Getting High

Running is still awesome! Sometimes it's hard, but more and more frequently, I shock myself by doing something amazing like running for 3 minutes w/o stopping!!  Y'all!!!

Three minutes!

And I felt like I could keep going!!

This from the girl who haaaaaated running. HATED!
1) I didn't see the point of it,
2) My little sister was a WAY better athlete so I ceded all things athletic to her (she's done basketball, soccer, softball, cheerleading, track AND field... yeah...),
3) I didn't like to sweat.

When I was little, I didn't even run when being chased.  Chase starts, I scream & say, "Okay okay!"  Why?  I don't like the shock of not knowing when I'll be caught.  And I WILL be caught.  I'm not fast.  This is young me.  Old me says bring on the sweat, I've already run thrice in drizzle/rain and I. FEEL. GREAT!!  ((high))  Now this last time running in the rain?  Today?  I did NOT enjoy this one.  But I know what I did wrong-- not enough food but that's because it's supposed to rain most of the day so I had to run in the break... which happened to be 20 minutes after I ate.  No matter.  I'll be back in the grind on Friday.

I'm currently on an every other day schedule because most days I really want to run DAILY but I'm giving myself an off day in the mix to allow my body to adjust to the new amount of running we're about to be getting in!  If there's pain (like after my first run when I had to take off 5 days!! (tight calves)), I'll add an extra day or more off but right now?  I'm loving getting to know my body's running needs!  Makes me feel awesome!!!

If you've ever considered running but didn't know how to start or felt intimidated by it, I highly recommend Couch to 5k!  I'm definitely a convert!  I had a running buddy for 2 or 3 days but she got injured.  At the beginning it helped to have someone there and I think it will help again but right now I'm so pumped to get out there, I'm fine going it alone.  Well, not totally alone because I have my fb & twitter friends AND the C25k facebook page.  Great encouragement there!  Love it!  Also, a special shoutout to 1969, Liz, K. Rock & Aretha, my favorite runners who really inspired me!  Runner's high is REAL!  Now go run!


Not So Anonymous said...

LIke Button!

K. Rock said...

Gimma a J! Gimme an A! Gimme an MEIL! What's that spell? JAMEIL! Go Jameil!! I cant wait to read about your upcoming race and anywhere else your running takes you.

Unknown said...

That's so exciting. Especially when you were initially a person that didn't like it. Don't you feel SO accomplished?

I don't know if I could run in the rain, I'd fall flat on my face. Lol.

Go Jameil!!!!

1969 said...

I am so proud of you. I can't wait for you to complete your first 5K, you are going to feel awesome!!!!

Remember, strong is the new skinny.

Anonymous said...

You already saw the post, but consider this my official "award comment" :)

Sparkling Red said...

Good stuff! I've known a few devoted runners and it appears to be an addictive pastime. At least it's a healthy addiction. :-)

Jameil said...

nsa... woot!

k... yay!!! thanks for the support!

tg... I DO!! LOL @ rain running! I make sure to run on the track those days! It's rain resistant so no slipping! Thanks!

1969... thank you!!!

random... thanks!

red... indeed! :)