A-T-L-A-N-T-A, G-A!

As you guys know, we went to Atlanta this past weekend and had a BLAST!!  Our primary goal was Bakima Wedding!  Our 2nd favorite internet-joined couple (after ourselves) got married in Atlanta and we had to be there!  We got into town around 2am and had to be up bright and early to go get the rest of their wedding present!  The first part was a gift for my vicarious kitty!  And the second part is something I also need!  LOL I'm obsessed with gadgets!!

We don't have a Crate and Barrel here so we went to the one at Lenox and were there the SECOND it opened.  The music wasn't even on and workers looked stunned we were in there.  LOL  But we got immediate help and secured these for them!  I get these every time they're on someone's registry.  I think they're so cute!

Their colors were navy, yellow & white with teal accents.  So cute!
 When I go to weddings, I like to look at the groom's first glance of the bride... AWWWWWWWW!
 Here comes the bride!
 Awwww!  Officiated by one of their friends!
 Cocktail hour!
 The favors!
 First dance!

 Me & Rah!
 Me & Mrs. Smithville!
 Loved the mantle decor! And this picture doesn't even do it justice!
 Peacock feathers are always a great addition to a bouquet if you ask me! :)
 Damask was a part of her theme and I loved that her bridal bag put that touch in there! :)
 One time for the internet!!
 After the wedding it was nap time!  After nap time?
La Fonda!  One of our favorite Latin restaurants!  I had paella!  Soooo good!!
 Rashan had a chorizo quesadilla. MMMM!
 The next day we went to...
I had a burger with horseradish sauce and it was delicious!  We also started with what? Fried dill pickle spears!  MMMMMM Love!
 We met K. Rock & her husband there! :) I love blogger meet-ups!  Rashan and I are tied 13-13 for blogger meet-ups!  Now I need to go meet someone in secret!  LOL
 After lunch we did some window shopping in Little Five, then Rashan and I went to the King Center.
 The homie, Gandhi met us at the entrance.
 A mural on the wall
 Close-up of one of my favorite posters
 Awesome quote on nonviolent protest! "Passive physically... but dynamically aggressive spiritually."  Deep.
 Rashan in front of the wagon that pulled Dr. King's coffin.
 The tomb for the Kings.
My carrot cake cupcake! :)
 Rashan's creme horn
 My cream cheese croissant... yo...
I could eat these DAILY!!!!!
 We got a Fellini's spinach & mushroom with garlic pizza for the road! YUM!
Wonderful trip and we can't wait to go back!!


Nicole said...

Wow. This looks like a great trip! Any trip that involves friends and plenty of food is my kind of trip!

K. Rock said...

Yeah fun times! And not too many pictures AT ALL! Loved the recap.

Nerd Girl said...

So you know I totally counted the pictures, right?

Looks like a great trip.

I'm reeeeally mad that you combined their names - I truly thought one of their names was "Bakima!" My bad.

That pizza looks good!

Sparkling Red said...

You know, that wedding was beautiful and touching and all, but what I really got excited about was the burger with horseradish sauce. Sounds delish!

Adei von K said...

wait, the "homie gandhi"?? LMAO!!


I miss atlanta, too, now!!

Trish said...

Great pics! You two always look like you're having a wonderful time, I heart that!

I'm now off to read some more of your posts and and see what I've missed.

Have a safe trip home!

Krissy said...

the wedding looks beautiful! i love weddings!

that carrot cake cup cake looks the business! as does that pizza yum!

Jameil said...

Nicole... mine too!

k... yay!!

ng... lol! it was so fun! you have to have a combined name! tis required! yours is now on your fb wall! We're Rashmeil FYI. pizza= awesome!!

red.... ROTFL!!! It was grreat!

adei... that's my dog! it was great & I LOVE YOU, ATANTAAAAAA!!

Trish... we have a blast together!! catch on up!

krissy... i love weddings, too! the cupcake was pretty good but I have had better. the pizza was GREAT!! (Apparently I need to say that 8xs LOL)

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!