Monday Mindspacing Vol. 154

1) I ran 18 miles this weekend between my 14 miler Saturday and my 4-mile run on Sunday. So amazing!! At the beginning of this year I'd never even run 14 miles in one week! I hit 30 last week! My highest total ever! My quads are a little tight but not unduly so.
2) Was the weather magnificent in your hood? It was 70 yesterday. 70!! So delightful! 60s are norm this time of year here but we skipped straight to winter the last few weeks. So mean. Do not want. It was 35 on my run Tuesday morning. WHAT!?! Rude.
3) My BFF Stace & I are planning to reunite before the end of the year. It.shall.be. EPIC!!
4) I absolutely cannot with "The Walking Dead." It's way too gross and gruesome for me. My favorite horror genre is psychological. I don't get with the yucky. That's the technical term.
5) The Thanksgiving meal plans are finally coming together! Yay!! I want 1-2 appetizers, 1 soup, turkey, ham, 2+ vegetables, my mom's required canned cranberry sauce, 2-3 dressings (LOL), sweet potato pie and 1-2 more desserts. You?
6) Rashan is the best person in the world. My name is Rashan Jamal and I approve this message!
7) I let number 6 stand as he wrote it so you can get an idea of how nutty that man is! It's been a long time since you had evidence, huh??
8) I saw the ipad mini in person and was not impressed. It looks like a Kindle. Or an oversized phone.
9) A book has finally returned my reading mojo: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. Thanks to blogger Nancy for suggesting it to me!
10) Quick backtrack to number 6: The hardest category for me to narrow down? Dressings! I've found at least 5 recipes I would love to make! I'm going to have to start making dressing on random days of the week! Which I know we'd love!
11) I'm shocked that after that blog post about Christmas music a few weeks ago, I've mixed in a little of it with my running music but have mostly left it untouched. This is unheard of for me this time of year! I think I'm trying to supersize the Christmas spirit post-Thanksgiving! I did consider buying a candy cane headband from Target. Still might... LOL


Nancy said...

2. The weather in Atlanta today is divine... for me anyway. It's rainy, gray, and everything has a broody. It's food for the melancholy poet in me.

5. My part in the Thanksgiving feast is 2 sweet potato pies and a cranberry cobbler.

9. So glad you're reading Thirteenth Tale. You should check out the audio book. The reading is fabulous and would be great for your runs. You might never stop running until the end of the book.

Adei von K said...

Yeah, I don't know why the weather decided to pretend it was the dead of winter last week. So rude!!

girl. GIRL! Talk about too much fine and fun and fabulous and fantastic and fierce in one place?!?!?!? *cues MJB's 'Just Fine'*

your t-day menu sounds IN.SANE!! all I know is my Auntie A better have some ham and some stovetop and i'm good lol.

recommend a book for me please. i'm in a rut. and i don't like non-fiction.

disco diva said...

I loved the Thirteenth Tale!

K. Rock said...

1. That's great! You are gonna be marathon reaydy soon.
2. It was...but now its not.
4. Feel you I do. Between the dude getting his neck bit off, and the c-section scene, I threw in the towel. Cant do it.
8. It is definitely overkill.

Liz Dwyer said...

KUDOS on the run! So amazing--and isn't it fantastic to see how far you can actually go?

Also, The Thirteenth Tale was good! I lent it to someone and it never returned home, but it's all good.

Jameil said...

nancy... 2) oh my!
5) I'm doing a cranberry brown sugar tart! Mom's doing the sweet potato pie!
9) I don't have the patience to sit through audio books and I don't really like to listen to things while I'm running. Rarely even music.

adei... FOR TWO WEEKS here! So many Fs!! But not to that song! LOL My menu is al.ways. INSANE! I love Thanksgiving and Christmas cooking!!! True story: I'd never had stovetop before spending Thanksgiving with Rashan's family 3 years ago. IDK what to recommend!

disco... twas lovely!

k... 1) indeed! can't wait!
2) boooo
4) SO. MUCH!!!

liz... thank you! it's SO AMAZING! and makes me want to reach ever further! i've had so many books walk off that way that i only loan the ones I don't mind if I never see them again.