Monday Mindspacing Vol. 117

1) I put in my first application for a full time position for 2012-13 school year.  *Deep breath*  My applications will be all over the country.  Well... I haven't found a California position I like yet so Dallas is the furthest west right now but up and down the east coast and into the midwest.  I'll go wherever God wants me.  I just hope there's good food and a wonderful work environment.
2) Last week was ROUGH for us in terms of communication.  P hit the nail on the head when she said "I hate when I'm mad at my husband. He's the cause & the cure."  YASSSSS!!
3) We're going to be in Charlotte next week the same time as Mrs. Count so we get to meet JUDAH!!!!!  AKA my blog nephew!!  I'm so excited!!  :)  Oh I'm excited to meet his momma, too.
4) Did I tell you when I got my degree, my new last name was spelled incorrectly?  I mean... why???  So I'll have to wait 4 more weeks to get a new one.  On the plus side, transcripts are FREE!!  Thanks a million for that!
5) The temperatures dropped on Friday and I was so not ready.  How is it gonna be 75 in the middle of the day one day and 55 the next?  DO NOT WANT!!
6) Today is the start of week three of my Couch to 5k training program AND I registered for my first 5k on Friday!  WHEEEEEE!!!
7) I've been the bride whisperer on facebook this past week... and I love it!  I don't like seeing people stressed while planning what is supposed to be a happy day so I try to spread some joy when they're angsting.
8) When Rah and I are bored/it's late, we watch House Hunters or whatever else is on HGTV.  He started it and I'm now equally hooked!  We invite you to test our drinking game.  Bottoms up every time you hear someone say open, granite or stainless.  WARNING: Do not play this unless you're drinking water or you will get ALCOHOL POISONING!!
9) I went nuts at my local Borders when everything was 90% off.  I spent $28 and saved $239.  PAROXYSMS OF JOY!!!  But I'm sad Borders is gone.  I don't really like B&N.
10) If I'd been on the birth control that got mixed up and got preg?  O_O
11) You know how I'm the alleged internet bully?  Guess what I don't care about at all?  Hashtags on fb.  Things transfer and no one dies.  Really long blog posts on tumblr are a bit annoying but I can ignore those.  When you post on tumblr 30+xs/day and post every single one to twitter, then you are the worst person on twitter and tumblr simultaneously.  FANCY!!
12) Have you seen the latest cover of Ebony mag?  AWESOME!!!  Best I've ever seen from them!  Looks like a fashion mag!  I couldn't stop staring!
13) The latest Netflix announcement of Qwikster may push me over the edge.  They are the epitome of doing too much.  And so horribly, too.  I realized, though handled poorly, I wasn't going anywhere with the price hike.  It changed my subscription but how many options do I really have to get movies?  I'm a filmmaker and I need access to a lot of films.  But two separate sites for DVD & streaming??  That don't interface???  Really???  Please learn how to talk to your customers and FIX THINGS WITH FEEDBACK.  I mean... unless being in business is bothersome or something.  Hire a public relations firm IMMEDIATELY.  If I taught PR, we'd be dissecting this in class THIS WEEK!


Anonymous said...

#8 about HGTV had me smiling to myself. I watch that channel ALL THE TIME and house hunters always cracks me up with how EVERYbody says those same things.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. Super excited for you!!! I hope you find your dream job, and all your career aspirations manifest!! Cali sucks in educational positions right now, but keep looking you may find a diamond in the rough. Lawd!! Jameil in Cali??...I don’t think we could handle the additional birthquakes!! LOLOLOL! Something I need to pray for as well is a wonderful work environment! That’s SO important!!
2. Aww! You get to see all that cuteness in person!! Is this your first blog meet up with Mrs. Count?? For some reason I thought y’all knew each other.
4. No you did not! Major FAIL for them! But YAY!! for free transcripts!!
6. Good luck with the 5K. I heard the group trainings are awesome.
11. Alleged??
12. Very beautiful and artistically done!! Kudos to Ebony for stepping it up!! Did you buy it?? The magazine makeover is good overall. I read one in the dentist’s office and was a tad impressed.
13. To put it plainly Netflix is WACK,WACK, WACKNESS! And the CEO is dumb!

Anonymous said...

2) Know that feeling all too well! *lol* Hope this week is better!
3) Jealous!!
8) LOL @ House Hunters! They crack me up. I usually guess there 1st choice with about 75% accuracy. The others are fruit loops who don't buy what they claim they needed.
11) Wait!! YOU??? An internet bully! ***LOL***
12) Ebony is stepping it up! I'm totally done with Essence, but I've been pleasantly surprised by Ebony for the last 2 to 3 months.

Ladynay said...

1) Good luck!
4) FAIL!
6) Thanks for reminding me to research that!
8)Oooooh great jello shot idea!

Sparkling Red said...

1) Best wishes!
2) That is a very pithy aphorism.
5) I check the weather forecast several times before I leave the house these days, and layer layer layer. Spring and fall are dangerous like that - always trying to catch you unprepared.
8) That's my kind of drinking game! (The alcohol-free kind.)
10) Yup, that is scary stuff.
13) Netflix has been advertising heavily in Canada but from what I've heard so far I don't want anything to do with them if I can help it.

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

There is not 'alleged' anything.. YOU ARE THE INTERNET BULLY! LOLOLOL!!

Ugh.. communication issues. HATED IT! I can not wait to tell hubby he is the cause & the cure of me being upset with him- genius!

I pray God whisks you to New England, yay!

Jameil said...

random... lol exactly! so ridiculous!

gp... 1) thank you! BIIIIIRTHQUAAAAKE!! I will quit over a bad environment. I'll stick it out as long as possible but I don't think miserableness at work is okay.
2) I CAN'T WAIT!! Nope! Never met!
4) Yep!
6) Thanks! I've yet to do a group training but I bet they're awesome.
11) Alleged!!
12) Right!?! I subscribe. It was free.
13) Just foolishness.

mrstdj... 2) twas!
3) :)))
8) i think i'm at abt 75%, too! and sometimes i'm like YOU NEVER SAID YOU WANTED THAT!
12) Ditto!

lady... 1) thx!
4) seriously.
6) you're welcome!
8) Lol! Please don't die!

red.... 1) thanks!
2) tis!
5) we're not quite to layer time yet. it's only maybe bring some sleeves at night.
8) lol! DO IT!!
13) if you've made it this far, i'd say you'll probably survive w/o it.

sha... ALLEGED!!! So genius! That's so where I put in my first app! It's 90 mins from Beantown!

krissy said...

I watch HGTV just for the hell of it everyday. i love it! lol

That ebony mag cover is beautiful. they really did do a great job

Jameil said...

krissy... we get sucked in on the regular! lol i was so pleasantly surprised by ebony!