Monday Mindspacing Vol. 155

1) My front door says fall (colorful, leaf-covered wreath) but inside my house says CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! Lights are strung around the window and shining brightly at night! :) I want to take my wreath to my mom's house for Thanksgiving Eve & Thanksgiving Day, then switch to Christmas at both houses. WOOHOO!!!
2) Rashan's birthday is SUNDAY!!! My old man will be 38! Wow! I love him so! I just hope he doesn't start sprouting ear hair... That will test the vows. The sickness part.
3) Terrible sleep has returned and the bags under my eyes are my souvenirs. Booooo. I promise I never had bags like this on no sleep before I turned 30.
4) I got lost during my 13.1-mile (half marathon) run Saturday and ended up doing 14.1. Sooo displeased. It was more difficult this week. BUT I'm officially tapering now!! Shorter runs here I come!
5) I'M OFFICIALLY GOING TO NY AND CONNECTICUT NEXT MONTH!!!! EEEEEE!!! SOOOO EXCITED! (I'm also planning to connect with BGR! groups in both states. If I connect with BGR! Charlotte next week and with my own group (obvi), I'll have run w/4 groups in 3 weeks. Awesome!)
6) My Thanksgiving menu is coming up on Wednesday. I'm sooo excited about it! One of the things contains 4 main ingredients: 2 items I don't like, 1 I'm mildly allergic to and another I'm QUITE allergic to. Hooch is crazy. (I quote tv a lot...)
7) Still beatin the brakes off of people in Words with Friends. I now consider that 200+ points instead of 100+ points.
8) Have you guys ever watched "Thanksgiving Live"? That is HANDS DOWN the drunkest show on Food Network. And that's a channel with Sandra Lee. For real.
9) "Happy Endings" = STILL HILARIOUS! WATCH IT!!
10) Have I told you lately how much I hate all apple drinks? Apple juice and cider are devil's brew to me. YUCK. OH! I tried a hard apple cider. VOMIT ALL DAY. I like apples by themselves (ONLY if I'm about to eat b/c they make me ravenously hungry within an hour), in all desserts and applesauce but please, please never ask me to drink apple anything. Love, me.


Anonymous said...

1. I didn't even bother with the wreath this year. :(
2. Ha!
3.I feel like I've been slowly deteriorating in the beauty department since I tunred 30...a month ago.
5.You should connect with ME! I'm in NY.

Sparkling Red said...

Your husband is one month older than my husband. Yup, SUPER OLD! ;-) My guy already owns a little device for trimming nose and ear hair. Very handy, that. Maybe a stocking-stuffer idea for Rashan?

I love apple juice!

Ladynay said...

Happy early birthday to your other half!

How do you get lost during a marathon?

Yay! You hate apple drinks so I can drink them all! WOOT WOOT!

Jameil said...

diva... 1) what?! but Christmas, yes??
5) We actually won't be in the city very long. We're flitting all over the place!

red... LOL He says he has one but I want him to work on not growing ear hair at all! Nooo apple juice!

lady... you get lost when there are no signs. Since it was a practice route, no signs. Go forth and clear apple from my path!