Monday Mindspacing Vol. 118

1) Do y'all know that I hate pigeons?  HAAAAATE!!! I think they are the nastiest thing on two legs.  After Uncle Luke. And Too $hort.  No wait.  Too $hort, pigeons, Uncle Luke.
2) I love that fb sent me an email to tell me they'll send me less emails.  LOLOL  Irony is awesome! :)
3) I'm used to calling Rashan my husband to his face but I've had so little interaction with other people since we've been married (yes, I know that's weird) that I'm not used to calling him 'my husband' to non-family/Stace people.  Still sounds weird.
4) I've been gorging myself on books & it's pretty great!
5) I have a very keen sense of smell. I really don't want that to increase when I get knocked up.  You know, so life will be livable.
6) During my last run interval last Friday, my brain actually told me, "No."  What?! You betta get on board!  We are RUNNING!  Now like it! (again)  I'm getting back into it today.
7) I had the pumpkin custard with caramel mousse and gingersnaps at Cracker Barrel yesterday.  WHAT?!?!  This is the best ever and pumpkin custard with gingersnaps is this year's contribution for dessert courtesy of moi!
8) OMG Judah is even cuter in person!  I enjoyed lunch w/MrsCount & her sister, Rashan & former blogger Coco!  We went to Lupie's and got a mountain of yummy food.  And MrsC tried to get me to change Judah's diaper but uhhhhh NOPE!  Not the kid!  Did y'all know I've never changed a diaper?
9) R & I watched more fall series premieres last week than I've watched in my entire life!!  I usually like to let other people decide what's worth watching before giving it a chance.  LOL
10) The first week of our marriage, Rashan gave me a kiss for every day we'd been married.  Yesterday I insisted he give me a kiss for the 84 days we've been married. :)  LOLOL
11) He's also agreed to buy me a bottle of champagne the first day I run 13 miles.  Then he told me to just run 6 miles to the store and back and get it myself.  I think that negates every mushy thing I just said!!!
12) If you ask me what your dream meant and you don't seem disturbed, I'm going to make up something outlandish.  I can't help it!!  LOLOL!  A friend of a friend said he had a dream involving a pack of wolves, a dead eagle & a badger chasing him.  MAN what I could do with that!!!
13) I hit 1200 posts and 6 years of blogging this month and didn't even realize it!  Go me!


Nerd Girl said...

So jealous of your blogger/family meet up! I have got to get my hands on baby Judah! And yes, I realize that sounds stalkerish! Cute pictures of everybody :)

Too Short is not nasty! He's awesome. Now, go listen to Freaky Tales to prove my point. Oh wait...

Hahahahaha! I love Rashan's "go get it yourself" gift plan!!

Thank you for your blog and all the joy that it brings. Carry on!

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

All I can focus on is how cute Judah is! Look at those cheeks! *biting them in my head* You shoulda' just went on ahead and changed the diaper, so when it comes time for you to do it you'll be prepared!

krissy said...

You must spend little to know time around babies and have no nieces or nephews lol. That's the only what I can see you not having changed a diaper in your lifetime.

Your husband sounds like a riot! Also sounds like some ish my honey would day lol

I need more bloggers to live closer to me :( booo southern cali! Booo!

Mrs Count said...

5. I have a crazy sense of smell but smells didn't really bother me while pregnant, I'm hoping the same for you!

6. Great dedication!
7. I had an oatmeal butterscotch cookie that was divine! (oh, you knew that)
8.Judah is offended that his blog auntie refused his diaper!
9. I love premiers!
10. Awwwwww
11. Good plan Rashan!
13. Go you indeed!

Nicole said...

1) But are pigeons nastier than Flavor Flav?
2) After the most recent changes to facebook, me and facebook are beefin' right now.
7) One of the few things I actually enjoy about the fall is the fact that all the pumpkin-flavored things start popping up. I love pumpkin stuff.
9) I watched Prime Suspect which was fantastic! I watched Whitney which was terrible. Up All Night was pretty funny. Oh and Terra Nova was eh.
11) His suggestion is hilarious.
13) Congratulations! That is impressive! Yay you!

Sparkling Red said...

1) I like pigeons because they're pacifists. You'll never see pigeons fighting with each other. On the other hand I've seen some incredibly mean geese and seagulls.
5) I know a woman who has a keen sense of smell and it seems to torture her. Fortunately my sense of smell is poor. There are more bad smells in this world than good ones.
8) I've never changed a diaper either. I hope I never do. My life is quite complete without that, thanks.
10) Poor man! He's going to get lip cramp.

pserendipity said...

1. Me, too. I almost got on the wrong train in Chicago running from one. Why can't they just ALL live in the North Pole with the fancy pigeons?
3. Same here!
7. Ew.
10. Wow. I'm sure that resulted in a very long...um..session. What? I just meant that 84 kisses takes a long time.
11. This.gave.me.life!!

6 years and you're still an awesome blogger. You rock!

Jameil said...

ng... it was great! rashan says i ALWAYS sound stalkerish when I talk about judah. lol ol CA self talmbout Too $hort! You know you know! Don't encourage him! You're welcome! :)

sha... sooo cute! but i don't do diapers. thanks ever so much.

krissy... i'm one of the youngest cousins so no diapers there. i was in undergrad while my nephew was in diapers. w/marriage i've accumulated mostly diaper-free nieces and nephews. the ones in diapers always have plenty of other relatives to take care of that! And my friends w/babies are far away. Woohoo!! Please don't encourage that man!! LOL I so wanna go to SoCal!

mrs.c... 5) ooh yes!
6) merci!
7) lol! that joint was GRRREAT!
9) i can say that i'll watch them but love? nope.
10) :)
11) FAIL!!! You're supposed to be on my side!
13) Woot!

nicole... 1) I'm going to say yes b/c since his show(s) got cancelled, pigeons are more ever present.
2) I know I'll forget pre-ticker fb so I'm trying not to get too worked up abt it.
9) I thought Prime Suspect was ok but Rah liked it. Whitney was AWFUL!! And Terra Nova lost me at dinosaur. Up All Night & The New Girl get two thumbs up! I will give Pan Am another episode. Unforgettable gets a few more eps. Playboy Club gets no more eps.
11) hilariously terrible!
13) thanks! :) you'll be there in no time at this rate!

red... 1) hilarious!
5) i can't stand most perfumes, hate incense, musk. It all lingers and drives me batty! My favorite smells are soap and laundry detergent.
8) LOL! I know my diapering days will be here in the next year or so so I'm quite fine waiting.
10) LOL He seemed to weather it quite fine!

p... 1) ROTFL!!!! I CAN'T!! FANCY PIGEONS?!!? That's what we call penguins now??
3) oh good!
10) I am so done w/you!! We lost count so he probably got up to about 100 and it actually took less time than you'd imagine. Afterwards I felt so LOVED! It was awesome!
Awwww! Thanks P!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Chiming in late to say... Too Short is awesome! Pigeons are scary. Judah is gorgeous. Y'all look FAB! You are short. You and Rashan are crazy!! Super accomplishment blogging!