Monday Mindspacing Vol. 156

1) I got unnecessarily stressed out by Thanksgiving... in part because my mom bought a 24-POUND TURKEY!!!! WHY??? We had less than 10 people there... The turkey was also very dry and part of the reason I hate turkey. (Yes, I know it wasn't the turkey's fault.)
2) Yesterday was Rashan's birthday!! Everybody say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :) No one say Hbd. That is the worst, driest greeting ever. Still.
3) More Christmas decorations are up in mi casa! YAY!!!
4) My New York trip to see my BFF Stace? HAPPENING! Sooo excited! (I started planning my runs before I thought about food. What???)
5) My first half marathon is SATURDAY!! AHHHHHH!
6) My first film was named Best Documentary at a film festival! So much awesome in my life right now!
7) I've done more yoga in the last month than ever before in probably an entire year. Three times in the last 3 weeks! Do I like yoga now? NO! But I've found some poses that I can get with for post-run stretching.
8) I made a roasted cauliflower and broccoli soup for Thanksgiving that tasted over-roasted even though I cut the cooking time in half... until I added gorgonzola. SOOOO pleasantly transformed!
9) Y'all... I can't stop eating sugar!! It's been so accessible for the last few days! And I might have brought a whole sweet potato pie back and the rest of the tart I made. I MUST get it together! I had an absolutely WRETCHED run on Saturday. Every step was a challenge. I wanted to get in at least 6 but had to cut it short at 3. I need a redemption run! It will have to be short but I need it.
10) Did you guys see "Next Iron Chef" last night? I thought every single chef and judge overreacted in the secret ingredient showdown. Every single one. Quit being such cry babies!! Over foolishness!!
11) Our DVR got IN.SANE while we were gone. I like it below 10%. It got up to 45%. I tried not to go into a tv frenzy. It didn't totally work.


Anonymous said...

1. After all the stressing about Thanksgiving, I know you settled down and enjoyed the family and food.
2. Happy, Happy Birthday Rashan!!!!!
4. Enjoy NYC with BFF
5. Make me proud :-)
6. Congratulations!
8. I will definitely make this soup. It sounds delish and EASY!
9. I want less sugar in my (snacking) diet and yet I look for ways to get my glazed donut fix -- smh we'll have to work out a system.

Jameil said...

1) I did!
4) I shall!
5) See: 4 :)
6) Thank you!
8) Twas!
9) I'm gonna have to ban myself to make it happen!