#11: Go Wine Tasting in NC Wine Country

For some reason, vineyards have exploded in this region in the last few years!  I know some have been around for decades, while others have capitalized on a nation with a renewed interest in wine and the availability of wines at all price points.  For my birthday, Rashan and I went to Raylen Vineyard right in the middle of harvest season!  I LOVE driving past vineyards and this one was not a disappointment!  Grapes were dangling from the vines on our drive up to the main building!

 We did a tasting that you'll have to take our word for because there is no photographic evidence!  He was really moving through those wines!  They produce a ton of wines here.  They were out of my fave, the pinot grigio.  Sad face.  But they had two of Rashan's faves aka any kind of sugar wine.  They had a riesling he liked and a rosé.  On the latter, the tester said was made for people here raised on Kool-aid & Pepsi.  WOW.  Then he (pseudo-snobbily) said he knows someone who mixes the rosé with frozen fruit and blends it.  We looked at each other like, we shall be buying a bottle and doing that.  Thanks for the tip.  And we tried it and it was quite good.  Here's one of the barrels they use to ferment the wines.
 Here are the cases of wines stacked to the ceiling!  They'd had a bottling session recently I believe.
 Here's me!
 Don't I look like I know EXACTLY what I'm looking at?  It's a grape! For the wine!
 So beautiful!

 This dude here... LOL
 Is he playing with the soil??  I can't... LOLOL
 Yay us!

Tada!  So that was my first NC wine experience and it won't be my last!  There are at least 10 more within an hour drive!


ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

That looks like my kind of party! I need to hint to hubby that I need a vineyard tour in my life..

Not So Anonymous said...

I love wine tasting at vineyards as opposed to just wineries. I bet the rose with fruit was delicious...it's like a wine sangria, lol.

Anonymous said...

I love wineries and wine tastings!! I've been trying to convince hubby to tour some of the new ones that have popping up all over VA and MD, but he's not really a wine dude. I'm wearing him down though. *lol*

Jameil said...

sha... you should go! we had a good time!

nsa... i'll have to make sure to only experience the vineyards! it was definitely like a dumbed down sangria. lol

mrstdj... wear him down, girl! lolol

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

You guys do such fun stuff! I love the skirt you have on. I must plan a trip to a vineyard! It's a shame with me living so close to Napa, CA to not go more often.

Jameil said...