...

diva... utterly no sense! i would've been ready to fight! what an awesome goal! i need to aim higher next year!

nancy... do it!!